Instagram error “Could not refresh feed” and “5xx Server Error”

instagram down again could not referesh feed server error 5xx

instagram left the users in a dilemma when the server of Instagram accidentally stopped responding to the requests. Many people thought as if their ID is hacked or what, including me. On the Instagram application, it is showing “Could not refresh feed” as a toast message when you try to load any request firing any button.

Also, the website of the Instagram is not responding which is doubtlessly attached with the application. On opening the website it is showing “5xx Server Error”.

According to the Lifewire google snippet, “The 500 Internal Server Error is a very general HTTP status code that means something has gone wrong on the site’s server, but the server could not be more specific on what the exact problem is.

Now the question is, if the website is hacked, whether the data is stolen, will it come to live, is there any maintenance going on in the backend.

People are curious to know the reason. Especially the influencers are at the great risk of their page getting lost.

One of the specific reason may be that Instagram is working on an update or something. Because it is not the first time we are experiencing this. Instagram has been down several times before according to the Instazood. And that time too we had seen the same code as “5xx Server Error” and that “Could not refresh feed” error on Instagram Application.

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