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How to Earn $4000/ Month from Blogging & WordPress

how to earn 4000 dollars in a month from blogging and wordpress

Are you a blogger or want to become a blogger? If yes, then first thing you need to realize is the fact that yes you can earn $4000 in a month from blogging. If you have been into blogging career for some time, then most probably you might have heard of top bloggers and their earnings. If you have seen the monthly earning report of bloggers which they publish on their sites, then you know that I am not joking here. But, But, But… The mystery is that how they manage to earn it consistently.

In fact, we all know that how to earn money but we don’t devote ourselves n blogging. Those who have limited desires but clear focus tend to get successful in life faster than those having high ambitions and blurry focus in life. If you know where are you going, you will certainly reach there one day. But if you are participating in the race without knowing where it is leading to, my boy you are playing the game of lottery which rare people win.

How to Earn $4000/ Month from Blogging & WordPress

It is all about consistency and clear focus that can bring you that much of money every single month. Running a single website or YouTube channel is enough to make a fortune rather than having to worry about creating a new website or channel every single weak.

I know you are getting me, but, I also know that you already know it and you might be thinking that, seriously? This is what I already know. But dear friend, these days people know they are on the wrong track but they don’t push themselves back. So, the only thing they need is the clear focus about their goals.

Put all your efforts, talent and hard work into one thing and no one can stop you from winning. So, if you want to earn from blogging the handsome of amount then first you need to choose a niche. These days not only blogging websites where articles are posted are getting money. So, you have to figure out what is the trend.

You might have Welcome Message Websites going viral on WhatsApp, Comments on the Facebook with the URL to see which celebrity face matches your face, all these ways can bring you money.

Let’s segregate this post into several parts so as to make it more convenient for your reading.

From A Blog

  1. Choose A Niche
  2. Buy Domain & Hosting
  3. Install CMS(WordPress recommended) and Design the website
  4. Write Up to 20 Articles
  5. Get the Ad-sense Approved
  6. Use the Blogging Tools – Keyword Research tools, SERP Tools
  7. Rank for the highly Lucrative Keywords
  8. Don’t depend on Social media too much for Views
  9. Spend time on SEO of your Website
  10. Keep pushing your limits
  11. Don’t lose your confidence
  12. Make sure you have enough of content on your website
  13. Maintain the quality
  14. Reach out the sponsors (if by luck, your site gets good results they will be interested to reach you by themselves, so provide enough of contact details)

From Listing Website

Business Directory websites are the trend of the hour. These websites have great chances to rank quickly in the local area. There are bunch of good listing themes available on code-canyon that you can use on your website and start a directory startup. Adforest is one of the best themes I have seen so far. Android & iOS app of the same is also available so if your website gets good traffic then you can easily scale your business by purchasing the application source code and launch the mobo applications.

SEO is really important for the listing websites. So, make sure you don’t neglect it while maintaining your website.

Online Education Website

You can create your own LMS (Learning Management System) website on WordPress. There are many themes like MasterStudy, iAcademy, Nolez, Examin, eSmarts and many more. You can choose any of them and start a LMS website of your own and earn. However, you need to keep in mind that this is not a quick and easy way to earn. You will need to put constant efforts to see your work reflecting on the digital surface.

Create Viral Website

You can also earn money by launching your own viral website. The traffic on Viral websites is way much higher than any other websites. However, for the Viral website you will need the right theme for your website and content coming in constantly on your website. Websites having Polls and Quiz system have great chances to go viral. There are many viral themes available on the themeforest that you can use on your website. If you are serious about your startup, then it is always recommended to use the Paid theme on your website so that you may receive the constant updates from the maker of the particular theme. Some viral website themes are The King, Bimber, Boombox.

Price Comparison or Affiliate Website

You can also create a price comparison website or an affiliate website which can get you money from advertising plus affiliate commissions. Such type of business is very lucrative but it may take some time to get into shape. You may face hard time seeing no money coming in. But, if you plan, manage and do it well then it is right thing to do. Make sure you have time to devote if you want to start this. You can use Rehub theme or any alternative for this.

Coupons Website

Coupons websites have great inertia these days. It is very lucrative and good business. Though, like the one listed above, it too can take some time to finally give you good results out of the box.

So, this is how you can earn $4000/ Month from Blogging & WordPress. You can also share more ideas to earn from blogging right in the comment section below this post.

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