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Top 10 Xbox One games 2024

xbox one games

In 2024, Xbox One players can anticipate an exceptional gaming year ahead. Whether on Xbox One, Games Pass, PC, Cloud, or consoles, an outstanding lineup awaits. As highlighted in the recent Developer_Direct showcase, their teams and collaborators are delivering top-tier experiences to Xbox One Games platforms.

xbox one games

From fresh concepts to highly anticipated sequels, remarkable exclusives, and beyond, the diversity of games caters to every player's preference.

It can be a great opportunity If you are planning to buy an Xbox One controller. The Xbox One, backed by some crazy games, is ready to challenge PS5.

While attempting to encompass all amazing games within a single article is unfeasible, we've organized a curated selection of the Best Xbox One games to provide a glimpse of what's in store for Xbox and PC gamers.

10 Best Xbox One Games of 2024

Ara: History Untold

Get ready to return to the haunting world of Senua's Saga! Ninja Theory's long-awaited sequel, Hellblade II, ignites a new chapter in Senua's journey. Prepare to traverse the breathtaking yet perilous landscapes of 10th-century Iceland, facing dark encounters both real and imagined through the eyes of someone experiencing psychosis. Buckle up for a unique audio-visual experience that stays true to the spirit of its acclaimed predecessor.

Dive into an immersive and brutal narrative that delves into the depths of facing darkness, both internal and external.

  • Sequel to a critically acclaimed game: The original Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice gained critical acclaim and a dedicated fanbase, suggesting potential interest in the sequel.
  • Award-winning developer: Ninja Theory has a strong reputation for innovative and impactful games, further attracting attention.
  • Unique premise: The game's focus on mental health representation and its immersive audio-visual experience could attract players seeking distinct experiences.
  • Release platforms: Launching on popular platforms like Xbox, PC, and Cloud increases potential reach.
  • Day-one Game Pass availability: Inclusion in Game Pass subscription service could boost accessibility and downloads.


Get ready for an unforgettable adventure! This fantasy action RPG, built by Obsidian, lets you carve your own path. Choose how you tackle stories, unleash combat mayhem in various ways, and unravel a secret that could doom or save the entire Living Lands. Arriving this fall on Xbox, PC, and cloud, with day-one Game Pass access!

Dive into the Living Lands, a plague-stricken island in Avowed, Obsidian's upcoming first-person RPG. As Aedyr's envoy, uncover the source and wield magic, swords, or guns in dynamic combat. Your choices shape the narrative, from forging alliances to unraveling ancient secrets. Will you save the island or succumb to its darkness?

  • Public interest: Based on online discussions, forums, and social media engagement, Avowed seems to have garnered significant interest within the gaming community.
  • Pre-orders and wishlist statistics: While not public, game platforms like Steam and Xbox One Games often share general information on pre-order trends and wishlist additions, which can indicate potential player interest.
  • Media coverage: The amount and tone of media coverage surrounding Avowed can also reflect its reception and potential popularity.

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade

Imagine crafting empires, leading unique heroes, and playing at your own pace in a world that reacts to your every decision. Sounds epic, right?

Forget Civilization! Strategy veterans from the beloved franchise have teamed up to build their dream game, Ara: History Untold. This isn't just another grand strategy title, it's an innovative leap forward.

  • Team pedigree: Mentioning veterans from the “acclaimed Civilization franchise” could suggest potential interest from fans of that series.
  • Innovative features: Highlighting unique mechanics and leaders might attract strategy game enthusiasts seeking new experiences.
  • Release platforms: Launching on popular platforms like Steam and PC Game Pass could expose the game to a wider audience.
  • Call to action: Encouraging players to wishlist the game might indicate potential pre-release interest.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024

Fasten your seatbelts, aviation enthusiasts! Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 is soaring onto PC and Xbox One GamesSeries X|S later this year, ready to revolutionize your flying experience. This isn't just your average flight simulator; it's a dream-fulfilling machine packed with the latest tech.

Forget polishing virtual pilot wings, this game empowers you to pursue your true aviation calling. Whether you picture yourself battling blazes in aerial firefighting, navigating thrilling search and rescue missions, or piloting sleek commercial jets, the sky's the limit.

Craving a taste of luxury? Become a VIP charter pilot whisking away discerning clientele. Feel the adrenaline rush of high-speed air races or the satisfaction of delivering crucial cargo across vast distances. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 doesn't just simulate flight; it lets you live it.

And the best part? Soar into adventure on day one with Game Pass! So, buckle up, future aviators, and prepare to take flight to new heights!

  • Franchise history: The Microsoft Flight Simulator series has a long and established fanbase, suggesting potential interest in the new iteration.
  • Technological advancements: The mention of “latest technologies” could attract players seeking a more realistic and immersive experience.
  • Diverse career options: The inclusion of various aviation roles might appeal to players with different interests within the genre.
  • Day-one Game Pass availability: Inclusion in this subscription service broadens accessibility and might boost downloads.

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle

Gear up for adventure alongside the legendary Indiana Jones! Embark on a thrilling first-person journey in Indiana Jones and The Great Circle, set between the iconic films “Raiders of the Lost Ark” and “The Last Crusade.” Unravel an ancient mystery as you globe-trot across diverse landscapes, from the opulent halls of the Vatican to the scorching deserts of Egypt. Decipher cryptic clues, outsmart sinister forces, and explore hidden wonders like the sunken temples of Sukhothai and the icy peaks of the Himalayas.

Become the hero in this cinematic action-adventure, coming later this year to Xbox One Games Series X|S and PC. The best part? Dive into the adventure on day one with Game Pass! So, don your fedora, crack your whip, and prepare to rewrite history with Indy!

  • Continuation of a beloved franchise: Indiana Jones holds a strong, nostalgic association for many, potentially attracting returning players.
  • First-person perspective: This modern twist could attract new and existing fans seeking a fresh experience.
  • Diverse locations and challenges: The mention of various exotic environments and puzzles hints at an engaging adventure.
  • Day-one Game Pass availability: Inclusion in this subscription service broadens accessibility and might boost downloads.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

If enthusiasts of turn-based role-playing games found themselves satisfied last year with acclaimed releases like Baldur’s Gate 3 and Sea of Stars, they're about to indulge even more in 2024. A plethora of grand adventures await. After November's action-packed Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name, RGG Studio returns to turn-based combat with Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, available now.

This installment is as exquisite as it is eccentric, offering a complete island-building game as an optional diversion from Ichiban's escapades in Hawaii—marking the series' first foray outside of Japan. This week, Atlus revisits one of the most cherished RPGs ever with Persona 3 Reload (launching day one on Game Pass), featuring revamped visuals, fresh music and voice acting, and updated gameplay elements.

Renowned developer Vanillaware is famous for its visually distinctive RPGs, and it debuts its inaugural title on Xbox in March: the breathtaking tactical RPG Unicorn Overlord. The highly awaited Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes (also launching day one on Game Pass) pledges an immersive JRPG adventure with an emphasis on intricate storytelling. Players can anticipate detailed town-development mechanics and captivating combat, traversing a world teeming with diverse characters and compelling tales. Lastly, one of the standout titles at last year’s Xbox One Games Showcase, Metaphor: ReFantazio, emerges as a new fantasy RPG from some of the imaginative minds behind the Persona series.


Prepare to become an Ace in Towerborne, a vibrant new action RPG from the acclaimed developers of the Banner Saga series! Published by Xbox One Games Publishing, this game promises an unforgettable tale of courage and heroism. Unleash your inner warrior with a diverse arsenal of weapons and combat techniques, mastering both steel and magic in dynamic battles.

The world of Towerborne is anything but static. As you progress, it evolves around you, offering an ever-changing landscape of challenges and discoveries. This, coupled with the game's high replayability, ensures countless hours of engaging adventure.

Ready to step into the Belfry and protect humanity? Towerborne ascends onto Xbox One Games Series X|S and PC in 2024, with day-one availability on Game Pass. Don't miss your chance to join this epic saga and forge your destiny!

  • Acclaimed developer: Stoic's successful Banner Saga series suggests a pre-existing fanbase potentially interested in their new project.
  • Fresh take on the genre: Highlighting an “action-RPG” twist within a well-established genre might attract both existing fans and those seeking novelty.
  • Appealing elements: The mention of “a rich arsenal of weapons and combat abilities”, “charm”, and a “gorgeous, dynamic world” suggests features that could appeal to a broad audience.
  • Day-one Game Pass availability: Inclusion in this subscription service increases accessibility and could significantly boost downloads.

Dungeons of Hinterberg

One of the most thrilling aspects of gaming is discovering a fresh series and immersing oneself in a new realm ripe for exploration, molding, and affection. In 2024, numerous opportunities will arise to embark on such journeys, with several games heralding the inception of brand-new adventures for players. From Xbox, Towerborne, and Ara: History Untold mark the genesis of a novel series while our collaborators are introducing a plethora of innovative concepts.

Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn blends brutal close combat, firearms, and sorcery to craft a fantasy tale that appears refreshingly unique. Meanwhile, Dungeons of Hinterberg (arriving on Game Pass from day one) transports us to a fantastical rendition of the Alps, The Plucky Squire toggles between 2D and 3D within its storybook universe, and 33 Immortals (launching on Game Pass from day one) transforms the action-roguelike archetype into an unprecedented 33-player cooperative venture.

Raider I – III Remastered

Revisiting a beloved tale can bring unparalleled delight, and 2024 showcases fresh, polished interpretations of some timeless favorites. Delve into the depths once more with Tomb Raider I – III Remastered, encompassing the initial trilogy of the iconic series with enhanced graphics.

Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster also heralds the triumphant resurgence of a classic saga of light battling darkness, boasting breathtaking new visuals that will captivate both seasoned and novice Star Wars enthusiasts alike. Moreover, you can reexperience an indie gem from Xbox with Braid: Anniversary Edition, a meticulously updated rendition of the time-manipulating platformer, featuring delightful new visuals, enhanced audio, and insights from the developers.

Still Wakes the Deep

The horror genre holds a special allure in gaming, designed to excite while immersing players in a realm of fear that lingers long after the lights flicker back on. In this year, the stakes may rise with The Chinese Room, masters of contemporary gaming horror, introducing us to their latest creation, Still Wakes the Deep (launching day one on Game Pass). Prepare to find yourself marooned on a shifting North Sea oil rig consumed by an otherworldly force. It sounds enticing; count us in.

2024's array of chilling experiences will include revisits to familiar haunts. Supermassive Games inherits the mantle from Tarsier Studios with Little Nightmares III, injecting their horror expertise into this beloved puzzle-platform horror adventure series. Additionally, we'll delve back into Red Barrels' superb survival horror franchise with The Outlast Trials. A notable addition will be the chance to brave the terror alongside friends within the confines of a corporate-controlled sanatorium.

On the subject of comebacks, we'll also witness the much-anticipated resurgence of a new Alone in the Dark, offering a fresh interpretation of a horror gaming classic featuring David Harbour and Jodie Comer as playable protagonists.


Can I play Xbox 360 games on Xbox One?

Yes, Xbox One offers backward compatibility for select Xbox 360 games. You can check the official list of backward-compatible games on the Xbox website.

How do I redeem a digital code for an Xbox One game?

To redeem a digital code, go to the Xbox Store, select “Use a code,” and enter the code provided with your game purchase.

What is Xbox Game Pass?

Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service that offers access to a library of over 100 Xbox One, Xbox 360, and original Xbox games for a monthly fee.

How do I share my Xbox One games with friends or family?

You can share your digital games with friends or family by setting your Xbox One as their home console or by using the “Share” feature to play together online.

Do I need an Xbox Live Gold subscription to play multiplayer games on Xbox One?

Yes, an Xbox Live Gold subscription is required to play multiplayer games online on Xbox One.

Are there any free-to-play games available on Xbox One?

Yes, there are several free-to-play games on Xbox One, including “Fortnite,” “Apex Legends,” “Warframe,” and “Rocket League.”

How do I check for updates for my Xbox One games?

Updates for Xbox One games are usually downloaded automatically when your console is connected to the internet. You can also manually check for updates in the “My games & apps” section.

How do I troubleshoot installation or performance issues with Xbox One games?

You can troubleshoot installation or performance issues by clearing the cache, checking for updates, restarting the console, or reinstalling the game.

How do I request a refund for a digital game purchased on Xbox One?

You can request a refund for a digital game purchase on Xbox One by visiting the Microsoft website and following the instructions for requesting a refund.

What are some good multiplayer games for Xbox One?

Some popular multiplayer games for Xbox One include “Call of Duty: Warzone,” “Overwatch,” “Minecraft,” and “Rainbow Six Siege.”


Amidst the influx of new games, remember that Xbox One Games Pass and PC Game Pass already boast a vast library of hundreds of titles awaiting exploration—your next gaming obsession might already be in the lineup. Spanning console, PC, and cloud platforms (via Xbox Ones Games Pass Ultimate), Game Pass delivers fresh games, diverse genres, and innovative concepts, offering flexibility in where and how you play.

In 2023, Game Pass welcomed an array of remarkable titles, and this year shows no signs of slowing down. They've kicked off the year with notable additions like Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla and Resident Evil 2, and the months ahead promise even more excitement.

Titles such as Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II, Persona 3 Reload, and Manor Lords are among the many to anticipate. Stay tuned to Xbox Wire for updates on upcoming releases and release dates.

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