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Writerzen Review 2024: (Worth to Use?) Pros & Cons

Writerzen Review

Writerzen is a revolutionary AI-based SEO content writing tool for content creators. Automatically generating high-quality, original content in your niche will help you attract more visitors, customers, and sales!

With Writerzen, you will find keywords, explore topics, compare your competitors, and will be able to rank for the highly competitive keywords. Writerzen allows you to write SEO-optimized content, and with the help of AI and machine learning, you can create better content faster with fewer efforts.

Stop worrying about writer's block or hiring a content writer again. Join thousands of happy copywriters, marketers, and entrepreneurs using Writerzen as an unfair advantage to grow their businesses.

In this Writerzen review, we will discuss how you can best use Writerzen as a blogger, entrepreneur, or content creator.

WriterZen Overview

Writerzen content creation

WriterZen is not very old; it was launched back in 2018 in the Southeast Asia Market and gained tremendous popularity in a very short time.

It is a tool that makes a writer’s job easier. It is gaining popularity for its easy-to-use interface and unique features. The device has unique features but mainly focuses on three key features- Content Creator, Topic Discovery, and Keyword Explorer. You also get Keyword Importer and Plagiarism Checker.

Features Highlight: Writerzen Review

Keyword Explorer

The keyword explorer tool of Writerzen helps you research the keywords you want to rank for. Just choose the desired keyword, set the location, and choose the language, and you are ready to begin the exploration for keywords. You can enable the “Check Allintitle” and “Clustering Keywords” features to get deeper insights and clusters.

Keyword Explorer Writerzen

Once you hit the search button, Writerzen will show you the search volume for that keyword, SERP overview, CPC, Keywords Ideas, Overview Chat and Total search volume.

Writerzen Keyword Research Tool

Underneath that, you will find valuable keyword data, insights, and clusters. Keyword data can be filtered to get the best possible results. Keyword data can be filtered based on volume, CPC, Word Count, Inclusion or Exclusion of any term, etc. You can easily select the keywords and make a list of them. Keyword Clusters will basically give you a bunch of keyword clusters. Each cluster will have some keywords that can also be used in your keyword list.

Writerzen Keyword Explorer Review

By making use of this keyword data, you can easily move on to the next steps for generating high-quality SEO-optimized content.

Topic Discovery

Writerzen Topic Discovery Tutorial Review

Topic Discovery lets you discover the topics for your posts. It shows you various clusters that contain many headlines to consider. You can choose any based on relevancy. It also shows you google suggested insights for questions, prepositions, and comparisons. The decision goes with your discretion. You can choose the topic that is most relevant to your audience and is having a good search volume. It's quite very easy to add any headline to your existing or new keywords list.

Keywords List

Keywords List in Writerzen

The keywords list is a convenient feature in Writerzen. You can easily group a few desired keywords and then add them to your existing or new keyword list. You can manage your keywords list in your profile. It is possible to delete them or add new ones anytime.

Content Creator

Outline to use in Content Creator Writerzen

One of the best features of Writerzen is its content creator wizard. The content creator tool of Writerzen helps you fabricate the outline for your content as the first phase of content generation. Under “outline to use,” the first step is to see the competitor's content and decide which outline you want to use out of their content. You need to hover over the outline and click, and this will add the outline for your content, which you can easily paste/use in the content writing step 3.

Outline to use in Writerzen

Underneath the outlines from competitors, you can find the Google suggested insights. You can also select the outlines from that insight as well.

Once you are ready with your outlines, you can move to the next step which is to select the keywords to include in the content.

Here, you can find the competitor's keywords and opportunities keywords. Click on the keywords you want to include based on their volume, usage, and relevancy. These keywords will be added to your content writing wizard later on to help you write content based on the chosen keywords.

Keywords to Include Writerzen review

Once you have chosen the keywords, you are ready to start writing the content and move to step 3.

Writerzen Content Writing Review

You can copy the outlines that you generated in step 1 to your content wizard. You can see the keywords that you had chosen and also see the plagiarism report alongside. Writerzen shows you current and recommended words, headings, paragraphs, and images for your content. As your writing progresses, your initially red parameters start getting green.

You can also create a share link and create the note. The UI of this tool is simply mesmerizing. You will love writing on this tool with all these helpful features, making you insane.

AI Assistant

Writerzen AI Assistant

The newly introduced AI assistant feature in Writerzen allows you to write realistic content with the help of AI. By enabling AI assistant in content creator wizard, you can enable the AI Playground and use various templates to generate the content. You can also expand the content length of the existing copy by using the auto-write template.

Easy to Use

Writerzen is effective and very easy to use. With keyword research, content generation tools, an embedded SEO-guided interface, plagiarism check, AI assistant, and all-in-one tools, it is very easy to create content from scratch and publish it with full confidence. It helps keep you motivated by allowing you to fulfill your most important tasks about content optimization.

Attractive UI

There is no doubt about the design aspects; it is super cool and fancy. It gives a modern touch to the tool. Its UI makes it even more enjoyable to use and navigate enthusiastically.

Its easiness has been derived from its UI for sure. All the actions are super visible. There is even an option in the content editor to define the features, which helps new users understand some functions. They can turn these features off when familiar or comfortable with them.

Awesome Support

The support is super fast and satisfying. No matter what your query is, they try to help you professionally. You can also join their community or check their documentation before raising new tickets; who knows, they might have an answer ready for you on their doc, which can save you some time.

Plagiarism Checker

Writerzen's plagiarism checker tool is very advanced, and even if the article is 0% plagiarized, it tells you the sources from where the text copy seems to match.

Writerzen Plagiarism Checker

I always use Writerzen for plagiarism-checking because all the other tools show me no plagiarism. Writerzen always impresses me by giving accurate sources and numbers that help me.

Online Community

WriterZen has a vast online community. You can follow WriterZen on many social media sites. It has pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube.

You can join these community groups of WriterZen and engage with like-minded people who have been using WriterZen for a long time.

WriterZen YouTube Community

Writerzen youtube

Facebook Community

Writerzen Facebook Community

Writerzen has a great community with over 2.9k members as of now. You can join the community for great insights into the tool. You can also be notified about the events and webinars. You can connect with some other like-minded people who are also using this outstanding tool for their business needs.

Learning Curve

Writerzen tutorial library

Even if you are new and have just started using WriterZen, you can easily learn how to use it effectively.

WriterZen provides a free trial within seven days for new customers, and during this period, it guides them about the tool with its knowledge base and YouTube channel.

When you visit WriterZen's official page, you will see a video of a few minutes giving you a brief idea about the tool.

Writerzen introductory video

You can also book a call for around 20 minutes and contact WriterZen. Through the call, the team of WriterZen will try their best to demonstrate how you can use the tool to achieve your goals.

The Knowledgebase of WriterZen is available 24/7. WriterZen Helpdesk provides you with all the knowledge needed to start working with the tool

You will get all the basic tutorials on topic discovery, keyword importer basic, keyword explorer basic, plagiarism checker, content creator basic, and more. Other than that, you can understand its basic workflow and get a deep knowledge of handling the tool. 

Writerzen knowlege hub

WriterZen also has a Facebook Community, Roadmap, Blog, social media pages on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and even YouTube videos, making it even easier to learn the tool.

Regular Webinars and Events

Writerzen hosts regular events and webinars, which are sometimes very informative and help you get more incredible ideas to use the software and grow your business. By staying active in the community, you can increase the opportunity to join these exciting monthly webinars.

Writerzen Event on Facebook Community


On Writerzen, a 7-day free trial is available to have a test drive. However, to fully utilize the software, you may need a paid plan of Writerzen that starts from $23 per month and reduces to $19 per month on yearly billing. It has three more plans apart from its lite plan, viz. Plus, Pro and Ultra will cost $79, $199, and $359, respectively, per month at yearly billing.

Writerzen Pricing Details

If you want more words in AI Assistant, you purchase the AI Assistant Add-on that costs you $99 per month or $84 per month on annual billing.

Writerzen AI Assistant Pricing

Customer Support

WriterZen provides excellent customer support. The software has the best customer support, with a 99% satisfaction rate.

The writerZen customer support team can always help you with your queries. It never fails to assist you regarding pricing and billing, bugs, how-to, WriterZen features, and more. You have to visit to contact the WriterZen customer support team.

Writerzen customer support

WriterZen's customer support ensures that you are happy with your purchase. If you have any questions, problems, or concerns, get in touch with support at [email protected]. Once you visit this site, you will get human assistance for solving your issues.

WriterZen always prioritizes listening to its customer's views and concerns. So, feel free to share your thoughts and ideas about WruterZen anytime.

Then, there is also a ticketing system to address particular questions. Mostly, WriterZen responds to these questions within one or two days through emails. It also schedules a phone call if it's necessary in any case. You can, at times, even book a demo with one of WriterZen’s Business Development Team members.

It is not wrong to say that WriterZen has dependable customer support. That is built by a team of driven, innovative experts who come up with new daily updates, features, and amazing creations.

Writerzen Reviews by existing users

WriterZen is being used widely and liked by many Professionals, Academicians, Copywriters, Marketers, and so on. These tech-savvy and highly educated people embrace the latest tech to become more productive in their respective roles.

The users of WriterZen trust the tool to drive their organic growth. Some have shared their experience working with WriterZen, as shown in the screenshot below.

Writerzen reviews

The audiences love the tool, and it has over 10,000+ active users. There are 30,000+ content briefs, 8M keywords clustered, and 20,000+ topics discovered till now.

WriterZen is loved and recognized by experts. About 10,000 people rely on the tool daily to stay on top of their Content Marketing and SEO game.

Writerzen Alternatives


Scalenut is an excellent AI-based tool for content research and writing. It is great for creating high-ranking, original, short-form, and long-form content.

The tool combines next-generation technologies like NLP and AI and provides a seamless content creation process to let you create content that will outperform the rest.

It is one of the one-stop SaaS solutions for marketing teams, content creators, businesses, and agencies at all levels and for many niches.

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is a data-driven SEO tool. It has a user-friendly interface and affordable monthly pricing starting from $29. So, if you are searching for another tool to add another SEO tool to your arsenal, then Surfer SEO is an excellent choice for you.

It takes a scientific approach to on-page SEO and makes optimizing your content painless. Surfer SEO is geared towards marketers, developers, and writers who want to maximize their content page-by-page.


Jasper is a fantastic AI writing tool and an affordable service with original content like blog posts. It helps you greatly in scaling your content creation at a fraction of the cost of the writers.

To generate outstanding content using Jasper, you must put in some information on what you wish to write about, and the AI-powered tool will do the rest of the work to create an original post.


Rytr provides an outstanding writing environment. It is one of the best AI-powered writing tools. The tool is budget-friendly and easy to use. It is based on OpenAI’s GPT-3 API, an amazing machine-learning process.

It helps you generate high-quality content for YouTube videos, social media posts, ads, landing pages, emails, and more. It also supports multiple tones and languages.

What makes WriterZen stand out?

Writerzen official page

WriterZen has an excellent user interface that is easy to use and straightforward. The good UI design provides easy access to all the features present under the dashboard.

It has many unique features that can improve the content amazingly. Two of these features you can use to enhance your content effectively are -Allintitle and KGR, which help you rank higher and provide unique ideas and topics. You will get precise keywords that help create excellent and unique content.

WriterZen has a robust SEO tool- Topic Explorer. That provides you with specific suggestions and ideas. This, in turn, helps boost your SEO ranking and save a lot of your time.

The tool has affordable pricing in its AppSumo lifetime deal at $69. Here, you get an amazing feature-packed all-in-one SEO tool at cheap pricing. At the same time, other platforms offer much or less similar features at higher prices.

WriterZen offers incredible credit limits through the AppSumo lifetime deal. For every single month, you get a 250-word limit for the Keyword Explorer tool, 70 credits for the Content Creator tool, a 40000-word limit on the Plagiarism Checker, and 200k Keyword Credits.

Many AI-powered content creation tools are available in the market, but you will not find a tool like WriterZen because it offers an easy-to-use and intuitive interface.

WriterZen FAQs

Does WriterZen offer any discounts?‍ Is there any refund policy available?

Yes. The tool offers many discounts that are available from time to time. And if you decide to pay for its subscription annually, you can easily save 30% immediately.

Yes. You can apply for a refund within two days (48 hours) of your purchase if you are unhappy with WriterZen. But remember that after this period of the decided time limit, you will not get any refund. Then, you can just cancel your subscription.

Does WriterZen offer a free trial?‍♂️?

Yes. The tool offers a free trial for 7 days. This trial is available for all new users of WriterZen. The amazing part about this free trial is you will not be required to use your credit card details to get access to this free trial. So, if you don’t wish to continue with WriterZen, it sets you free to cancel using the tool without getting charged.

Is there a lifetime deal on WriterZen?‍♀️?

Yes. A lifetime deal is available on WriterZen. AppSumo offers the deal. AppSumo also offers other amazing deals on many products.

It offers Single, Double, and Multiple plans, including features like- SERP overview, shareable links to reports, competitor headline generator, sales per keyword filtering, export function, insight segmentation, golden keyword filtering, sales per keyword simulation, shareable links for freelancers, import content from URL, and import content from multiple sources.

Over to You

Writerzen is definitely a robust content optimization and research tool. The platform is an excellent choice for beginners and professionals for keyword research, topic research, and content writing requirements. Features like KGR ratio, All-in-title, and Keyword Clusters come at an affordable price. Along with all these features, there is also an integrated plagiarism checker.

If it’s your first time using any tool for content creation, you can blindly go with WriterZen. But suppose you need to see advanced data like backlinks, SERP analysis, competition analysis, and SERP audit. In that case, some other tool like SEMrush, Ahref, or UberSuggest can prove better for you.

However, those tools will break the bank. Writerzen, on the other hand, is budget-friendly and a recommended solution for content writing, research, and optimization needs.

So, this was my brief review of the Writerzen content writing tool. Let me know in the comments what your thoughts are about Writerzen. If you have not yet used Writerzen, I recommend trying it for once! Signup is free!

The Review


100% Score

Writerzen is a powerful content optimization and content generation tool. This software offers you the ability to write SEO-optimized content with an AI assistant built-in. Writerzen is very effective and is definitely a boon and content marketers, writers, agencies and bloggers.


  • Easy To Use Content Writing Interface
  • AI Assistant to use GPT-3 Content Writing
  • Awesome Plagiarism Checker
  • SEO Guidelines to Optimize the Content
  • Outrank the Competitors


  • Requires Scrutiny to further optimize the content written by AI

Review Breakdown

  • Easy to Use 0%
  • Features 0%
  • Integrations 0%
  • Support 0%
  • Brand Trust 0%
  • Value for Money 0%
  • Content Quality 0%
  • UI Design 0%

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