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WP Fundraising Plugin Review, Features, Pros & Cons

WP fundraising Plugin Review, Features, Pros

Skeptical about opting for the WP fundraising plugin? Want to get to the nitty-gritty of WP fundraising? Well, get the right and most factual answers to all your queries with this review right here. WP fundraising donation plugin and crowdfunding platform come with a single donation and crowdfunding solution. It gives the ability anyone to create a crowdfunding and single donation site with WordPress.

Wp fundraising review

Crowdfunding is essentially gathering cash from financial backers or any huge number of individuals for any task or different purposes by means of the web. Making a crowdfunding site with WP crowdfunding turns out to be really simple. Kickstarter and Indigo's top undertakings have raised a huge number of dollars, demonstrating that the market is totally there to support the group. Furthermore, this should be possible just by adding a WordPress WP crowdfunding module. This module gives enough usefulness to make a full scope of crowdfunding destinations in under 60 minutes. The WP raising support module is viewed as one of the most mind-blowing selling modules in WordPress class.

Overview of WP fundraising and Crowdfunding

WP Crowdfunding is a strong WordPress raising money module that assists you with making a gathering of pledges on patron sites like GoFundMe or Kickstarter. You can utilize the crowdfunding campaign just for your causes or significantly offer a total raising support stage for different foundations in your organization. It incorporates Stripe, PayPal,, and all WooCommerce doors assuming you decide to handle your installments with WooCommerce.

WP Crowdfunding Native wallet framework permits you to follow promises for each mission and convey reserves appropriately to individual partners. In the event that you're hoping to make a total crowdfunding site like GoFundMe, you additionally have the choice to charge a commission expense for assisting different foundations with gathering gifts. The base module is free, however, you should move up to the paid arrangement to open full highlights that begins at $149/year.

WP Fundraising – Donation module and Crowdfunding raising money Platform is a WooCommerce Powered Donation and Crowdfunding module that enables anybody to make a crowdfunding and gift site with WordPress. It's exceptionally easy to use and advantageous to make due. WP Fundraising worked starting from the earliest stage for all your raising support needs, WP Fundraising furnishes you with a strong gift Donation and Crowdfunding Platform streamlined for internet Fundraising.

WP CrowdFunding Plugin Features

Crowdfunding in WordPress

Coming to the features of WP crowdfunding, it is fully based on an eCommerce website that lets the user make use of a familiar WooCommerce interface in the backend. The campaign owners don’t have to worry about roaming on the dashboard, as this plugin brings in a front-end submission form for submitting their promotions and various frontier benefits to run the campaigns in a proper manner.

As the user of the platform, you should have unlimited authority over the same. It will assist you with safeguarding against abuse and all that happens will be apparent to you. This WordPress crowdfunding module offers you command over the hint-up process, project distributing, and withdrawal solicitations from there, the sky is the limit. You can design these settings from the backend.

As a user you would like the undertaking endorsement settings since it allows you to support all missions physically, so you have unlimited oversight over the sort of missions you need to run on your gathering pledges stage. You can draw the lines on the least and greatest withdrawal demand from the backend also. To make your raising money stage stand apart from others, you must give your clients a super-accommodating front-end climate. This WordPress Crowdfunding module offers a couple of predefined pages that will deal with all of your front-end activities. Dashboard, My Account, Campaigns rundown, and Add New Campaign are the critical pages of the frontend activity. You can make other significant pages utilizing shortcodes. Look at these convenient shortcodes at this connection.



  • Log In
  • List of campaigns created by the current user.
  • Advanced campaign reporting
  • Your balance information
  • Show/Update profile and contact information
  • Show/Update billing and shipping information
  • Log Out


  • Frontend User Registration and Login
  • Frontend Campaign Submit Form
  • Funding Goal
  • Start and End date
  • Setting featured image
  • Recommended Price
  • Minimum and Maximum Price
  • Show/Hide Backer Table
  • Mark Backer as Anonymous
  • Campaign End Methods
    • Target Goal
    • Target Date
    • Target Goal and Date
    • Campaign Never End
  • Create Unlimited Rewards
  • Campaign Update Status tab

Need to make a crowdfunding site? With this module, you can without much of a stretch make Crowdfunding only a couple of snaps. Numerous ways of getting reserve with our module. The plugins accompany Paypal and Stripe installment entryways. Likewise, you can utilize woo-commerce with this plugin to get installment with Woocommerce. likewise, clients send stores physically by the bank or locally. Furthermore, after getting the store endorsed the installment from the administrator board.

Do you need others likewise make a campaign on your site? WP fundraising offers a Front-end dashboard so clients can undoubtedly make a campaign from the front-end dashboard.

Detailed feature views of WP fundraising plugin

The WP fundraising plugin comes along with a good number of features. We have shared detailed insight into all the features. Let us have a look:

Dedicated WordPress Plugin

The user can make use of this plugin in any of the WordPress themes and enjoy a smooth experience and get a friendly user interface. The paid version of this plugin provides a special fundraising theme inside the package. Moreover, the plugin integrates well with the theme, so it cuts down on the worry about buying other themes.

Template Overriding

This plugin supports overriding the template enabling the user to easily customize the style of the page or the solution to the question in order to make certain changes. The extensions will remain after updating the plugin to a newer version.

Complete control over the platform

The user always wishes to have complete control over the platform, and this plugin offers this option. This feature helps in protecting the user from abuse and makes everything visible. It gives control over the signup process and protects publishing, withdrawal requests, and many more functionalities. One can also set minimum and maximum withdrawal requests from the backend.

Money management

This plugin has all the money management systems that come along with WooCommerce and also the user will have a native wallet system, PayPal adaptive payments, stripe connect and authorize support. All of these payment options offer unique functionality that permits the user to deduct commissions from all the campaigns.

Native wallet system

It should be noted that all of these special payment methods charge a certain percentage for each transaction on the site. In case the user didn’t want to pay for stripe/PayPal/native wallet system. The plugin gives an option of Receiver percentage, which permits the user to determine the commission he/she wants to take from the owners of the campaign. Enabling this plugin will automatically save the share of the user to the account

User dashboard to manage profile and promotion details

In order to differentiate the fundraising platform from others, the user gets a super friendly front-end environment. It further provides a couple of predefined pages that take care of the front-end activity. These pages include a dashboard, my account, a campaign list, and adding new campaigns. The user can also create other important pages with the help of shortcodes.

WP crowdfunding dashboard

Every user wishes to see an overview of all the promotions on the dashboard page. The user can see a summary of the total funds raised and the number of commitments received. Moreover, there are a few predefined ranges, and the user can select a date range as well. It should be noted that all the promotions will be listed under My campaigns. The user can head to the main promotion details page and take a campaign overview. Also, the campaign details page has four sections including the campaign stories, backers list, updates, and reviews. All of these are quite self-explanatory.

Another dropdown that appears is the campaign section and it offers five subcategories which include My campaign, backed campaign, promise promotion, bookmarks, and payment.  Also, all the promotions will be displayed under my campaign and the user will have access to modify them. The user will find an update tab that will let the user post announcements about specific promotions. And the edit tab would let the user make changes to the promotion.

Note that the backed campaigns and received promises let the user see all the information available on them, which include order, date, status, total, rewards, and actions. Moreover, the bookmarks subsection will have a list of campaigns that would have been bookmarked from a single page of the campaign.

Detailed analytical report

Detailed Donors Report WP Crowdfunding

Well, talking about Analytics reporting, it is a premium feature of WP Crowdfunding that generates different statistical reports based on crowdfunding projects posted on your website. It further consists of two tabs including Sales Report and Top Promotions.

Email notifications

The email notifications feature of this plugin is another premium feature of WP Crowdfunding. Once the user installs the Pro version of the WP crowdfunding plugin, he/she will be provided with four email templates. Also, all the emails are powered by WooCommerce so one can get all the functionality that any WooCommerce site usually offers. The user can customize the email template and can also even set notification settings.

Add New Campaign

With this plugin ad its features, one can create a new campaign. The options for adding a new campaign page are quite self-explanatory. However, the front-end editor provides the same visual and text editor as the default WordPress editor.

Stripe Connect payment

The stripe connection feature helps the user to automatically distribute pledge money to multiple recipients.

Project Customization

The project customization of this plugin allows the advertisers to customize their promotions. Moreover, with this feature the amount offered and the amount of predefined commitment can be selected. One can also opt for their project goals and thus the project completion method. It further has four completion methods, which include target goal, target date, target goal and date, and the campaign that never ends. In case the campaign owners wish to avoid displaying backer information on the site, then they would have to enable the option of contributor anonymous from the new campaign page. By the end of this page, the user can set the terms and conditions. AIM

The AIM version of is a well-known payment gateway as it provides a secure and easy credit card processing system. It is an advanced gateway that provides the highest control during checkout. With this feature, one can automatically deduct a commission from your users’ promotions.

Unlimited Rewards for Each Campaign

Announcing unlimited rewards for each promotion is now possible with this plugin, as it lets the user to set a certain amount or a range for rewards.

Top 10 Reasons You Might Need an Online Fundraising Solution:

  • Crowdfunding a business
  • Fund-raising for a companion
  • Losing your home in a cataclysmic event
  • Beginning a blog or eMagazine
  • Your digital recording is truly well known
  • Schooling cost is costly
  • Your last check was yesterday
  • You or somebody you love has a health-related crisis
  • You need to fund-raise for a philanthropic you love

Whether you're hoping to begin a not-for-profit or fund-raise for an individual need, web-based giving is the place where you ought to center. The quantity of web clients overall develops every year, as does how many individuals give cash over the web. Over portion of individuals on the planet utilize the web every day, which makes it an extraordinary spot to gather pledges. Yet, how? The quantity of arrangements accessible is practically unlimited.

utilizing WordPress empowers you to take into account nearby gifts. It can take out a major piece of giver wavering. Furthermore, it is the most well-known method for building a site at the present time. It's all around archived and encompassed by a whole local area of clients. There are two variants of WP CrowdFunding. One is free and another is paid. The paid rendition has a few further developed highlights which are not available in the free form.

WP Crowdfunding is completely founded on WooCommerce, which permits you to utilize your recognizable WooCommerce interface in the backend. Your mission proprietors won't have to stress over wandering on the dashboard since this WordPress crowdfunding module accompanies a front-end accommodation structure to present their missions, and numerous other front-end offices to appropriately run their missions.

To Summarize

The WP fundraising or crowdfunding plugin can be a great way to raise funds and also the features it offers make it one of the best-selling and highly preferred plugins. As we mentioned earlier, the WP fundraising plugin provides enough functionalities for creating a full range of crowdfunding sites in less than an hour. WP Crowdfunding is a progressive WordPress module that assists you with making a raising support site with WordPress. This module depends on WooCommerce. It has a local wallet framework for tolerating neighborhood payments. WP Crowdfunding has the office to part the cash through Stripe Connect. It's an undeniable crowdfunding framework. Overall, it is a great option to choose.

The Review

WP Fundraising

100% Score

WP Fundraising is a powerful yet free plugin by Wpmet that helps you to create a fundraising website where people can easily create fundraising campaigns and goals to raise money for some cause.


  • Complete control over the various fundraising features
  • Money Management
  • Reports and Analytics
  • Campaign Goals
  • Easy Campaigns Creation


  • Requires a few competitive features

Review Breakdown

  • Easy to Use 0%
  • Features 0%
  • Value for Money 0%
  • Scalability 0%
  • Support 0%

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