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Lifesense introducing smartwatch and fitness tracker band

LCARE India introduced 2 Fitness bands in Indian Market naming Lifesense Band 2 and Lifesense Watch. The products have been designed considering the fitness...
memory card

MicroSD cards! The Downfall due to High-end Smartphones

Nowadays , smartphones having better internal memory have ended the use of memory cards to some extent. These days smartphones ranging upto 20000INR provide...

Best Music players for android – Music on Fire

Best Music Players for android :In so far as music players are concerned, android has best music players available on playstore. There are number...
Nokia 8 display

[Launch] Nokia 8 Rumoured to Hit the Market Soon

Nokia 8 is all set to hit the market very soon. So far the phone is rumoured to arrive with 5.7 inches touchscreen display...

Best Anti-Malware Apps for Android

Malware existence is a real-time threat to all digital world. It affects your performance negatively. These malware and viruses are designed to harm your...
App Match

How to Discover New Apps using Appmatch?

Admit it, we are living in the age of social media. It is hard to find a person with a smartphone and deprived of...

2 FIFA Apps for every Football Fan – Best Football Apps

  My smartphone is my best friend and I love football. Are you also a football lover? We have come up with the best football...

Free Video editor v/s Kinemaster Pro Video editor

There are various ways through which you can share your memories with your loved ones in a new and more vivid sense. Earlier we...
youtube downloader apps

8 Best YouTube Downloader for Android phones

The Internet is something which has changed the world forever. The Internet helps the human in different ways may it be to educate people online,...

Feeling Lonely? Try These Best Indian Dating Apps 2017 Edition

“Dating is about finding out who you are and who others are. If you show up in a masquerade outfit, neither is going to...
Top 10 Video editors for IOS Apple iPhone 6

Amazingly Nice 10 Best Video Editors for iOS Apple iPhone

Best Video Editors For iOS : “Film editing is now something everyone can do at a simple level and enjoy it, but to take it...
video editing apps

Video Editing Apps to make your Captured moments more Memorable

It is said that to enjoy the moment to a full extent, there is no need to be busy with capturing pictures and videos....

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