Top Successful Instagram Marketing Campaigns Ideas & Examples 2019

Top Successful Instagram Marketing Campaigns Ideas & Examples 2019

Instagram has got some immersive fame over the years. The photo video content sharing app has billions of active users worldwide. It is a great platform to increase the visibility and exposure of your business page. Some of the top Instagram Marketing Campaigns ideas & examples can help to get a significant position on this platform. Many Non Profit & For Profit Organizations are making the best use of Instagram to bring about the positive results for their business.

There are many ways one can increase the engagements and followers for the Instagram. But, a good marketing strategy provides it blood to convert the followers the way your business requires.

Instagram Marketing Campaigns is nothing but a discretionary post which is made with a view to bring the relevant audience to the page and turn them to stable audience.

As we all know that marketing is fruitless without Good products & services. In other words, your marketing efforts will all go in vain in the lack of better products & service to offer. So, it Is always better to keep working on the product and services too while spectating the competitors and product demand and innovations.

Marketing Campaigns ideas for Instagram can differ with the niche you have. One sort of perfect campaign idea can not perform with 100% result for different niche. So, it is advisable in this scenario to segregate the best Instagram marketing campaign ideas that can perform for your niche. You objective of marketing can be different, some people are looking for Application downloads and some are behind e-commerce sales, and some are just after the engagements to increase exposure and become the lead influencer and what not.

In order to overcome the marketing challenges, below are the best Instagram marketing campaings Ideas and examples that you can use to accelerate the growth of your brand on social media.

Best Instagram Marketing Campaigns Ideas & Examples 2019

Frame an Objective

Frame an objective is one and the foremost thing that you need to do. If you are behind everything like conversions, clicks, engagements, shares then probably you are in the bad game. You have to decide your priority. Prioritize you campaign for an object be it for sales, engagements, exposure or else. Such type of goal setting  further helps in:

  • Making adjustments to complementary elements
  • Deciding the Market segmentation
  • Formulating the strategy

Positive Note

Your marketing campaign needs to have a Positive Vibe. If given the emotional quotient you campaign should get at least 80%. In order to increase the positivism and attraction factor you can use exclamation words in your campaign caption like Hurrah, Whoa, Crazy Openings and more. Giving your campaign a better emotional touch increases the possibility of it to perform really better.

Eye Catching Image

If you are using an image for the marketing campaign then the idea should be to use the attractive and attention grabbing image. It is the photo/video content that a user gives respect to at an instance. That’s why it is essential to never overlook that image design, resolution and relevancy. For the Instagram campaigns, resolution above 1000×1000 pixels is recommended. For different sizes you can set the appropriate resolution considering this. You can use Vector image templates on Freepik to edit the pixel perfect images for your campaign.

Picture without text performs better. Even Facebook & Instagram says it, exceptions exist. So, you can click images with a good camera and post it with the relevant text in caption.

Videos are Face of Marketing

In the current era of digital marketing, videos have got huge value. When it comes to marketing, videos can play a better role than that of images. That is probably the reason as to why Majority of promotional campaigns on Instagram or even any other social media platform are in video format. Videos are capable of:

  • Conveying the message with more accuracy
  • Promising the better results
  • Converting the real users who are interest a bit
  • Developing trust among the users
  • Showcasing the brand vision and objective better
  • Delivering the results


It is necessary to use relevant images and videos for the marketing campaign to get results. If you mistake to provide the relevancy the required value then the campaign can be deprived of the deserved results. Relevancy makes it easier for the users to connect with your campaign.


Users are smart, aren’t they? They understand every bit of your activity. Don’t try to trick them either way. Indeed, you need present the concept and thing in a humorous way so that users may appreciate you and remember you as a responsible and witty brand.


Your Instagram marketing campaign should be valuable to the audience. In order to deliver the best results you need to make sure that your campaign is providing the value to user. It can have valuable information, distinctive quality, valuable feature or something with which the user may connect.


Market Segmenting is a process of targeting your audience. It is about deciding the best customers out of the crowd that can buy your product & service. It is very important to segment your market or you can bear losses promoting your campaigns to the users who are noway interested in it. Barely All the Social media platform let you set your audience with respect to interest, demographic, age, sex and more.

Analyse & Track

Analysis and Tacking of your marketing campaign is an essential part to ensure the better success rate on Instagram. You need to track the clicks, activity. Analyzing the campaign performance helps you making required adjustment to the existing or new campaigns. There are lot of online free & paid tools too for the purpose of analyzing and tracking your campaign performance on Instagram.

Marketing Funnel

For the purpose of winning the marketing battle you need to prepare a better funnel with discretionary A/B testing. Making a marketing funnel ensures that your campaigning efforts don’t go waste. Getting Email list while providing valuable PDF is a traditional way to retain the relevant viewers and show them occasional offers.

Giveaways, Contests, Freebies & Discounts

Many users love giveaways and freebies. It is also a great way to maintain and increase the viewership. It is great idea to celebrate something via giveaways. Seasonal giveaways are also helpful in increasing the engagements. Many influencers make use of weekly, monthly or occasional contests to connect with their followers. With the Marketing campaign of giveaways, contests and freebies one can get great chunk of traffic to the profile or page. Many YouTubers give a boost to their channel with the help of this strategy.


Sharing events is restricted to few niches only. However, it a powerful way to build trust and engage the clients and users. Marketing events campaigns is supportive in create a loyal chain of users.

Festive Season

Festival provide a great opportunities to the business around the world. One can module and fabricate the campaign context in line with festival and bring about an emotional connect with the audience. Many big brands never fail to do campaigning over the festival context. In order to bring about more trust and increase the scale you can follow the other brands strategies leveraging the festival seasons. Even if your content does not match to the festival either way, you can offers freebies, discounts or more to convey good wishes on the occasion to keep in touch with them.

Trends & Happening

Making interesting and relevant campaigns that are relevant show the brand activeness, humor and indulgeness to the users and builds trust. Just like festivals, currents affairs also help to reach new audience and build an emotional connect with the audience. Many users look upon to your view, and your view will matter only if you share it. Don’t be too formal and silent about the happenings around you, your city, your country, your office, your work environment and the world.

Call to Action

Users sometimes are innocent. You have to put proper call to actions to let them know what they can do next, what they are supposed to do or what you want them to do. Be it video, image, caption or button below the post, you need to make pretty attentive and explicit for the users to respond.

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Which is your Instagram Marketing Campaigns Ideas & Examples?

So, these were some of the top Instagram Marketing Campaigns Ideas and examples that you can use to boost the growth of your brand. Let us know in comments which one do you believe has been best campaign ideas for your brand.

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