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10 Best Innovative Android Apps you must carry

How many times you look for innovative android apps that have something new or interesting? Either to show your friends that you discovered an awesome mobile app or to utilize it for yourself. Innovative android apps ideas maybe useful for security of your smartphone as well. Or it could change the look (User interface) of your smartphone. Some can be considered as must have android apps also.

Here I have gathered some quick innovative android apps for you to download for FREE, install and have fun with the utilization attached.

Most Innovative Android Apps of 2016 APK FREE Download

PocketShare – Flash Drive / NAS

[Turn Your android smartphone into a wireless flash drive]
Pocketshare: Datentransfer NAS
Pocketshare: Datentransfer NAS
Developer: Appcube
Price: Free+


I can forget carrying the external flash drive but not my android smartphone. Using Pocketshare android app, I can turn my smartphone into a wireless flash drive that I can access from PC or Mac. And this is absolutely amazing.

PocketShare is safe, easy and fast in turning your smartphone into a portable wireless flash drive.

There are some features which are not available for FREE users. If you pay for the upgrade, you can assign a custom path to be shared. And adding authentication over the connection is also privileged.


  • You can turn your smartphone into a flash drive
  • The flash drive is wireless


  • You are using the storage inside your phone or the external SD card in it
  • If your phone goes out of space, you cant download more on your smartphone
  • The storage will be limited to the storage capacity of your smartphone

SmartPhone lock (Innovative android apps)

[A lock that changes passcode automatically]
Smart Phone Lock
Smart Phone Lock
Developer: Mirage Stacks
Price: To be announced

Hackers are around you. Maybe. If someone is close to you and lives with you, it gets hard to keep your password safe from him/her. This smartphone lock can keep it always changed automatically with the clock clue.

This locker app helps a lot when your kids, wife, friends or girlfriend try to spy on you and steal your data to investigate you.

This app is seriously one of the most innovative locker android apps. It can keep you protected with a password which is actually based on your clock hint.


  • Keeps your smartphone's password changed continuously
  • hint password helps you keeping your password dynamic
  • No-one can capture your passcode because it is never the same

Glympse – Share GPS location

[Stay Safe and share your location using GPS]
Glympse - Share GPS location
Glympse - Share GPS location


You can navigate and reach anywhere with the help of Google maps and GPS device. But did you ever imagine that you can share your GPS location using your android phone? No. Maybe Yes
You might want to use the Glympse GPS location android app to innovate yourself with the technology.

Cardiograph – Heart Rate Meter

[Measure your heart beat rate]
Cardiograph - Heart Rate Meter
Cardiograph - Heart Rate Meter


Crazy but wow. I got a cardiograph device in my hand once I downloaded this app from Google Play store. Calculating the heart rate is easy and fun on your android smartphone. Isn’t it?

Google Translate

[Translate from any language into any language]
Google Translate
Google Translate
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

translate google

You’re not alone at understanding foreign language or living in a foreign country. All you need is the Google Translate app for your android phone to help you translate quickly and easily.

Photomath – Camera Calculator

[Solve equations and become a pro-cheater]
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free


Cheating is a bad habit. But what if you have an application in your android phone that can solve many of your arithmetical problems and equations. And all this without tying the problem on your phone.


  • Helps you in doing typical calculations using camera
  • Keeps you away from entering the problem using the touch screen
  • Even the equations can be solved with the magical calculator

Just click the picture of the problem from your book and calculator. Photomath is said to be the most innovating pocket camera calculator. Not even the scientific calculators are this much impressive.

Truecaller – Caller ID & Block

[Not too accurate but still helpful to identify an unknown number]
Truecaller: Identify Caller ID
Truecaller: Identify Caller ID

truecaller must have android apps

Truecaller helps a lot when you have to find out the identity of an unknown number. Maybe that number is annoying you or trolling you out. Just keep yourself aware of from whom you are receiving the call.

If you're connected to internet and have truecaller app in your phone, it notify you about the caller identity on each incoming call. That's pretty good.

Unified Remote – Paid/FREE

[Control your TV with your smartphone]
Unified Remote
Unified Remote
Developer: Unified Intents
Price: Free

unified remote

Did you ever control your TV from your smartphone?

Do it. Its fun.

Digital Detox Challenge

[Unplug from the Digital World and learn to take care of your pet]

Digital Detox in innovating android apps

So cool to keep you away from your smartphone. Start challenging you for not using your smartphone for a specific time and see whether you win or not.

You can not unlock your smartphone however once locked for a time span. (money is the key)
Spend money and unlock it while on challenge if using the smartphone is necessary like oxygen.


  • Keeps you away from the digital world for a while to take the pleasure of nature
  • Make you to reattach with the real-life
  • Crazy real-life ideas to make your life interesting
  • Unplugs your smartphone from your hands


  • You have some emergency usage term between the detox challenge
  • You can't use the smartphone without paying some bucks if you've spend all the emergency usage
  • It may affect your business by not letting you pick urgent calls
  • This makes your life like you never had a smartphone. You may find financial or physical loss too.

I would also like to disclaim that any loss due to the usage of the application is not anyone’s liability. You have to use it on your own risk and that you can read when you start using the Digital Detox App.

PicsArt Photostudio

[The innovating and powerful picture editor]
Picsart AI Photo Editor
Picsart AI Photo Editor
Developer: PicsArt, Inc.
Price: Free


PicsArt photostudio is the compact yet powerful photo editor for your android baby. I used PicsArt as my first android photo editor app on a smartphone having 256 mb of RAM.

Not only photo editing and filters but also the collage maker and a number of tutorials is there to help you learn and make awesome pictures.

You might also interested in : Best Selfie Camera Apps 2016

I made shareable filtered photos for social media, whatsapp display and a photobook using PicsArt photo studio android app. It is one of the most popular and renowned photo editing android applications.


Stop reading and download some apps to innovating with the android apps.

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