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30+ Best Free VPNs ( Mobile + PC ) | Fast & Secure

30+ Best Free VPN Mobile + PC Fast & Secure

A virtual private network(VPN) connection has been among the recent trends around the technical generation. A VPN allows you to maintain your privacy over the internet surfing through loads of websites by encrypting your signal.

It has been popular among the people due to the restrictions imposed on the individuals by their government. There are major websites whose content is blocked by many nations but with some free VPNs, one can access all the restricted content as it manipulates your machine's IP address letting you stream from any other countries server.

A VPN cipher your uploads and downloads providing you the freedom from constant surveillance. A free VPN is the basic requirement if you use public Wi-fi constantly as using an open network increases your vulnerability. These public wi-fi signals are unencrypted and too easy to be hacked by any hacker. Thus using even a free VPN makes your browsing safe in these situations.

A VPN is a must service to avail to hide all your important data from being sacrificed. Even your Voice- over-IP is prone to be stolen if you aren't using a VPN. All video calling services like Skype, Lync, and everyone else have been reporting data theft.

Thus one should not sacrifice their security and should use a VPN service to add a layer of security. Moreover, a VPN provides you with safe browsing you can search without bothering about your search history being logged by someone. So today, we have come up with this list of the best free VPN for mobiles and PC

Is VPN safe to use?

Free public wi-fi can be a trap to cipher your personal information . Thus it is always advised not to use email services using a public network. While you are connected to a public network, malware from one device can enter into another device via a router.

Most free network service providers are into phishing scams taking you to all fake pages stealing your information. VPN services let you escape through all this hustle. It protects you by encrypting data making your all personal data hidden. Thus one should always subscribe to a VPN service. Thus we are providing you with a list of some best free VPNs to keep you safe

30+ Best Free VPNs for Mobiles & PC in 2024


Best VPN services Tunnerbear

This free VPN has been kept in the first position of the list of 30 best free VPNs because TunnelBear made protecting your identity easier. TunnelBear comes with a user-friendly interface for both desktop and mobile users.


TunnelBear takes less amount of information from the user hence increasing its privacy options. It also provides paid plans for the user rather than free VPN, a paid one gives you more access to different countries and increased the download limit. If u aren't concerned with more utilities then a free VPN would be sufficient.

TunnelBear has been used by many enterprises for protecting their identity and personal data. TunnelBear also works for all major platforms like Windows, Mac OS, android.


Windscribe VPN Fast & Secure

Windscribe has been the most favorite among the 30 best free VPNs by many tech geeks. In spite of being a new provider, it is a top-notch free VPN. Windscribe is regarded as a super-secure VPN with a generous data cap.

It provides more bandwidth than other free VPN providers. Windscribe is more secure as it doesn't store connection logs, IP stamps, or visited sites. All of your information is deleted as the session ends. A free VPN subscription to Windscribe can save you a lot of trouble. They let you browse unnoticed securing you from some potent attackers with the support of their servers across many countries.


NordVPN Pricing

This free VPN is compatible with all kinds of platforms like Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. We can secure many accounts with a single NordVPN account. NordVPN has a network of more than 5000 servers across 60 countries in the world. NordVPN has fast server speed and strong encryption with no-log policy.

Hence a good choice for streaming and browsing. NordVPN has the most advanced functionality with high privacy standards. It unblocks over 150 streaming services by bypassing Geo-restrictions. NordVPN automatically creates a VPN connection whenever a wi-fi network is joined keeping you secure.

Surfshark VPN 

Surfshark VPN Pricing & Features

Surfshark VPN is a relatively new free VPN service with least available ads. This VPN protects you from potent attackers eyeing on your private data. Surfshark VPN is considered as the best free VPN for the windows platform.

Hotspot Shield free VPN

Hotspot Shield VPN Pricing

An easy-to-use interface and security-focused encryption make it one of the most popular free VPN providers. Hotspot Shield free VPN provides you high level of encryption security with many location options.


This is another good free VPN option that provides you with speedy encryption. This free VPN focuses on constant speed connections. They are some potential  VPN providers worth a look on the performance front. As users claim their speed acceleration technologies worked sufficiently. They have many free servers with good bandwidth for free plan users.


ProtonVPN provides a VPN service with no imposed bandwidth restrictions. Thus you are allowed to use as much as data you want to use. If you upgrade to their paid subscription then you can get access to many locations which are restricted in a free VPN plan.

They also provide decent speedy connections to their paid users. The best part of this free VPN is there are almost no ads and privacy is highly focused. All over this unlimited data provider is worth checking out. free VPN service provider you with 2GB of data per month. further promises to keep no logs and store no data. So you can be tension free with third-party trades. They also provide you with better technical support. Thus providing you with many subtle options with fewer restrictions.


SurfEasy is a Canadian-based VPN provider that collaborated with opera as an integrated VPN. There are both free and paid subscriptions providing you access to many devices with more than 1000 servers across 25 countries. For opera users, there is no data limit. Thus, for occasional use, it can be the best free VPN.


A free VPN provider which secures your data keeping your identity secure on any device. They have a wide range of clients. PrivateTunnel has a simple interface for many different platforms. PrivateTunnel provides a comparatively good connection and can be tough at times. But for small works, it can be a good option to test.


This is another advanced free VPN option available in the market. Spotflux works on all devices. This free VPN secures your internet connection and maintains your privacy.

Spotflux reduces your data cost allowing you to browse the net safely with its authentic encryption and compression technology. Being a free VPN makes it a reliable choice as its performance standard is quite high even for public wi-fi and hotspots.


Psiphon is one of the 30 best free VPNs which lets you browse and stream beyond the restrictions of your government, organization, or any third party interrupting your internet connection. Psiphon allows you to access censored data in your country. Basically, this free VPN is a security tool that enumerates SSP, VPN, HTTP proxy technology for secure and unrestricted internet connection.


A free VPN that lets you access all the blocked content in your country and keeps you secure with its strong encryption techniques. Betternet empowers you to surf the net anonymously without leaving any of your data to the providers. Protecting you from malicious attacks. It supports all platforms like Firefox, chrome, iOS, Android, Windows.

CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost Free VPN is one of the most secured VPN services. CyberGhost VPN comes with an easy interface and unrestricted browsing. CyberGhost VPN offers you top-class security and anonymity without hesitating about your personal data. The VPN maintains a sufficient speed for the user. CyberGhost VPN supports all major platforms like Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, Android.


This free VPN is an extremely reliable free VPN service. FinchVPN is easy to use offering you numerous server locations in the world. The fast and secure VPN does not keep your personal data and does no logging. FinchVPN also provides solid encryption of your activities, sessions, and web connections. All major platforms are supported like Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android.


proXPN is a free VPN service provider that protects your identity providing you freedom. proXPN maintains your anonymity in the web world. proXPN secures you from eavesdropping hiding your locations protecting you from malicious attacks of the user. proXPN lets you see all censored content available on the web. proXPN supports both platforms like Windows and Mac OS.


ZenMate is a free VPN service that comes with strong encryption and protects your privacy on the web while browsing. ZenMate focuses on your security securing your data from being stolen from potent criminals on the net. One can be not traced by anyone and lets you explore any website from anywhere. ZenMate supports platforms like Firefox, chrome, opera, iOS, Android.


ZPN is another free VPN service that is trusted by many potential VPN users. It encrypts your connection for safer browsing. One can also rely on their privacy policy as many of their users do Bank transactions unhindered.

They claim to create no logs and act as a virtual firewall keeping you anonymous. You can use public wi-fi without the thought of being tracked by someone. ZPN works on windows, iOS, and Android platforms.


SecurityKiss has been a reliable free VPN service that is concerned with your privacy and keeps your identity unknown to all the websites. They let you access all restricted data by bypassing geo-restrictions and making your streaming experience more vibrant. They claim to provide high-speed connections by using their compression technology. SecurityKiss works on all major platforms like Windows, iOS, Linux, Android.

Hideman VPN

Hideman has been offering free VPN services they keep your data session safe by using their encryption methods. If you make moderate usage of the internet then this free VPN service is perfect providing you with server connection across 20 countries across the globe making it tougher for anyone to track. Hideman VPN supports platforms like Windows, Mac OS, Android.


ZenVPN is one of the 30 best free VPNs which has been offering its users a secure and anonymous connection. This free VPN service provider makes sure that your no data is logged keeping your privacy as a priority. Thus offering you a complete privacy solution without any traceable record. It is fast as well as affordable for paid subscriptions which you can try out to have some more unrestricted browsing.


GetPrivate provides you a free VPN connection maintaining your privacy with the help of their data encryption technology. GetPrivate provides you fast and secure connection with their servers located worldwide. They provide you unlimited bandwidth making you access to all the censored content.


Hola is another free VPN service that is basically a P2P VPN service. Basically, it is a community-powered service. Hola has a different process in which after data encryption traffic is routed to different nodes maintaining the anonymity of the user. Hola makes the streaming experience more powerful by letting you access even the rare torrent files.

Datho VPN

Data VPN secures your internet connection keeping you protected from malicious attacks and potent users. It uses different IPs to maintain your privacy and does not log any of your data. This VPN has more than 75 servers across 20 countries. It supports platforms like Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android.

VPN Defender

VPN Defender is a free VPN provider which makes secure connections and identities hidden from the web world. This service provider encrypts all your data providing a free and fast connection making you access all the restricted data. VPN Defender even secures you for browsing public Wi-fi.


A VPN service that provides you privacy and makes you anonymous on the connection for absolutely free. Surfshark VPN claims to keep no logged data thus making you untraceable on the web. Surfshark VPN lets you access all unrestricted content in your country providing a genuine streaming experience. It is available for all major platforms.


ZoogVPN is the fastest among the best free VPNs for desktops. This free VPN service has an easy interface with a no-logging policy. It makes your private data for safe browsing. ZoogVPN has secured VPN servers across many countries. Their customer assistance is also helpful.

Total VPN

A free VPN service provider that can be relied on for secure connections. It can connect you overall to 30 locations worldwide. They encrypt and compress your data for safe surfing. Total VPN is available for all platforms.


PureVPN is another among the best free VPN services one can go for. They provide their customers with high-grade encryption. They maintain your anonymity by hiding your IP with different other IPs. This is a complete package to browse the web without being noticed enjoying all the censored content.


PrivateTunnel comes with a trial version for a week limit where they let you access the web without any restrictions. PrivateTunnel is a worth VPN service that one can subscribe to as it has high privacy standards and is used by many business Enterprises. PrivateTunnel is available for all major platforms.

In this technology era more than we are accessible to the world, we are vulnerable to the world. So this was the list of the best free VPNs which will help you in browsing securely.

VPN service is a must to go for to protect your freedom and browse securely at all network connections. In the world of restrictions, a VPN allows you to browse unrestrictedly. Most people even prefer to make bank transactions using a VPN.

A free VPN service empowers you with extra security cover. They scramble your data when a signal is sent over a wi-fi network. Encryption of data makes it unreadable to be manipulated by any other user on the network. As there are many people with wrong intentions having a look at your internet activity.

If we conclude using a VPN service is a win situation as the use of a VPN service does not harm you or put you at any risk rather than saves you from any data theft or tracing search history. Hope you are benefited from the above information and remain covered.

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