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9+1 Finest Google Tricks 2022 to have fun Googling

Google is not just a churchyard of search results. It is the technology beast doing hundred of researches in the planet of innovation and technology. Some keywords, if searched, return a kind of response you never expected. These Google search tricks can astonish you and compel you to admire with nothing but WOW.

Once there was a time when people have to search the thing they want through books or through communication. Those days are gone and we are here when you just have to type the thing you want to know using the most preferable search engine ever, that is, google. Google have become the main source for every single person to use the internet. At present, when someone starts using internet, may it be through any icon, the first thing to be searched is “google”.

Google has become a teacher to the world as it is known to be best among search engine family but at the same time it is something to be used for fun as well. There are various tips and tricks in google which makes it more than mere a search engine. You can show off in front of your friends and cousins by showing them variety of “nail biting” tricks. They will consider you an expert and a magician but you know that these are mind games. So now we will be looking at some of these interesting tips and tricks.

The best funny Google tricks 2016 are here to give you a glimpse of the funniest side of Google. Furthermore, the fun comes out when you use these funny Google Tricks on your browser. let's start

Best of Funny Google Tricks 2016

1 – Do a barrel role

Go to google homepage, type “do a barrel roll” in the search bar and see the magic as well as the amusing expression on your face. When you press the “enter” key, the screen will rotate in a clockwise direction. This trick is so funny and exciting that it will force you to do it again and again. So, try this trick once.


This search term trick reminds me of the barrel role ramp in Asphalt Airborne 8. It is simply a 360 degree spin with search results on your screen. It seems like your browser screen just have a 360 degree spin and is back in the original form now.

Search term : “do a barrel roll”


2 – Google Gravity

How Google would look if there is gravity in your browser window? Or how gravity could scatter Google on the ground? just hit google with Google Gravity keyword and click the first result.

Want to have more fun with google? Then here is another shocking trick for you. Search for” google gravity”, click on the link below and you will see that everything will fall as if there is gravity in your webpage. You will be so amused and shocked when you go for such tricks. Do it once and see the magic.

I bet my boots that you will say, “Wow”.

Search term : “google gravity”

3 – Zerg Invasion

This trick purely is a utilization of your FREE time with fun and gaming. The “0” from Google's image will scatter and multiply in a blink of eye. And those “o” will be attacking the search results in your laptop screen.

Nintendo's star fox game also has the same concept and is very popular among people. This funny google trick reminds me of the game. these zergs will destroy the whole search results in a few minutes and go back to their position after the demolition process. Its a pretty tough game if your hands are tight on the laptop's touchpad. But if you are using a mouse and you're a gaming geek, you gonna score good points.

Here is another exciting google game you can spend time with. Search for “zerg rush in the google search bar and you will see few “0s” falling. They will eat the result links one by one. To prevent your links you just have to click on the 0s to kill them. Have a fun time playing this game to pass your time.

Search term : “zerg rush”

4 – Epic Google

Let's enlarge the Google's homepage that you open everytime you've to search something on internet. The search keyword placeholder and the button beside it. The size of these properties will keep increasing till infinity and will break your browser's window.

This is one of the funniest websites which is known as and also. All you need is to hit the search box with “Google Epic” and press enter. Click the first result and see the window zooming in.

Search Term : “Google Epic”

5 – Google Rainbow


How a rainbow can decorate the colorful logo of the beast, Google? Just imagine the sunny weather and the shine of the rainbow and its colors while the Google's logo is already colorful.

This funny google trick will bring those imagination to the reality. Just lift your hands up and type “Google Rainbow” in the search box and hit search. The best of this trick is that, you will see the brighter doodle of Google.

Search Term : “google rainbow”

6 – Askew

Google askew skew tilt

Everything skews when you tilt your head and see the world from your eyes. How about tilting the Google's homepage and looking it that way.

Askew is the most interesting and wonderful google trick to have fun with. When you type “askew” in google search bar and click on the link, you will come across a titled page which is so cool. Everything you search in google askew search bar results are shown in a tilt form. This feature is available on ios as well as on smartphones.

Search Term : “askew” “tilt”

7 – Google Space

There is vacuum in the space and Google's logo, search box and all the elements are floating here and there. First imagine it and next search “google space” on Google and see what happens next.

Space is something with no gravity and air. Google space is similar to what actually happen in space. Search for “google space” and click on the link and you will see everything floating the way everything float in the space. This trick is so popular among google users. Go for it once and see yourself why it is so popular and loved by people.

Search Term : “google space”

8 – Google Guitar


The strings of this Guitar will vibrate on mouse hover as well while you can't play a song using your mouse. Maybe it is tough with mouse and cursor. But the awesome melodies can be produced using the keyboard hacks for google guitars.

I played the Happy Birthday, Harry Potter, Star wars and Game of thrones song on Google Guitar using the keyboard. All you need is to click the first search result that appears on your serp after searching “Google Guitar”.

Now click the search box and press any key on your keyboard. it will produce a sound. Produce awesome songs with it and have fun. Even weird music at random keys can bring some fun out of Google.

9 – Enter the Binary world

I wonder how Google's guys got this crazy idea for this best funny Google trick 2016 and produced this.

It takes you into the past from where all the computing things took birth. Once you type “binary” in the search box and hit enter, everything goes weird inside your browser.

Try it. Hold on! It is not a hacker's attack. All the search results are showing in numbers consists of 0 and 1 only.

10 – Atari Breakout

If you want to turn the time searching on Google into fun then search “Atari breakout” on Google and navigate to the images tab. Google's image search result page will turn out to be a game and you'll love playing the same.

Getting bore while surfing? Doing some work which is loading process? Here is a tip to utilise your time with another exciting google trick. Search for “atari breakout” and click on the image button. You will come across a real breakout game to spend time with it. If you keep on playing the game it gets harder.

Search Term : “Atari breakout”

11. Google sphere

When you search for “google sphere” and select a the link, you will see that everything and every word is rotating in such a great speed that it will blow your mind. Everything on the page will rotate around “google” and the search bar as it becomes the center of the sphere. You will be amazed when you go for such a wonderful thing on internet.

12. Recursion

This is something which will make you go crazy. When you search for the word “recursion”, google will again ask you “do you mean by ‘recursion'” where “do you mean” is just for no use. It is different from what we usually experience. When we type any misspelled word, then google will suggest you the correct word. But this is something little annoying.

13. Google heart

The google calculator can be used by simply typing any numerous question. It is not only for simple calculation but also for the complex mathematical equation as well. Similarly, there is an equation that represent the shape of heart in a bar graph. The equation is “[(sqrt(cos(x))*cos(400*x)+sqrt (abs(x))-0.4)*(4-x*x)^0.1]” which will give you the google heart. So impress someone you love through such unique technique.

14. Solitaire

I know that this is available in your system as well but this thing is something different. After it is google game which could also be used when you have deleted your system's game by fault. Google for “solitaire” and you will come across a solitaire game similar to that of your PC. Spend your boring time with such an amazing gift of google to you.

I hope you enjoyed these google tricks 2016 listed above. Do share this article with your friends also to wow them and share the fun.

With the discussion of such wonderful, shocking and amazing tips and trick, here we are left with more knowledge about a website which we use to consider mere a search engine. It is more then that also. I myself was shocked to see these tricks while writing the article. You should at least one do these tricks to have that experience too. Go for these tips and tricks and as i say, see the magic.

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