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Top 5 Android Games for Kids (2021) Latest

Do you think your kid gets bored often? Then, you have just landed on the right spot as I am going to share top five Android games for Kids. But when you hand over a gadget to your child for the gameplay, you should set a time limit not to make him addicted.

I have picked five simple yet boredom-busting Android games for kids. Are you ready to explore? Here you go!

Top 5 Android Games for Kids

So the following are the best games for Kids on Android.

#1. Angry Birds

Android Arcade Games

Yeah, it is interesting for the adults also. But I have seen many kids playing this game and laughing a lot of times simultaneously.

You will be provided with a set of birds with special skills to destroy some animals (in the first version, it was pigs). In the Rio version, you need to hunt treasures as well.

On Play Store, you can see multiple versions of Angry Birds including the popular Rio version. Just install one of them and show your kid first, how it is played. Then, watch him/ her taking charge and being happy.

#2. Zonkey Escape

zonkey escape

Zonkey Escape
Zonkey Escape
Price: Free+

If you ever imagined how it would look if you mix the characteristics of a Zebra and a Donkey? It would be a Zonkey who can kick from hind legs and eats green grass like a Zebra.

The game Zonkey Escape flames your interest towards the ultimate run from Mr Carl who is greedy and want to catch the zonkey. Now you start your journey to get your zonkey escaped from Mr Carl and collect coins.

#3. Cut the Rope

cut the rope full free

Cut the Rope
Cut the Rope
Developer: ZeptoLab
Price: Free

Next up in our list of best Android games for kids is Cut the Rope. Just like Angry Birds, you can see different versions of Cut the Rope on Play Store.

Your function is to feed a monster candy by cutting the ropes at the right time. If you don’t cut the rope on time, you may be out of the game soon.

As each level is harder than the previous one, your kid may get bored with time.

#4. Fun Kid Racing

fun kid racing

Not all the racing games are suitable for kids. The complexity in controls and the expertise needed in finishing the levels will not excite them.

That’s why I have come up with a racing Android game for kids. The game is intended for children with 2- 10 years age. They can choose any vehicle ranging from motorbike to monster cars.

The vehicles can be controlled with one hand and during the gameplay, it will flip and do tricks on its own to make your little kid laugh.

#5. Kids Painting Lite

kids painting lite

Children love creating something on their own and saving it. That’s why this app got a place in our list of best Android games for kids.

In this app, one can do three things; freehand drawing, colouring and training the memory. The first one lets you draw anything and the second one gives you a picture to give colours whereas the third one shows several colours after that, you need to recollect what you saw.

The free version contains the least number of pictures to colour and memorise. And, the paid version includes up to 40 in each category.

Wrapping Up

So, you have got five games for kids. You can download each of them and give it your kids to play. Make sure that he/ she never gets addicted to the game.

Play Safe and make sure that your kid is not getting too much addicted for the Game. Read about Video Games Addiction here.

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