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DesignCap Review: Online Graphic Design Software Pros & Cons

DesignCap Review and Features 2020

DesignCap is an online graphic designing software that offers great customization options and features to the users who want to create graphics in less time with efficiency.


The online design software is very easy to use and comes in handy when you don’t want to create advanced level of graphics. However, there are so many tools and customization option available that if you are a good designer or you have good eye to see how the design should be then Designcap is no less than any graphic design software.

The best thing about the online graphics designer, you will agree, is that you don’t have to worry about storing the templates or project files. The cloud based online software help you focusing on the design by minimizing the efforts to preserve the projects.

You can start creating your graphics with DesignCap in less than 5 seconds. Just head over to their official website and sign up either via social media or with email and create your graphics for free.

DesignCap Signup

What you can create with DesignCap within matter of seconds:

DesignCap Graphics Templates
Thousands of easy to navigate graphic templates
  • Poster
  • Infographics
  • Poster
  • Flyer
  • Logo
  • Business Card
  • Brochure
  • Facebook Ad
  • Leaderboards
  • Menu
  • Report
  • Resume
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Chart
  • Presentation
  • Invitation
  • Card
  • YouTube Channel Art
  • YouTube Thumbnail
  • Instagram Post
  • Facebook Cover

There are many templates regarding the above these or you can also choose to create one from the scratch with custom size and make by your own using the elements that they offer. You can also search the template to avoid the effort to find the one you are looking for.

DesignCap Honest Review
Custom Graphic Design

When you choose to create a graphic, you are redirected to the editing interface where you get the nice editing option on the left hand side as shown below.

DesignCap Online Graphic Design
DesignCap Editing Interface

If you have used online graphics editor before such as canva then editing on Designcap is way too easy. There are many elements in the library such as lines, shapes, arrows, badges, speech bubbles, modern decoration, vintage decoration, abstract shapes and much more. You can customize the elements according to your design.

You can also find any icon you want using the search.

DesignCap Icons library

As such, you can find and use icons for your logo or for any other design modules. If you don’t find an icon just search it from any other website and you can upload that and use.

Below you can notice that I created the above graphic with DesignCap by uploading the different screenshots.

DesignCap Uploads

DesignCap Review – Features I loved

Easy To Use

DesignCap is a minimal and very ease to use online graphic designing software. Even if are a beginner you can end up creating the graphics that will compel you to tap your own shoulders. You don’t need any kind of guide to start with this. Thousands of premade templates, icons library, photos library, background options make you designing work very smooth, fast and focused.

Huge Library

There are millions of photos that you can use inside of your editing interface. You don’t have to worry about downloading the photos from elsewhere. As such you end us creating your graphics without leaving the software window.

DesignCap Photos Library

Photos mean Photos

DesignCap, unlike canva has not added animation functionalities or video creating options in their software. As such it does not confuse you and you get a clean and focused editing environment for the graphics. It also makes the software capable of being used by beginners with ease.

However, the presentations have the option of transitions but that does not count for what we are referring to for the graphics.


Advanced Charts

With DesignCap advanced chart insert option, you can add your visual data easily either by putting the values or importing the XLS or CSV file. You can also do some tweaks in the settings and design to make it look how you want it to be.

DesignCap Chart Graphics Online

Quick Text Formats

In DesignCap, There are text formats in the text pane on the left hand side. These text formats make your task easier whether you create a Facebook post, YouTube video thumbnail or a blog post. As such, you can create a graphic within matter of seconds or minutes depending on the perfectness you require.

Design Cap Text


DesignCap offers you with quick to use modules such as steps, timelines, options and much more. These modules are time savers for many who want to use a process graphic or may be a pricing graphic with multiple options.

DesignCap Review and Ratings - Modules


You can use a solid color or gradient in the background or you can choose any pattern or background image for the purpose. Gradient colors can be custom and it be radial or linear where the angle of linear can be customized and colors can easily swapped.

DesignCap Review - Background and Patterns

Things I am hoping to get improved –

  • One can not change the text color based on selection.
  • Similarily, the text style (bold, italic) can’t be done based on selection
  • There are comparatively less templates available though they are very good and impressive

Over To You

DesignCap is wonderful designing software if you are looking to create graphics online. I am personally well acquainted with many mainstream designing software but I always prefer the minimal online software for my social media and blog graphics just because they are fast and I only have to add an another tab 😎 and put in just few minutes and graphic is ready 😋

So, If you are like me who want quick results and good graphic quality then I would recommend you to go with DesignCap.

Even its pricing is very lucrative.

DesignCap Review and Pricing

Though, you can start with FREE plan which offers you limited templates and library but it is never a bad deal to opt for either basic or plus option which unlocks lot more potential for you. The basic plan is as low as $4.99 per month where you invest approx $60 for a year and the plus plan costs you $5.99 a month or around $72 annually.

I know there many other designing tools in the market but if you need to buy orange then why to invest in apples. So, if your need is limited to graphics, then DesignCap can be the best choice for you. 


Let me know in comments which software you currently use for graphics and what you think about DesignCap.


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