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Top 5 Android Messenger Applications

The biggest advantage of Android is the number of choices it offers. Unlike any other mobile platform, Android has a number of apps in Play Store, which in term help us to have the options.

Today, I thought of giving you top 5 messenger apps for Android. If you are tired of anything, you can move on to the next to kick out the boredom with a whole new experience.

Top 5 Android Messenger Applications

I am sharing five top messenger apps for Android only. You can stay tuned for the future updates to find out new messengers in the market.

#1. WhatsApp

Android Messenger Applications whatsapp

If you take standalone Android messenger applications, any app can beat WhatsApp regarding popularity. Facebook bought this app with a billion download a few years ago.

Recently, they have migrated to materialistic design. With WhatsApp, you can chat with anyone who has a phone. And, you can make a group for collaborative communication as well. You can even have voice calling.

WhatsApp supported pictures and videos only lately. But you can now send documents as well. It is one of the few Android apps with more than a billion downloads.



#2. Facebook Messenger

Android Messenger Applications facebook messenger

Facebook Messenger is a subsidiary app of Facebook. Once you download this Android messenger application, you will see messages people send to you on Facebook. As it doesn’t want you to open the web version, convenience is the biggest benefit.

It allows you to voice call, send stickers, emojis, etc. Before a month, Messenger introduced a special type of code (like QR Code) which aids us to find a particular person on scanning.

Facebook developers are relentlessly working on it to bring in innovative settings. Let’s wait for more features.


#3. Blackberry Messenger

Android Messenger Applications

If you are looking for solid Android messenger applications, Blackberry has something to entice you up. The app was first introduced in Blackberry phones. But the sudden popularity of Android caused a not-so-gradual death of Research In Motion’s once-popular phone.

Then, the company went on with the flow that they launched Blackberry Messenger for Android. You can find most of the features as in any other messenger. I admit that this one is not as popular as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. But it has got a loyal fan following despite the phone manufacturer label of the company at stake.


#4. Google Hangouts

Android Messenger Applications

I know you are aware of the chatting facility on Gmail. The dedicated version of chatting on Gmail is Google Hangouts. It had the name GTalk lately.

Video chatting is one of the added benefits of Google Hangouts. And, you can send voice, text and multimedia messages without any constraint. Those who use Google+ and Gmail are already the users of Google Hangouts. The web marketers choose this app for webinars for the seamless performance.


#5. Telegram

Android Messenger Applications

Telegram is one of the popular Android messenger apps with a lot of features. It has got about half a billion users within a short span of time.

Unlike other apps, you get the draft and internal video player with Telegram. The former lets you save unsent messages whereas the latter allows you not to leave the app for playing videos.

Cloud storage facility flawlessly syncs all your devices to make the data available on everything.


Wrapping Up

I hope you have found my top 5 Android messenger applications article useful. These are not the only popular items in its class. I will reach out to you with the rest in another article.

If you have any queries, you can use the comment section down below. And, don’t forget to hit that share button to help us spread the words.

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