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Learndash Review: Features, Pros & Cons

Learndash Review, Features, Pros & Cons

We all know that students love to learn from videos as of today. ? YouTube is doubtless an excellent source for learning anything you may want. From cooking videos, online development videos, and language learning videos to UPSC material, everything is available in abundance on YouTube. However, most of the content is not well categorized. Some creators have made playlists, while some have not.

As a creator ?, you know that making a course and publishing it on YouTube, where there is already huge competition and fewer chances of visibility, will waste your efforts.

You can monetize your content on YouTube and become famous as a creator via your valuable videos. However, when it comes to launching your course for a targeted and dedicated audience, you will need to opt for something special where you can track the progress of your learners, you can send notifications, and emails to your students, send them reminders, update your content and give your students a learning environment. ??‍♂️

As such, many teachers opt for Udemy, Skillshare, or Online tools such as Teachable, Learndash, Kajabi, or Podia. Definitely, all of these are very fancy and full of functionalities. Learndash is an LMS plugin for WordPress that saves your cost in Website management, emails, design customizations, and various integrations.

Learndash offers you what you actually need, a learning management system right on your WordPress website. WordPress is a popular CMS where you can find many functionalities you can add anytime as you grow, such as an affiliate system for your online learning platform. ??

Learndash Website Overview

Learndash Overview

Coming from a very trusted brand StellarWP, LearnDash is a WordPress plugin that allows anyone to create an online paid learning platform where you can charge your students to enroll for the courses you offer. With Learndash, it is straightforward to build courses, lessons, topics, and assignments. It has various features such as quiz creation, courses, certificate creation, coupons, student payment, reporting, user registration, and more.

Learndash was founded in 2014 by two entrepreneurs who recognized the growing need for easier ways to learn new things. Today, Learndash has over 2 million students enrolled in its courses, which cover a wide range of topics, including business management, coding languages, design principles, finance theory, and more.

Learndash Key Features
  • Learndash is designed to help you quickly manage your courses and their content.
  • As a course creator, you can monetize your knowledge and passion.
  • Learndash supports Razorpay, Paypal, and Stripe as payment methods.
  • It also has WooCommerce integration.
  • It supports all the major page builders, including Elementor, Divi, & Beaver Builder.
  • Setting up a website with Learndash with your favorite builder takes significantly less time.
  • You can use the Gutenberg editor to create the content of your lessons.
  • It also gives you detailed reports that can be exported or viewed using its appealing and filterable ProPanel.
  • Learndash is very well documented.
  • It has a very straightforward pricing model.
  • Introduced in Learndash 3.0, the focus mode gives a great learning experience to your users.
  • With Learndash, you can create a scalable online learning platform.
  • It has a Facebook Community where you can post or find helpful videos and posts related to Learndash.
How to Install & Activate Learndash
Let's first install the Learndash plugin on our new WordPress website.
Download the Plugin from Learndash Account
First, buy the plugin and login to your Learndash account. Here you can Download the Learndash LMS latest plugin under the Downloads tab.
Download Learndash Plugin
Upload, Install & Activate the plugin on your Website
Now head over to the Plugins > Add New and upload the Learndash plugin .zip file.
Upload and Install WordPress Plugin
Copy the License key of the Plugin
Navigate to your learndash account and copy license key of the plugin.
Learndash License Key
Activate Plugin using the License
Now navigate to Learndash LMS > Settings > LMS License, and input your email with license code to save the license.
Activate Learndash License
Install and Activate Add-ons
Now navigate to Learndash LMS > Add-ons, to install and activate the required add-ons for your workflow.
Activate Add-ons in Learndash

The Hierarchy in Learndash

In order to use Learndash without confusion, it is essential to understand some basics of this plugin.

The course is at the highest level. Lessons are included below that. Courses are given lessons. Sections are an alternative way to organize lessons.
You will find Topics underneath Lessons. Similar to how lessons are assigned to courses, topics are set to lessons.

The last category is Quizzes. A course, lesson, or topic may be given a quiz. You can also change this terminology while the structure remains the same.

Understanding Learndash Basics

How to Create a Course with Learndash in 2024

Using Learndash on your WordPress site is not a hard nut to crack. However, we shall go through all the steps that are required to set up a fully functional course website using Learndash.

Prerequisites for this tutorial:
  • A WordPress Website – I am using InstaWP
  • Learndash Plugin – you can download it from here

First, Navigate to Learndash LMS > Courses

Learndash LMS Courses

Here you can find and manage all your courses. Simply click on the “Add New” button to create a new course.

Manage Learndash Courses

Let's give our course a Name or Title. I give it “Learn HTML (Starter to Advanced).” In place of a description, you can write the information which is visible to the users who are looking to enroll for the course and want more information. For now, I am using a dummy description.

Learndash Course Name

Now navigate to the course Builder tab in order to Edit your Course.

You can manage your course lessons under sections. So, let's add a new section.

Course Sections in Learndash

I name it “Part 1” and Click on the “Add Section Heading.”

Learndash Course Section Name

Now I can add lessons.

Let's give our lesson a name and click on the “Add Lesson” button. I name it “What is HTML?”

Create a Lesson Name in Learndash

In the same way, I can add as many lessons as I want. When I create lessons in the course builder, a new lesson gets added to the Learndash LMS > Lessons.

Lessons in Learndash Course

You can also drag and drop the course content from the sidebar including Lessons, Topics, and Quizzes.

Drag and Drop Course Content

Go to the settings tab, where you can choose the Course Access mode. You have a few options for course access.

  • Open: Any user can access
  • Free: Logged-in users can access
  • Buy Now: Users need to purchase it via LearnDash built-in PayPal and/or Stripe (0ne time)
  • Recurring: Users need to purchase it via LearnDash built-in PayPal and/or Stripe (Recurring Basis)
  • Closed: The course can only be accessed through admin enrollment (manual), group enrollment, or integration (shopping cart or membership) enrollment. No enrollment button will be displayed unless a URL is set (optional).
Learndash Course Access Mode

You can now set the Course Prerequisites, Course Points, and Course Access Expiration time.

  • Course Prerequisites: Whether the user is required to complete any or all the selected courses to access the pertinent course.
  • Course Points: Set course points required and awarded for access and completion respectively.
  • Course Access Expiration: Set the number of days users will have access to the course from the enrollment date.
Learndash Course Prerequisites, Points & Expiration Time

Display and Content Options

  • Course Materials: To display support materials for the course
  • Course Certificate: Set a course certificate.
  • Challenge Exam Show: Set challenge exams for the course.
  • Course Content: Set whether to display the Course content table to ALL users or only enrollees
  • Custom Pagination: Set custom pagination for lessons and topics.
Learndash Course Display & Content Options

Course Progression

  • Linear: To progress through the course in the designated step sequence
  • Free Form: Allow users to move freely through the course without following the sequence
Learndash Course Progression

The course Users option allows you to transfer course access to the site users.

Course Grid Settings

Set the custom description, duration, and button text information to be displayed on the Course Grid.

Learndash Course Grid Settings

When you are done with all the course settings, you can Click on ← Back to Courses and navigate to Learndash LMS > Lessons for building content inside the lessons.

Learndash Lessons Menu

Now Click on “Edit” to edit the Lesson like any post.

Edit the Lesson in Learndash

Now you can utilize the full capability of Gutenberg Editor to insert the lesson content.

You can use Text, Images, Videos, Audio, and whatnot to create the lesson content. I have inserted/embedded a video. When done we can click update.

Learndash Lesson Builder

Now navigate to Lesson settings

Here on the lesson settings, you can set Lesson material, video progression, assignment uploads, lesson timer, release schedule, and whatnot. When done, update the lesson.

Learndash Lesson Settings

Like Lessons, you can also create Topics inside them. Now let's create Quizzes, which are a little exciting. First, Click on the Quizzes menu and add a new quiz.

Learndash Quizzes

Now give your quiz a name and go to the builder tab.

Here you can add new questions.

Adding Questions to Quiz in Learndash

Click on Add Question

You can input the questions and answers for the quiz. You can also manage all the questions on your quiz inside the Learndash LMS > Questions menu.

Building Quiz in Learndash

Now, you can associate the quiz with the course lesson. Like Lessons, you also have various settings for the Quiz like

  • Quiz Access Settings
  • Progression and Restriction Settings
  • Display and Content Options
  • Result Page Display Settings
  • Administrative & Data Handling Settings
  • and Grid Settings
Learndash Quiz Settings

Quiz Page

Preview Quiz in Learndash

In addition, you can also create topics, certificates, challenge exams, assignments, and user groups.

For now our basic course is ready!

Learndash Course Page

You can click on its content to see how it will look to the leaners.

How to Create a Course in Learndash

Isn't exciting?

Learndash Features 2024

LearnDash Focus Mode

LearnDash Focus Mode

With LearnDash Focus Mode, you can enable the course navigation in the toggleable sidebar, removing any other sidebar already present. This model is applied to all screen sizes, whether mobile, desktop, or tablet. This mode can allow you to focus without worrying about anything coming up to distract them from the task at hand.

Focus mode is unavailable in the legacy template but in the Learndash 3.0 template. You can enable this mode by navigating to Learndash LMS > Settings > General> Focus Mode.

Drag & Drop Course Builder

Learndash offers you drag-and-drop functionality and a smooth experience in building your course. With this, you can easily create quizzes, assignments, and challenges. It gives you Gutenberg blocks and widgets for your favorite page builders to create pages using your desired page builder.

Course Points

Course Points

Learners can earn points as they complete lessons and unlock more content with LearnDash Course Points. Learners can accumulate these points by completing specific tasks, such as completing assignments, or performing certain activities in the course, such as taking a quiz or answering questions in discussion forums. Once learners accumulate enough points, they can redeem them for items such as premium content that is not otherwise accessible through the course.

Points are awarded to learners as they complete lessons and allow learners to unlock new content. The system allows course administrators to award points to their learners to motivate them and incentivize them to continue through the course content and earn their completion certificate.

Badges & Certificates

Badges & Certificates

With the certificates feature, the instructors can reward students with official certificates for completing quizzes or courses. If an instructor wants to give their student a certificate for completing a course, they would need to finish all of the coursework and complete the final exam.

Receiving Payments

You can easily connect Learndash with various payment options to receive course prices from the students, such as Razorpay, Paypal, and Stripe.

You can also extend the payment options by integrating WooCommerce products with your Learndash courses.

Learndash Payments

LearnDash ProPanel

ProPanel reporting dashboard

With one exception the ProPanel reporting dashboard—those costs apply to nearly every function. ProPanel is basically only required for rigorous academic courses when it's necessary to have real-time access to student behavior. Academic institutions utilize LearnDash to conduct online courses. ProPanel interface lets you track student behavior in real time. You might wish to buy ProPanel if you provide certification programs with a business focus.


LearnDash offers a variety of integrations to help your website work seamlessly with Learndash's e-learning platform. Our team can build these integrations to suit your specific needs and requirements. With our vast range of e-learning integrations, you'll be able to communicate with learners easily and use the content as efficiently as possible. Contact us today to learn more!

They have integrations with popular eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce and Shopify to make it easier for your customers to buy from your store in just a few clicks. Our checkout solution is designed to be as easy and streamlined as possible so that even the least tech-savvy customer can purchase from your online store with a single click of a button.

Help & Support

Learndash offers you awesome support and great documentation. You can access the documentation right within your WordPress Dashboard. Simply navigate to Learndash LMS > Help to find the solution to your various questions and queries. If you don't find the solution to your queries in the documentation, you can create a support ticket right from this dashboard as well.

Learndash Documentation

LearnDash Pricing

LearnDash only has a premium edition, unlike some other LMS plugins, which is significantly more expensive than the typical LMS plugin. It's one of the most cost-effective options for starting online courses, given its features. That depends on whether you buy the LearnDash Cloud service as a whole or simply the plugin.

LearnDash Plugin Pricing

The plugin may be purchased and installed on your own WordPress site for three different prices. The only variation between the three options is the number of sites on which you may use the plugin. All three offer the same capabilities.

  • 1 site – $199
  • 10 sites – $399
  • Unlimited sites – $799
LearnDash Plugin Pricing

With a 15-day money-back guarantee included with each plan, buying one carries no risk. After the first year, you'll need to renew your license if you want to keep getting support and updates.

LearnDash Cloud Pricing

The monthly fee for the all-inclusive LearnDash Cloud service is $24 for everything.

This monthly cost of $24 includes:

  • Integrated hosting
  • over 15 built-in templates
  • ProPanel and all other LearnDash capabilities, as well as other beneficial tools like Kadence Blocks
Learndash Cloud Pricing Plan

This would equal $299 annually, making the cost of hosting an additional $149 beyond simply the plugin. Alternatively, ProPanel costs just $99 more for a year of hosting if you decide to utilize it. Given that most high-quality WordPress hosting charges more than $8 to $12 a month, it is a pretty excellent deal.

LearnDash Plugin vs. LearnDash Cloud

Bottom Line
LearnDash Plugin
Bottom Line
It is essentially the Learndash plugin that you can install on your WordPress website. To create a site with the learndash plugin from scratch, you will need first to buy a domain and hosting, & set up all the settings.
Affordable Option
Best for those who already have to host
Essential Plugin which you get in the cloud as well.
All add-ons except Pro Panel
Allows creating courses in a matter of minutes.
Requires a WordPress site to start with.
Doesn't include the pro panel add-on.
Learndash Cloud
Bottom Line
It is a complete environment that is perfect to start with. It includes hosting, maintenance, a Learndash plugin, and an entire ecosystem.
Instantly sets up a perfect environment.
Fewer errors and conflicts.
The cloud website can be easily migrated to a custom domain.
The cloud service is constantly updated and improved to make sure it meets your needs.
Hands off the maintenance
It includes the Pro panel value of $49 per year.
Expensive option
Better when you create the site for clients.

LearnDash FAQs

Can Other Plugins Be Installed on LearnDash Cloud?

Yes, you may still add other plugins as needed, even if you build your site using LearnDash Cloud. It is a quick and reliable option to start creating an LMS site on WordPress.

Is it free to use Learndash?

LearnDash is not free to use. It is a paid plugin. Although there is a 15-day money-back guarantee, only a premium version is available. As such, there is no free plan. You can, however, take a demo from their official website, which involves no fees.

Is LearnDash Usable without a License?

Yes, even if your license expires, you can still use the LearnDash plugin. However, you must have a valid license to continue getting support and regular updates.

Is Learning LearnDash Difficult?

LearnDash does presume some familiarity with managing WordPress sites because it is a WordPress-based application. Although there will be a learning curve if you've never used WordPress before, non-technical individuals may still use it. Its well-explained documentation and online tutorials can definitely help you.

Can LearnDash be used without WordPress?

Since LearnDash is a WordPress plugin, your site must be running WordPress for it to function. Even if you utilize LearnDash Cloud, WordPress is still the platform for your website.

Is LearnDash compatible with

As long as you pay for the Business plan, which enables you to install your own plugins, you may utilize the LearnDash plugin on that platform.

What is Course Progression in Learndash?

Learndash allows you to use a Linear or Free Form course progression. In the linear progression, the learner can complete the lessons step by step and can't jump between the lessons or course material. However, the free-form course progression in Learndash allows the learners to skip the lessons and complete them as they want.

How to Hide Video Player Controls in Lesson embedded video?

In the Lesson's display and content options, you can opt to enable video progression and set Autostart enabled. This will hide the controller, however, the users can move forward or backward using the keyboard.

Alternatives to LearnDash

There are several different learning platforms available on the internet, and it can be tough to decide which one is right for you. So, what are some of the best alternatives to LearnDash?


Teachable is a company that provides online courses and e-learning content for businesses. They offer a range of courses on topics such as marketing, sales, web development, business strategy, and more. Teachable offers an easy way for companies to get started with online learning – you don't have to be a professional teacher or trainer to start using their services. Their simple platform makes it easy for anyone (including busy executives) to create engaging course materials quickly and easily. Plus, their team of experts provides support whenever you need it – 24/7/365!

Teachable makes it easy to transform boring lectures into exciting online courses that are well-organized and interactive. You can also add multimedia content (photos, videos), quiz questions, discussion boards, and more to make your courses truly captivating for students.


Podia is a great option if you are looking to create a learning environment. Its pay-as-you-go strategy gives new instructors to use the service and monetize their skills. It has a website builder, email marketing, and affiliate marketing platform in-built. It is a better option if you are only focused on the learning portal. Teachable and Podia both are not WordPress plugins.


AccessAlly is a WordPress LMS membership plug-in that allows businesses to manage their memberships and subscriptions through their WordPress site. This makes it easy for businesses to track who has been signed up when they were last activated, and how much data they have access to. Plus, AccessAlly can be used to send out automated messages or emails regarding member status or preferences.

If you're looking for an easy way to access and manage your WordPress site's membership content, then you should download AccessAlly. This powerful membership management plug-in allows you to easily create, edit, and delete member profiles from your WordPress site. Plus, it provides many other features that will help you run your website more efficiently.

Over to You

If you're looking for a comprehensive learning platform that provides flexibility and convenience, then LearnDash is an excellent option to consider.

It is very reliable and creating courses using Learndash is piece of cake if you have even a little experience with WordPress. It makes learning fun and allows you to monetize your skills.


So, if you were planning to create a YouTube course, then think again because with Learndash you can definitely encash a bigger picture. You can sell your courses for a better price using Learndash and have a better monetization strategy.

It offers a better learning environment to your learners where they can enroll for the courses, resume where they leave, get regular notifications, and whatnot. It gives you more control and a powerful weapon to monetize your passion.

However, coming to the basics, it is best only if you are a popular teacher or you have a better advertisement strategy to market your course content to new students.

Finally, if you are someone looking to integrate a learning platform using WordPress, then you can definitely trust Learndash with your eyes closed!

The Review


98% Score

Learndash is a powerful WordPress LMS plugin that can help you to create online courses that can generate revenue. It is easy to use and a scalable LMS solution. With some great reviews by users, LearnDash has proved to be the best Learning Management system. It allows you to create Quizzes, Completion Certificates, Online Challenges, Topics, Assignments, and whatnot. With many add-ons and integrations, you can extend the functionality of your site and enhance the experience.


  • Easy to Create, Manage and Sell Courses Online
  • One can monetize the knowledge, skills and passion
  • It supports Razorpay, Paypal, and Stripe to receive payments
  • WooCommerce integration to extend the selling functions
  • Supports all the major page builders
  • Takes significantly less time to build a new Website
  • Allows the use of Gutenberg editor to create the content of your lessons
  • Detailed Reports with Pro Panel
  • Well Documented
  • straightforward Pricing model
  • Facebook Community to connect with fellow Learndash users.


  • Little expensive for the starters
  • Requires knowledge of WordPress to start with

Review Breakdown

  • Easy to Use 0%
  • Features 0%
  • Support 0%
  • Value for Money 0%
  • Documentation 0%
  • Integrations 0%
  • Compatibility 0%
  • Updates 0%
  • Interface 0%

Learndash DEALS

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Best Price


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