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Billforward Review: Features, Pricing, Alternatives, Pros & Cons

Billforward Review Features, Pricing, Alternatives, Pros & Cons

Billforward is a recurring revenue billing and Y-Combinator subscription billing program that helps receive recurring fees, businesses sign up buyers, and also helps in managing their subscriptions. Billforward favors an array of billing use-cases – from the simplest to the most complicated ones. It believes that consumers' business models shouldn't have to adjust to adapt the billing platform, in fact, the billing platform's job is to adapt the customer's business model.

Features of Billforward

  • -It is known for turning its one-off sales into a recurring revenue flow.
  • -It adds the recurring subscription sales of the customer into their business model to improve their bottom line.
  • -It has the facility to automate the incoming fees.
  • -One can roll all their services into an easy monthly invoice so their customers can always pay the right amount at the right time.
  • -It saves time and also gets started very easily.
  • -Billforward calculates the complicated bills for their customers.

Alternatives of Billforward

 1. IFTTT- It's important for the software from different parts of your business to work together as in business nothing runs in isolation. This is what IFTTT (If This Then That) can provide for your business. IFTTT is a free tool that intends to help in building those connections so that the customer's apps and devices will supply data in a seamless way.

 2. Online check writer:- It is a cloud-based software that prints check online for any kind of bank, on any kind of blank check paper using any kind of printer. It is found to help in cutting the costs by enabling a business to use the blank check paper vs. stocking pre-printed checks. It integrates seamlessly with any kind of bank and thereby effectively blocking any kind of unauthorized or forged checks from striking into your account.

3. Supermetrics:- It is a performance management tool that provides solutions to bring all marketing metrics to one spot. Appropriate data sets can be pulled from numerous sources using integrations with Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook, Bing, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and other marketing platforms.

How to use Billforward?

Smart Payment Routing- One can set up their custom fee processing logic that will route the transactions between two or more fee gateways to lessen one's processing fees and eventually save you money.

Global Selling- It takes advantage of the fee gateway provider which makes the most sense in one's existing location, and then one can add additional ones for new geographic locations. That way customers will know that they are always working with the best suited local fee provider and there is no need to jeopardize it.

There are also some added benefits like Billforward proposes all of its customers an honest review of their fee processing options, they do not lie or deceive. Billforward will also run a free price check for their customers so that they know exactly what rates are presently available to them from various providers.

Billforward FAQs

Q.1 What is Billforward’s phone number?


Ans:- Billforward’s phone number is (408) 831-3731

Q.2 What is Billforward’s official website currently?

Ans:- Currently Billforward’s official website is

Q.3 What is Billforward’s Revenue?

Ans:-Billforward’s revenue is more than $5 Million.

Q.4 How many are there employees working in Billforward?

Ans:- Billforward has more than 25 employees working for them.

Billforward Pricing

For start-up

  • £118 GBP per month
  • Monthly processing limit: up to £15k per month
  • 0.9% on recurring charges after the £15k monthly processing limit

For growth

  • £361 GBP per month
  • Monthly processing limit: Up to £35k per month
  • 0.7% on recurring charges after the £35k monthly processing limit


  • The biggest pros of building your own SaaS billing platform is clearly that it will map exactly to your business model.
  • Billforward’s billing platform is particularly developer-friendly.


  • But the cons are even if that extra feature is incorporated, it’s uncertain that one's in-house software is going to be able to do the things an off the shelf billing platform can do.

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