top 5 video editor for mobile

Top 5 Video Editor For Mobile 2018

These days smartphones possess high end capabilities to run graphics and big games and applications. At the same time, people love to accomplish and do most of their digital work with their smartphones. Even you can edit videos with your smartphone in no time with some amazing video editing applications. In the today’s post, I will share with you top 5 video editor for mobile which can blow your mind. We shall talk about each of them and will tell you for which specific times you can use them.

Top 5 Video Editor for Mobile


Kinemaster is off course the best video editor for mobiles due to variety of features it provides. After few updates it has become the best ever video editor as it allows multiple layers, libraries, stickers. Library includes music, music effects, animations, backgrounds and much more. Though some of the, instead most of the, elements are not free. Even the application itself is not free and is restricted to limited features for free users. Where in free version you can’t remove watermark which works as the promotional game for kinemaster. Still, in free version you can enjoy at least everything. The application also support chroma key feature where you can remove the background of the selected media. Chroma key feature is available for both users.

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Power Director

Cyberlink Power director for android is a robust video editor for mobile. Powerdirector gives you an amazing interface which is understandable even by a novice who is making video for the very first time. Well, powerdirector lacks chroma key feature. The video editor is best for average users. Those it becomes quite cumbersome when your video length is bit lengthy.

PowerDirector Videobearbeitung
PowerDirector Videobearbeitung

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Wondershare FilmoraGo is actually a powerful video editor which provides you templates or transitions effects in good quantity that you can easily implement in your videos. Filmora provides you everything for making professional level video. You can use filmora for your YouTube Videos, facebook and instagram videos.

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Viva Video

Viva video editor is also a very popular video editor for mobile. It helps you in making professional looking videos. It gives you presets of fantastic themes. There are various stickers available to use in the video. You can also control the speed of the video. Viva video editor is also having watermark which can be removed when purchased.

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Movie Maker by Alive

Alive Movie Maker is a wonder video editor for mobile. Its name was alive in so far as I remember. I guess developer changed it too “Movie Maker Filmmaker YouTube & Instagram” seeing that downloads are not coming fast and changing the names will give SEO boost to the Application. Well, to continue with Alive, I would say that it is an impressive video editor which is having so many video effects. When i say “so many” I really mean it. This movie maker will leave you flummoxed with the output that it will deliver. You can make short videos using Alive and surprise your friends.

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Wrapping Up

So friend, these were the Top 5 video editor for mobile that I wanted to share with you. All the mobile video editing applications are well designed and give impressive results. But you can not expect the flexibility and professional approach of that level which PC video editing software provide. Though you can use them for your short videos, personal remembering videos, YouTube videos, Social shareable videos.

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top 10 best android launchers 2018

10 Best Android Launchers 2019 [LATEST]

Hi friends, I wanted to share with you an updated list of 10 best android launchers 2019 which can give a new feel and appearance to your android mobile. Well, launchers can modify your device home screen, lock screen, dock view and what not to give you a desirable and comfortable feel. There are like a huge number of Launchers on the play store. Thus, it becomes, sometimes, tiring to check most of them. Anyways, we have made an effort just for you to bring in front of you some best android launchers.

10 Best Android Launchers 2019

TSF Launcher 3D Shell

best 3d android launcher

TSF launcher 3D shell is the best 3D launcher for Android. It is not only free 3d launcher but also very light weighted. It is just about 11MB. TSF launcher 3d shell works like a charm. It is completed You can customize the theme, change swiping animation style, change dock style and what not in this completely free 3d launcher.

  • Price: Free
  • Contain Ads: No
TSF Launcher 3D Shell
TSF Launcher 3D Shell
Developer: Launcher 3D Pro
Price: Free

Nova Launcher

Nova is an impressive Launcher for your Android Mobo. There are lots of customization options available in Nova Launcher. You can customize many major things with Nova be it Dock, Folder preview & background, Icon theme, App Animation, Gestures & Inputs, Desktop Customizations and what not. Though, some options are not free to use in Nova Launcher. In order to get them, you will have to paid version of Nova called Nova launcher prime.

  • Price: Free
  • Contain Ads: No
Nova Launcher
Nova Launcher
Price: Free

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Apex Launcher

It is like the ocean in your bucket. You can experience lots of features in such a light weighted launcher application. You can easily use Apex in any of your android devices without bothering about the performance issue. Apex launcher

  • Price: Free
  • Contain Ads: No

Microsoft Launcher

With the use of Microsoft Launcher, you can easily personalize your android mobile according to your match of wallpapers, themes and icon packs. Microsoft launcher is smooth and gives a professional feel.

  • Price: Free
  • Contain Ads: No
Microsoft Launcher
Microsoft Launcher
Price: Free

Evie Launcher

With the Evie, you can experience a really new device in your hand. Evie launcher comes with a bunch of amazing features. This launcher has got huge appreciation from the audience. Evie launcher is undoubtedly one of the “Top 10 best android launchers 2019″. With Evie Launcher you can choose your desired search engine for the search bar, manage home screen, animations and much more.

  • Price: Free
  • Contain Ads: No
Evie Launcher
Evie Launcher
Developer: Evie Labs Inc.
Price: Free

Buzz Launcher

It comes with some lovely templates which can dramatically change the look and feel of your device thoroughly. The launcher gives you options to customize many things out of the box. In brief, it is completely addictive and one of the Top 10 best android launchers 2019 with many interesting features.

  • Price: Free
  • Contain Ads: No

APUS Launcher

Well, APUS has always been one of our best android launchers. The launcher is having 100Millions of downloads on the play store and more 4million 5 stars rating. The launcher is highly customizable and gives optimum satisfaction to the end users through its unbelievable features. It is smart, faster, lighter and one the highly recommended android launchers.

  • Price: Free
  • Contain Ads: No


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Smart Launcher 3

With the smart launcher 3, you categorize your application in a very well manner. You can manage a bunch of things and give style to icons, home screen and what not. Smart Launcher 3 is really a smart launcher. The launcher is light weighted and full of addictive features.

  • Price: Free
  • Contain Ads: Yes
Smart Launcher 5
Smart Launcher 5
Price: Free+

Hola Launcher

This is small, a lightweight launcher that contends to keep your phone clean and its speed fast. The launcher is highly customizable and addictive. It comes witha bunch of beautiful themes and design patterns. Though, you can find some annoying things like battery saver and Hola boost in the app. Well, if you are looking for a smooth and clean launcher, probably, it may be annoying to you, but, you will soon become addictive to its features once you have installed it on your android mobile.

  • Price: Free
  • Contain Ads: Yes
Hola Launcher- Theme,Wallpaper
Hola Launcher- Theme,Wallpaper
Developer: Holaverse
Price: Free

OO Launcher for Android O

Developed by, NativeX launcher, OO Launcher for Android is one of the best free android launchers. It is an enhanced Android Oreo style launcher which comes with many useful and enticing extended features. OO launcher is having gesture support and Lock desktop support. It comes with built-in useful tools like a torch, battery saver, and cleaner.

  • Price: Free
  • Contain Ads: Yes

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Which is your best Android Launcher of 2019

So, friends, this was an updated list of Top 10 best android launchers 2019. Every launcher is having its own legacy. Some prefer simple, lightweight and stylish launchers while some people look for stylish, featureful and addictive launchers. Please, Let me know in comments which is your best android launcher?

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Send message to any number on WhatsApp without saving

Send message to any number on WhatsApp without saving

WhatsApp has undoubtedly got more fame than any other messenger application. The application is very user friendly and is best for group conversations as well. After the update where we got some features that were similar to instagram, many of the existing users showed their disliking for that update on whatsapp official fb page or on google playstore whatsapp reviews tab. (In the official version you can’t send message to any number on whatsapp)

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Well,  after the Facebook being hoaxed by many to be poisoned with fake profiles some people really found WhatsApp the most comfortable and convenient platform. That gave initial and gradual gear to the app to come in the market. It has the feature that your profile is not public on anywhere and neither there is timeline kind of thing that made it quite secure. One can find the other profile not by name but by Mobile no.

Such things helped and kept whatsapp to be totally different which attracted the users who used to give priority to security so much.


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Contacting New Person

For contacting a new person we generally have to save the number in the contacts and then have to go to contacts in WhatsApp and find the number and contact.

Send message to any number on WhatsApp without saving

What if your list of contact is filled up with so many contacts. As a result, you find it lazy to find the new contact in the contacts tab of whatsapp you recently added. Or what if you need a way  so that you may directly send a message to new number in whatsapp.

Ok we have a solution, there is an Application WhatsDirect. With the help of which you can easily send a message directly to any particular number without having to save the number.

You just need to put the number and click on “Send Text” or “Send Media” button. The application works very smooth. Additionally, it is covers very less storage. You can download and ease your specific task.

Hope you enjoyed reading.

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Best Application To Edit Professional Images – PixelLab Review

With the use of applications one can easily edit the photos on a go. But the question arises as to which is the best one. Interest changes with every third person. Everyone have different linking and experience. One will say to go with Picsart and the other to go with Photogrid. In such a situation it is quite complex situation to name the best application to edit professional images. 

There are not only few but numerous applications on the Playstore just for editing purpose. But here we are leaving those application which beatify or decorate your personal pictures. We are talking about the applications which can give professional touch to your work.

The Best Application To Edit Professional Images

In the quench of finding the best application for professional photo/image editing, we found PixelLab which is invincible in its work. I will give you number of points or reasons as to why the application is the best one.

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3D Text

best application to edit professional images

The application will allow to make 3d text. You can 3d rotate the text and set it accordingly. 3D text can improve sometimes the uniqueness of image. You can increase or decrease the depth in 3d text and change the depth color. You can adjust light angle, intensity, shadow and Specular hardness.

Easy To use

The best part of the application is that it is very user-friendly and easy to use. Once you use the application for a while, you become accustomed to it. The application interface is simple and unique.

Text and Object Rotation

You can easily rotate the text and objects in 2d and 3d angles.

Text Properties

Setting aside the basic text properties the application includes texture, mask, curve, background, align, spacing, line spacing, stroke, shadow, inner shadow, emboss. Additionally, It includes 3D rotate, 3D text, 3D shadow and reflection

Import images

You can also import images in the Pixellab and adjust accordingly in the project. Many of the applications lack that feature. You don’t need to manually crop the image after importing. Instead, after selecting the image a dialog box will open for cropping the image.

Erase Color from the object

You can easily remove the background color. This is same as chroma key feature in videos. I compared it to the chroma key feature because of the fact that it works perfectly well if background is in flat color.

Stickers & Quotes

With Pixellab adding stickers to the image is quite easy. In stickers library you get most of the emoji and meme stickers. There is no online store as of now to download more stickers like there in Picsart. Apart from the stickers, you will also find quotes button to add quote as a text layer.

Layer Adjustments

Layer adjustments in Pixellab is very fine. You will not need to complain about it.

Save as Template

This is the most alluring feature of this application where you can save your work as a template. In your further editing process, you can import that saved template. It helps many a times and saves a lot of time and effort.

Over To You

Considering the user experiences the application is for professional use and can work perfect in normal uses as well. Let me know what you thing about this. Test if you have not tested it out yet, if tested share your experience in the comment section.



increase instagram followers

Followers Assistant Review : A Tool To Increase Instagram Followers

Followers Assistant Review : Instagram provides the business owners a chance to increase their brands value, its viewers, performance and popularity in less time. But Quality can not be compromised anyhow. If you have something of quality you can showcase the things to the world through the medium of Instagram. Instagram can not only help in selling services, conversions, leads, increasing sales of physical and non physical(software or services) items but also its helpful in branding YouTube channels via uploading quality videos be it vine, comedy or anything. Though, You can not increase Instagram followers immediately it surely takes some time and patience.

To be precise, it definitely takes like a very long span to have loyal followers if you start from the scratch. There are number of tips we have already shared through our old article to increase Instagram followers. You can read them and follow them to start gaining the followers in your account or page. In this article I am going to share with you an amazing tool or you can say application using which you can surely manage your account in a sophisticated manner and increase followers. Let’s talk in detail what you can actually explore with the followers assistant application.

Followers Assistant Review

followers assistant review

Followers Assistant is a well designed and having clean interface application with number of features to increase followers and reach on your account as described below in detail.

With the use of followers assistant application you can exactly get to know –

  • who doesn’t follow you
  • those who unfollwed
  • who doesn’t follow
  • Follow Back
  • White List

Now you can easily unfollow those who don’t follow you with the option to start unfollowing from Top, center, bottom or random. At a time you can unfollow up to 200 accounts. You can start the process in the background and use the application to explore more simultaneously. You can also explore comments, mutual following, deleted following and followings. You can add multiple accounts in the applications and switch to use any of them.

This was all for the free services where you can all the above features. In paid services there is Auto Likes, Auto Follow, Auto Likes in TimeLine, Auto Unfollow and Auto Comments. To use these services you will need to pay separately as follows :

Service Monthly Charge
Auto Likes 130 INR
Auto Follow 130 INR
Auto Like in TimeLine 130 INR
Auto Unfollow 160 INR
Auto Comments 130 INR

Additionally, Now If you want to go for all the services at the same time you will get discounted price of 520 INR (month).

You can download followers assistant application below and test it right now on your device.

Followers Assistant
Followers Assistant
Developer: Andrew Tretiakov
Price: Free+


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How To Make Stick Figure Animation With Android Mobile

Depicting anything using stick animations makes the explanation bit interesting. Well, who can forget that stick animation which gone viral long ago. Even you can make stick figure animation like that easily using your android device. Let’s first dig deep into the source through which you can make stick animations in mobile.

It’s an application called “Stick Fighter” which I find worthy of being used and I have selected it among many applications.

Stick Fighter
Stick Fighter
Developer: tweber
Price: Free

make stick figure animation

Make Stick Figure Animation On Android

Starting with the difficulty level, the application is so easy that even a kid can make animations using it. You will just need to add characters (stick characters) and objects (sword, axe, bow and arrow) in your frame. Characters can be dragged, resized, colored and anything to make your animation cool and interesting.

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You can add custom figures to be used in the application. You will just need to edit the frames smartly. Small changes can produce big impact on the resulted animation. You can adjust the frame timing as well to recoup anything. You can preview your animation during the process of editing it. That can give a glimpse of what is going on with your current work. Once done with the best possible preview you can export your stick animation video in your device.

Finally you can showcase your amazing stick figure animation to your friends and amaze them.

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whiteboard animation in android

How To Make WhiteBoard Animation In Android Smartphone For FREE

Whiteboard Animations are very helpful in explanation videos, organizations objectives and services videos, and tutorial videos. There is the number of whiteboard animation free software in the market using which you can make wonderful whiteboard animation for your brand, work, or youtube video. Well, the discussion on how to make whiteboard Animation in android phone will go hand in hand with the discussion on best whiteboard animation software or the best whiteboard animation applications.

Software For Making Explanation videos(PC) :


make whiteboard animation in android

VideoScribe is an easy to use software available for PC for making whiteboard videos. The software is easy to use and is used by professionals for making wonderful whiteboard projects. The software comes with lots of features like different hand gestures, objects and more. VideoScribe software by Sparkol is not free though, you will need to pay monthly, yearly or accumulated charges to use the software where the prices are as follows :

Monthly Plan : 29$Team of 5+ users – 130$ per userSmall site wide – 1285$
Yearly Plan : 49$Team of 10+ users – 120$ per userMedium Site wide – 1652$
One Time : 665$Team of 20+ users – 110$ per userLarge Site wide – 2020$

You can take the 7 days trial for using the software before you make any decision to purchase the paid version.

Note : We never recommend to use pirated software. Using them you can put your machine in risk. Also you can check the current prices at Videoscribe official website.

Animaker :

make whiteboard animation in android

Animaker is also a software for making explanation video where it is bit different from VideoScribe. It lets you enjoy lots of features including characters, large in build library and templates, sound effects & music tracks. Again, this software is not free. You can check the pricing details at Though you can use the software for free limiting yourself with number of features. Where in the free video your video length can not cross 2 min and the video can’t be produced in HD resolution.

GoAnimate :


GoAnimate is a wonderful alternate with bunch of cool features which can entice any random person looking for making animations. GoAnimate is a featured rich tool. There are tons of animation presets, background elements, images and stuff. 


make whiteboard animation in android

Moovly offers online customization to make explanation videos for brands. This is cool but lacks some features. The website has been tested by many eminent brands and rendered project can be used for commercial use (with Moovly watermark , though you can remove it for some fees).

Easy Sketchpro :

make whiteboard animation in android

Easy Sketch Pro 3 provides the same features that of VideoScribe, but it bit different from it. Again the software is not free where you will need to purchase it for some bucks. But it is worthy of being purchased and also cheaper than that of Video Scribe.

Powtoon :

make whiteboard animation in android

Powtoon lets you make cartoon explanation video through its well designed in built online interface. The online software is very popular and gives appreciable results.

How To Make WhiteBoard Animation in Android Smartphone

Well, there are a number of Applications on the store contending to let you make whiteboard videos when you search for any keyword relating to “Whiteboard Animation” or “Whiteboard Videos”. The one which is totally different from others is, of course, Videoscribe by sparkol for android mobile. Sparkol Android is having the same interface that is there in VideoScribe for computers. Its easy to use and provides reliable output.

VideoScribe for Android is not available on the play store, however, we have Videoscribe free download for Android here.  You can download video scribe android from the below link.

[button-red url=”” target=”_self” position=”center”]Download VideoScribe[/button-red]

Other Applications In The Queue

There are other applications in the list as well like Flippa, Explain Everything and more. But considering consumer interest and needs, videoscribe is best to make whiteboard animation in android as well as in pc.

If you need perfect whiteboard animation video with professional touch then you can even reach the professionals on the Fiverr or Upwork and order the gig.

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whatsapp auto reply

WhatsApp Auto Reply Without Root – Turn Busy Hours into Productivity

WhatsApp is now being used as the medium of business. In business world, we have to deal with numerous number of people each day. In Facebook page, we can use chatbots to automate the work. Chat Bots ease the work of entrepreneurs to a great extent. When it comes to WhatsApp there is no function inbuilt in the application as of now. Though, according to the sources, with the release of WhatsApp Business application which is currently in beta test, away messages feature will be added therein. But what if I tell you that there is an application through which you can enable WhatsApp auto reply without root. Let’s talk in detail about the application and its functions.

The application is developed by TK studio which works perfectly well. The user interface of the application is quite very good. But the sad thing is that the application contains ads and is having in app purchases for using extended features of the application. We shall discuss all the features including extended features. You can download the modded version of the application is well. You are well aware of the sources if not let me know in comments.

How To Use WhatsApp Auto Reply without root

First of all you need to precisely install the application allowing all the necessary permissions( it is safe to use.). After you finish installing you will see the below activity.

whatsapp auto reply without root


There is need for your device to be rooted for using this application. Now Enable the button of the top right. After that just click the green floating action button on the bottom right corner. This will redirect you to the below activity.

whatsapp auto reply without root


The above window is the main window to set rules for detecting specific incoming messages. Just above the three options(exact match, pattern matching, expert pattern matching) there is edit text widget to write the actual text to be detected.

In the case of of exact match the app will reply only if the text will exactly match to the rule. Suppose if I write “Hello” in the rule and select exact match. The app will answer only if the received message will be “Hello”. In the case above if someone say “Hello” then my auto reply will be “Hi there”.

What if in case, the person says “Hello bro” and you want the same reply to be sent. Now you can go for pattern matching and write “Hello*” in the text. Now any message received starting with “hello” word will be answered as “hi there”(as per the screenshot, you can customize it).

whatsapp auto reply without root

Will I have to make separate rules for separate text detection?

If you want the same answer to be given in different situations, then you can do it in pattern matching by adding the alternate text with “//”.


If you want to reply “welcome” to anyone who says “thanks”, “ok thanks”, “thank you”, “ty”, “tysm”, “thank you so much”.

Selecting the pattern matching option your text would be : thanks//ok thanks//thank you//ty//tysm//thank you

Now in your reply message you can write “Welcome”. One more interesting thing is that you can address automatically the person by clicking the tag like button adjacent to the device location button. Where you will find different properties like name, first name, last name, day, time etc. to make your auto reply more authentic. The name will be detected by which name you have saved the contact. There is availability of more basic options like specific contacts, ignored contacts and delay in seconds as is shown below. This way you can automate whatsapp auto reply without root access in your device and turn your busy hours into productivity.

whatsapp auto reply no root


There is lot of more interesting things to explore in the application which you will find in “Expert Pattern Matching”. Clicking the exclamation icon right in front of the option you will find the tutorials link for the same where there are discussed endless possibilities.

We have also discussed in our previous articles about how to send scheduled messages on whatsapp and how to change whatsapp theme for android, please take a look on them as well.

I hope you enjoyed reading whatsapp auto reply without root, Please get in touch with us on our YouTube Channel and be our bro on facebook. Till then bye bye, share this article with your friends and take care.



How To Make Cartoon Animation With Smartphone

Making animations using PC takes a lot of time and effort. Even the soft wares helpful in making animations like Maya, Adobe Premiere require high end specifications in PC. It needs more than 8GB RAM, powerful Graphics and high end processor(specially) to create animations with computer. To be precise, you can not make such animations that can be made with computer with your mobile. In fact, you can make cartoon animation with smartphone where the character will just speak what you say. You can customize the characters according to your need. Let’s talk in detail about the application with which you can make such animation and its features.

Make Cartoon Animation With Smartphone


Make Cartoon Animation With Smartphone

There are like hundreds of applications on the play store which contend to provide you the output. Among those contenders we have trimmed out the best application with which you can make cartoon animations very easily with your smartphone. The name of the application Tellagami which is not available on the playstore so you can download it from the link below. It is safe to use.


Using Tellagami

Below you can find the video about Tellagami which is a quick intro video about Tellagami.


There is an another application called Toontastic 3d which is developed by Google itself with which you can make cartoon animation with smartphone with the availability of different features in the application. Toontastic is easy to use application. It will require bit good performing mobile to make animations with Toontastic 3D. You can download Toontastic 3D application from the Google Playstore or buy clicking below.

Toontastic 3D
Toontastic 3D
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

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There are even more applications on the store with which you can make frame by frame animation video. The one I can suggest is Animator: Make Your Cartoons

Wrapping Up

Though you can not challenge the big softwares with these applications of mobile. But of course you can make some cool stuff to amaze your friends and even use the rendered product in your creations freely. Hopefully, you liked the article.

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change whatsapp theme on android

How To Change WhatsApp theme On Android

WhatsApp is one of the most used messenger application which comes with a very clean and friendly user interface. In the official version of WhatsApp, you can change the background of the chat window in solid colors or any wallpaper. But it’s not sufficient, as you can not change fonts, change the theme of the home window, wholly customize the conversations bubble style fonts and background, change ticks style, change custom chat theme. In this article, I will let you know how you can change WhatsApp themes for Android Mobile.

change whatsapp theme on android


As I mentioned in the official version you can’t apply these changes. You will need to download WhatsApp Plus in your device to have these functionalities. There is no need to root the device for applying the changes.

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How To Change WhatsApp theme on Android

When you finish downloading the application, install it in your smartphone and follow the instructions for Whatsapp themes download and to change WhatsApp theme on your android smartphone.

Step 1: click bottom corner button and click brush icon button in the extended menu.

Step 2:  download any theme you want from the list of themes given

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another way

Step 1: Click the top corner three dotted option menu and select “plus settings” from the further alternates

Step 2: Just tap of the Download Themes option under the head themes. Just go ahead and Download any theme you want.

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Well, this process will change the overall theme of your Whatsapp Application. You can customize other things separately as well. While clicking on plus settings you can find Appearance settings for customizing Conversation Screen, Main/Chats Screen, Widgets and many more.

You can also change the font style for your WhatsApp in the appearance settings.

There are lots of things to discover with this application. This was how you can change the theme in WhatsApp. Also, read our more article to know how to customize Whatsapp.

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sketchware review droidcrunch

Sketchware Review – Create Android Apps On Your Smartphone

In the era of smartphones, it has become essential that you must have an application for your business or organisation apart from the website. Creating applications on Android Studio takes little bit of time and effort. When you are beginner it may take more time. But there are number of websites and tools on the internet to create android apps on your smartphone in no time. In those tools, there is one Sketchware. In this sketchware review I have compiled the results considering some pros and cons.


Why to choose Sketchware



  • It is free to use
  • No watermark or self promotion
  • Easy To Use
  • No programming experience needed
  • Visual Drag & Drop Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  • Availability of learning material
  • Block helper
  • Quick test of application in smartphone
  • Upload on playstore
  • Other Features


Sketchware is absolutely free to use application like Android studio software for PC. But the different exists in flexibility and approach. There is no watermark kind of thing occurs unlike there in other websites which contend to make applications for free. Using sketchware is like a game of children. There is nothing you need to worry about. You just need to learn the skill of using right boxes in order to make sense. As you don’t need to bother about writing the code for your activity. You can import images as well. There are availability of icons as well.

Let me explain you with screenshots.

When you first open the application you will see a Getting Started Dialogue box. Closing the box will find a floating action button on bottom right corner to add a new project. After clicking the new project, you will see a new window where you can name your application and set a App icon which will be displayed when you run the applications. Apart from this you can change package name and version.

sketchware review

When you fill up and set everything hit save. Now you will find the activity like there in the screenshot below. View tab will indicate your layout and logic tab indicates the functions. In other words, you need to arrange the widgets in view tab and set their behavior in logic tab.



sketchware review

sketchware review droidcrunch

If you are already a developer you will hardly find any issue using the application. But for those who are new to Android development there is a Tutorial section in application where you can learn everything. You can know about the Intent, SoundPool/MediaPlayer. In tutorials, you do not need to read the text and apply yourself. Instead it will be like live practice.

sketchware review droidcrunch


Apart from learning widgets and basic material there is block helper to help you in using suitable blocks in appropriate place.


Block helper activity will be having two tabs – Define Blocks & Invalid Blocks. This will help you to better understand the applicability of each block. Wherever you find any error you can get quick help from Block helper.

sketchware review

Once you are satisfied with your project you can upload it to the Google Playstore provided you are having a developer account.



  • Advanced tutorials are not free
  • Not for professional designing
  • For small applications


Though the application is free to use. But if someone wants to learn from the app, he/she will have to spend some money for advanced tutorials where basic tutorials are absolutely free. There is no denying the fact that the productivity that a computer provides can not be replaced with the mobiles easily. Following this , the application can not provide the accuracy and functions that one can use in Android Studio Open Source Software. However, you can use it for creating small applications on a go and experiment with the things.

Sketchware Review

Sketchware review has been done considering some facts and points in mind. If you are reading this, you can also review the application.



youtube downloader apps

8 Best YouTube Downloader for Android phones

The Internet is something which has changed the world forever. The Internet helps the human in different ways may it be to educate people online, providing information of every imaginable subject or bringing people together even if they are far away, in reality, all these are possible because of powerful search engines. Apart from all these, each and every person must be aware of YouTube and is use to spend some time of the day watching videos on it. Videos, related to any subject can be found on the site making it one of the most popular websites over the internet.

youtube downloader apps

You must be familiar with the option of offline videos on YouTube but here we are to talk about something through which you can have your favorite video for a long to watch anytime. So today, we are going to talk about some of the applications which will facilitate you to download the videos which you like the most. Here are some of the best YouTube downloader for your smartphone. So, let’s have a look.

Top Youtube Downloader Android Apps of 2017

1. TubeMate

TubeMate acts like a remote controller for YouTube and other related websites available on the internet. It lets you watch various online videos comfortably on your handset. The app lets you download any video, may it be of any quality, for free.

2. Clip converter

There are times when people does not require any particular video or something but simply the music of a particular video. Though Clip converter is not exactly usable for what we are talking about rather it facilitates the users to convert any video into the MP3 track to be played on any occasion. These tracks can be shared with people and also can be used as ringtone or something like that. Also, it can be used without the use of mobile data. So, enjoy.

3. YouTube downloader

As we go with the name, YouTube Downloader is probably the most famous application to download YouTube videos. The app, with its friendly functions, facilitates download of any YouTube videos you want. With its inbuilt video player, it can convert any video into several formats. So, download various videos directly from YouTube and have fun watching it.

4. WonTube

With its user- friendly interface, WonTube allows you to download any YouTube video in just a go. 100% free app that prevents you from any buffering which at some point is irritating when we watch videos online. The app also notifies you of any certain information. It fits best with any data type in your handset.

5. Videoder

Videorder is another YouTube videos downloader but what makes it different from the others is its unique features. One such amazing feature is for the users who spend a lot of time in converting various YouTube videos into audio as the app has an inbuilt feature for direct conversion while downloading. It also has an inbuilt browser that facilitates download from any website easily. Download videos with different resolution and enjoy watching it without any advertisement that you may encounter online.

6. YTD Video Downloader

YTD is probably the newest application for downloading videos from not only YouTube but other websites as well. Have the list of your favourite videos on your smartphone to watch anytime you want to. Also, you can secure your videos with the use of a suitable password. It can be used by any needy person around the world as the app is available in different languages as well.

7. EasyTube

Providing the facility to download videos from various sites, EasyTube, known as the oldest application to download YouTube Videos, provides you with its services in the user- friendly manner. With its advanced search box, search for the latest videos, movies or anything and enjoy it in your cell. A user- friendly and free app come with a simple navigation to download various videos with different formats.

8. Tubex

Like any other app here is another one to provide you with the facility of downloading YouTube videos with different formats. It also has inbuilt different features to watch and download various videos on YouTube. Have your video right on your hands and enjoy it.

Use various applications, we have been talking about, to download the videos you like and watch them whenever and wherever you want to. Have your videos in your hands and have fun watching it.