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5 Dangerous Android Apps To Uninstall Immediately

Dangerous Android Apps To Uninstall Immediately

With the increasing supply of android smartphones, even in the hands of children, the risk factor is tremendously increasing. We see the news of data theft, credit card fraud and bank account fraud on rather more frequently these days.

The connection can be linked to the unsafe and dangerous applications installed on your smartphone that is not only breaking your user experience but also unknowingly putting you in financial troubles.

These apps can transfer really sensitive data to the attacker (hacker in case), who can exploit the data for taking financial advantage. We always have been told to only use the trusted apps from the play store which mitigates the risk affixed to vulnerability.

So, I have found some dangerous applications that you must uninstall immediately to save yourself from any financial loss.

5 Dangerous Android Apps You need To Uninstall Immediately

Unsafe Battery Optimization Apps

If you want to keep your smartphone free from viruses, lagging and freezing problems then stay away from the battery optimization applications. Battery optimizers will make your phone slow and if you have any untrusted battery optimizer installed, then it can result in financial losses.

Thus, it is rather better to always away from the battery optimizers and rely on in-built customizers that your software provides you.

Any Untrusted Boosting App

Android applications that contend to speed up your android smartphones in a matter of seconds, can affect your smartphone. You can be allured with the app interface, it's color and maybe with a clean design but who knows if it is affected with the virus.

Apps Installed from Untrusted Sources/ Third-Party apps

Android apps that you install from other websites that you don't trust can contain malware or trojan that can harm your smartphone. In most of the cases, it is only the third apps that affect your smartphone.


Even you are advised not to download trusted apps such as Facebook, Google Drive from any untrusted website.

However, if you don't have any other option but to install the app from the website after downloading, it is recommended to check it for any potential malware or virus.

You can use for examining the app before you install it. If the results are okay you can at least believe the app, however, it is no guarantee that it will not contain any secret, hidden or unknown virus.

Weather Apps

In the past, people have faced many issues after installing unsafe and random weather apps. Unsafe weather apps and steal and leak your private data and make your device vulnerable to online attacks. Hackers easily exploit this data for financial advantage.

Antivirus Apps

Hackers know that device which already contains the malware will be easily exploitable. Thus, they have created antivirus apps to further misguide the user and exploit the victim's data.

Hence, it is advised to only install the trusted antivirus apps so that you are always on the safe side.

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So, these are some of the high-risk apps that you must always be aware of. Always keep your smartphone away from these vulnerable apps and stay safe.

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