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In the world of Android devices, everyone wants to try their hands on innovative things like all the smart apps available out there.Nowadays, many editing apps are launched by the developers of androids that includes video editor apps too.We all have plenty of memories from various events in our lives.But the thing is that not every user is familiar with the way of using these apps.So, I am going to share that how you can enjoy the benefits of video editor applications to form a perfect and unforgettable video.

Before anything else, you have to open a video and select Editor.Now tap Video Editor.You will see a prompt to install Video Editor App.Adding Effects to a Clip: After installing the video editor, you can add effects to your video to make it look happening.

To apply effects, tap on the video clip and click on effects.Go to the Filters tab, and select your favourite effect.Now, drag that to your video shown on the timeline.

Adding Text to a Clip:

Video editors have a feature by which you can simply add desiring texts or quotes to your videos and give your message to the loving ones by sharing these videos with them.Speciality is, you have various options of text formats and these texts can be attached in a number of ways.Write whatever you hope fits best to express yourself in the video.

Adjusting Audio Levels:

Audio is always an inevitable part of any video.The fascinating point is that you can set the audio levels according to you.This is an easy process.Tap the Volume button and just slide the volume up or down.

Adding Transitions:

Transitions adding is a lot of fun.Add media files.Insert video transitions into your movie.Complete your video with noticeable titles.For example, Movavi Video Editor gives you a wide range of transitions for video editing.You can use the popular Fade video transition effect, or some better exotic transitions like Circle, Warp, or Ripple.You will definitely have a special video of alterations.

Adding New Clips, Images, & Music: Pictures, beats and sounds can always make anything look alive. So, if you are looking forward to beautifying your video with pictures, graphics, music, sounds, voice notes or narrations, then you have these features in the video editing apps too.Use your creativity as much as you can.Add songs that complement your pictures together.

Saving Your Edited Video:

After the entire changes have been done, save your edited video.In case you are willing to add it to videos album or gallery, tap More and select Export.


Hey! Doing this is not enough.Share your clips with people by uploading on Facebook, Instagram or any other social media site.Or if you have planned secretly to keep it with you, recall those occasions whenever you miss those days with your closed ones.You can also reveal these marvellous videos on youtube and gain some publicity.

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