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Top 10 Best TikTok Alternatives Apps 2022

Top 10 Best TikTok Alternatives Apps 2020

TikTok or previously is the most used and famous video sharing app today. People all over the world like to make videos on TikTok. The app allows for creating videos of either 15s or 60s. With millions of users only in India, Tiktok is responsible for many viral videos every single day.

The reason behind the popularity of this app is the fact that it easy to use, offers amazing effects and transitions and anyone can go viral here. If you create compelling videos then no one can stop you from going viral on TikTok. However, it is unfortunate but possible that many of your videos will not get views at the start. But as you continue creating the interesting videos, Tiktok will assist you to show your videos to more and more users.

There are many alternative video-sharing apps like TikTok on the Internet as of today. As such, we keep on testing other TikTok alternative apps to see if they have better functionalities. Which looking at many alternatives to Tiktok, I have created the below list of TikTok alternative applications.

List of Top 8 Best TikTok Alternatives Apps 2020


Likee(formerly known as Like) is a very popular video-sharing application. This app is commonly famous for its amazing effects that add value to the recorded videos. It is the best app that can compete with TikTok and thus we have listed it on the top of the list for Tiktok Alternatives.

Likee app offers some amazing features inside the application such as Hair color, 4D magic, shooting blockbuster videos, superpowers, and much more. There are surely countless features in this app that will never bore you and you will keep on exploring the new things.


Dubsmash is an old lip sync videos sharing application. The app got attention from millions of users worldwide when it first came and made the public crazy for it. The application allows any user to create dubbing videos the same as Tiktok offers.

Many apps tried to copy Dubsmash but still, the app has its own legacy and many users actively create videos using this app. Dubsmash has a huge music and dialogues library with the use of which users can easily create dubbing videos.

Developer: reddit Inc.
Price: Free


If you are been on social media, you might have seen Kwai ads for sure. Kwai is one of the best alternatives to TikTok. The app comes with Flawless Beauty and Professional Editing Tools. With Kwai app users get a personalized trending video feed. As such, they can customize which kind of videos they want to see in the feed.


Kwai claims to be one of the best and secure video sharing platform. The app regularly hosts fun challenges, dance battles, and special events items where one can challenge the friends and join in the fun.

Kwai - download & share video
Kwai - download & share video
Price: To be announced

Vigo Video

Vigo video or previously hypstar is a wonderful funny video-sharing app. It is easy to use the powerful video-sharing app. This app allows the users to create videos and share them with the world such as TikTok.

It is a short video sharing platform as such the users are allowed to create videos only upto 15 seconds, unlike Tiktok where the users can also create videos up to 60 seconds. However, the app is very interactive and comes with awesome UI. Vigo Vigo has comes in the lite version.

Vigo Video - Funny Short Video
Vigo Video - Funny Short Video
Developer: Vigo Video
Price: Free+


Bigolive as the suggests, is more like a live video sharing platform. Millions of users are using Bigolive these days. If you love watching live videos of celebrities and the people you follow, then Bigolive is the platform you must join.

The app has a flawless design and offers live chat, live videos, and streaming. Viewers can gift the live users and users receiving them can encash those gifts. Maybe this is one of the reasons why there are many people always live, interacting with fans and the public. Interestingly, BigoLive is owned by the organization that owns Likee video.


VMate is another video-sharing app that is being used by millions of users worldwide. If you are looking for alternative apps to TikTok, then VMate is surely one of the alternatives that may interest you.

The app allows talented users to grow fastly on the platform. Over time, VMate has upgraded itself and currently the app has many filters and effects available.

Developer: VMate Inc.
Price: Free+


Funimate is surely a complete package of fun and entertainment. The app allows users to create videos, add music, use effects, add filters, and much more. You can share the videos made with Funimate on TikTok as well to get huge attention.

This app is easy to use and is very clean. The interface of the app is very good and you don't need to worry much about learning the skills.


Vskit seems to be the duplicate of TikTok, however, it is way different from TikTok itself. The app allows users to share videos with friends and the public like other video sharing platforms.

Vskit is a new app and does not hold much audience base, as such, there is good scope for the new video creators who want to leave an impression among the users of Vskit.

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Over To You

So, these are some of the best TikTok alternative apps that you can use in 2020 if you are bored with Tiktok or just want to test out other similar apps in the market.

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