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How To Go Viral on Tiktok and Get 1M followers

How To Go Viral on Tiktok

If you are using TikTok for a while and not getting the audience and followers that you desire, then surely you are on the right page. There can be many mistakes you might be doing resulting in non-conversion and less generic reach.

Today, I will tell you how exactly you can go viral on Tiktok with some simple tips and tricks. All you have to do is carefully read the thorough article and understand what can work best for you.

Going viral on Tiktok is easier than going viral on Instagram. Yes, you read that right. Instagram's reach is very restricted. There are very fewer chances that your content surpasses the new audience.

On the other hand, TikTok lets anyone reach a great number of the audience no matter how much reach the user possesses. For example, on Tiktok, even a new user, maybe with a few hundreds of followers, creating a quality video can reach millions of users worldwide.

As such, Tiktok offers great flexibility to the new and talented users to create an audience for them and enrich their lives.

Tips to Go Viral on Tiktok and Get 100k followers

Be genuine

Seems very surprising but it weights a lot when it comes to quality videos able to influence millions. Don't push yourself to go out of the box. Try to be a genuine person as you are in your videos.

When you go slow and make entertaining videos you are sure of getting success.


First Few Seconds

To show a video to the users Tiktok generally follows the rule of the watch time. Like, if your video gains a good watch time of over 60% (9s for 15s video or 36s for the 60s video) it passes the algorithm and is shown to more and more users.

Also, it can be the gradual increment in watch time or decrement in watch time to set the exposure of the video to the new users.

Now you know that it is watch time that determines the future of your video. You need to work on your watch time, but unfortunately, it is not in your hands. All that is in your hand, is the quality of your Tiktok video.

Your Tiktok video must be such that if someone (most importantly new user) scrolls to your video, he/she must not quickly swipe up, resulting in a rejection or a bad signal to the video. If this continually happens, Tiktok will stop showing your video in the feed of new users.

So what you can do:

  • Work on the first 3 to 5 seconds of your Tiktok video
  • Study closely the other viral videos to work on the starting part
  • Shoot video with a good camera
  • Shoot outside of the house ( where there is good lighting )
  • Don't look shy or amateur in video
  • Be confident or sound well
  • Use attention-grabbing or trending sounds


You can create duet videos to get some exposure. Let me tell you first how duet videos can work for you while you don't have many followers on Tiktok.

When you create a duet with well known popular creators, stars or celebrities and creatively use hashtags to get your video found by others, then there are chances people will stick to your video for at least a few seconds because they know the celebrity or the star you are making a video with.

As such, you are more likely to pass the watch time requirements. Now your overall video will decide its future.

And if the video is good, humorous and funny then it will surely reach a good number of audiences resulting in a good amount of followers for you.


If you are new on Tiktok and don't have time to create, strategize or work on the quality videos, creating reaction videos on the viral videos of popular Tiktok creators is a great way to get some exposure.

Many users who started out with reaction videos have reached more than 1m followers on Tiktok.

Make videos on challenges

You can find many challenges on the Tiktok where creators create their videos and their videos are shown under that challenge hashtag.

It offers new creators an opportunity to be visible to the thousands and lacs of other users.

Watch the trend

Relevancy is the key. We see many things which are the talk of the town. If you analyze the daily or monthly trends and create your videos accordingly, you can easily go viral.

Trending videos have comparatively more chances of going viral than the other normal videos. So, if you make videos around topics that are in trend such as coronavirus, trending music, trending movie dialogue, believe me, or not you can influence a great number of audiences on Tiktok.

Find your strength

We mistake. We mistake. And yes, we keep on doing mistakes. And this mistake is about not working on our strength. You will need to find your passion and your comfort zone. For say, if you love pets and you have a pet you can create Pet videos and people love it. Similarly, if you love DIY videos you can also create DIY videos on Tiktok.

On the other hand, if you find yourself an entertainer or the one who can make others laugh, you can create comedy videos on Tiktok.


We all know the benefit of hashtags. So, keep in mind that you need to use some relevant and trending hashtags that can show you to a great number of audience. You can use some very popular hashtags such as #foryou #foryoupage #tiktokindia #dance.

Tiktok Editing Skills

Learn some new editing skills to get an edge over the other creators. Instead of overwhelming on the videos of others, get to know how they did it. Using some interesting editing skills in your videos you can easily scale your Tiktok page.

I found a channel on YouTube ( click here ) that share TikTok editing videos. Watching these videos you can get to know how other creators are making viral TikTok videos.

Learn Tiktok Effects

When you get to where to use the effects and accustomed to various TikTok video effects you can easily create nice dance videos and other kinds of videos that can amaze your audience.

Give original sound

Many people on Tiktok create lip sync videos. The sound is of some other creator. And, to be honest, there is nothing bad as such. But do you know, that if you create videos with your original sound, it has a better opportunity to go viral?

So, next time you create a Tiktok video, you can see if there is a possibility of using own original sound in the video.

Be confident

Don't be like a shy person in the video. The more confident you are in the video the more chances are there to go viral.

Being confident allows your audience to recognize as an experienced and valued creator.

Be Entertaining

Most of the people use Tiktok for entertainment. So, try to be entertaining and you will see the magic. In order to go viral on Tiktok, you need to provide entertainment to the audience.

Don't take comedy videos for entertainment. All videos that provide value to the audience are entertaining. And that is why all kinds of videos are able to receive attention on Tiktok.

Collab with others

When you want to do the videos professionally and seriously. Then, creating collab videos with the other Tiktok creators can never be a bad idea.

Many content creators on Tiktok already do it to increase the audience reach. It helps both parties to do the collaboration.

However, don't be selecting in the process. Being a micro-influencers, you may face setbacks in collaborating with the big creators on Tiktok. As such, don't get disheartened, and make collaborate with everyone.

Voice pitch

While creating a Tiktok video, you will need to make sure that your original sound is clear and possesses a high volume. For the same, you can use any equipment or maybe a smartphone. Many creators use smartphones to record sound while creating videos.

Even prank creators use smartphones in most cases. So, you also need to make sure that your video sound is very clear. Because terrible sound can make your hardly made video totally terrible.

Don't be lazy

Many TikTok users feel lazy after uploading a few videos and then say there is no scope for the new creators.

However, it is not reality. You have to explore yourself and the platform to find the gap where you can fit yourself as a creator.

It is just imagination, that your single video will make you viral overnight. You will need to keep active on the platform to see the results.

Don't Feel Down

It's natural that you will feel down when you see your videos not performing well even after uploading a couple of videos every single week.

So, this is the time where you need to analyze your mistakes and work on them. You don't need to feel down or disappointed.

If your one video goes viral, the people will come to your profile and when they see all your hard work and some good amount of videos, they will certainly follow you to see your new videos.

So, always be positive and see the plus sign of your efforts and you will see the magic.

Consistency is key

To go viral on Tiktok, you will need to make sure that you are pretty consistent. If you upload videos consistently you will not only be kept on showing in the feed of existing followers but also be able to explore the new audiences.

So, these are some of the tips following which you can easily scale yourself on Tiktok and go viral. If you follow these tricks you can surely go viral on TikTok in no time.

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