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PUBG lite Beta Version India Review: Intense Graphics & Smooth Gameplay?

PUBG lite Beta Version India Review Intense Graphics & Smooth Gameplay

PUBG lite beta is available to download in India since 4th of July. I downloaded the same on 4th of July. I played the game in different modes and resolutions and here is my quick review of PUBG lite beta after playing it for 4 days. I actually was curiously waiting for PUBG lite to launch in India. Playing PUBG Mobile on emulator doesn’t make you feel that much crazy. But yeah, PUBG PC does. Its intense graphics, clear sound provides a real experience.

PUBG lite is the short version of PUBG PC game but it provides almost all the interesting features that make this game really powerful.

When I played the game for the first time, I seriously went much closer to the chicken dinner. I got rank 3. This was a great experience to reach that near to the dinner while playing it first time on PC version. It may be due to the fact that most of players playing would be new to the game and their hands were probably not perfect, or I am not a pro player but yeah I call myself Trouble Maker. This is also my username having the number suffix 297 which is a lucky number for me. Well, I call myself as trouble maker because of the fact that, I don’t get troubled even if I am surrounded with the squad and I don’t fail to kill most of them.

My PUBG Lite Experience

It is graphics that make me very fascinated about PUBG lite. I didn’t find the short play modes so far. I played the classic ones and enjoyed. It took sometime for me to master the essential keys. For this, I went to the training mode. I changed the sensitivity settings that could give me much smoother experience.

PUBG lite is very smoother than that of PUBG on emulator provided you have some good graphics and CPU.

Click here to check out some good laptops for PUBG Lite. To, get the best experience you will need good PC headphones.

Here is the PUBG lite Gameplay video I uploaded when it rolled out in India.

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How you liked this review of PUBG Lite Beta version in India. If you want to download this beta version then you can head over to the PUBG lite official website and download the setup and install in your PC and enjoy playing PUBG in a much smoother experience.

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