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11 Apps for iPhone that will Increase your Productivity

11 Apps for iPhone that will increase your productivity

Everyone wants to save their time in today’s world.  And luckily, we have technology as our helping hand. Big tasks can be done in just matter of few clicks and seconds. Productivity means doing multiple tasks together efficiently and also saving your time and managing your tasks. Here we have come up with 11 apps for iPhone that will increase your productivity.

But as we know, humans are demanding. When we get some facility, we want more and more. So to increase the productivity of your phone’s, we provide you with certain apps. So following are the 11 apps for iPhone that will increase your productivity of your phone and help you achieve more in lesser time.

11 Apps for iPhone that will Increase your Productivity


If your job is of such nature that you have to constantly provide feedback, this app is the most suitable as it effortlessly adds markup or annotations to existing content.


If you are a college goer or if your job requires you to be updated regarding the matters of job, you need to maintain notes and therefore Evernote is your solution. It is one of the most versatile note taking and storage apps available and it is accessible from any device. You can store, edit and tag documents on this cloud based app.


As the name goes, this app increases the productivity by doing the job of task management. Whenever you want to delegate work to other members of your group, this app will be helpful.


This app lets you reduce internal email, delegate tasks and check the status of your projects from one central dashboard. Quite helpful for business.


If you are searching for alternatives to apps like PayPal, this is what you need. The payments are done quickly and in secured way.  No forms need to be filled and no fees to be payed.


Conference calls always get messy at times and many times not everyone gets even connected but this app is the best solution. This app lets you see participant’s Linkedin profiles and can even record meetings so that no important points go missing.



Marketing plays the key role in today’s business world and social media is one of the best platforms available. So to save your time and efforts by managing all your social profiles in single app with this app.


Nowadays staying focused is hard as everyone is distracted by their phones always. This app lets you know how long you’ve been able to resist getting distracted by your phone. The longer you leave the app open, blocking other apps, the more forest grows.


Habitica is by far the most fun gamified iPhone productivity app. Enter you tasks and the habits you want to put in place and start working. When you complete a task, you earn experience.

Google Calendar

This is one of the best productivity apps as the clear interface makes it easy to see what you’re doing and when. One can quickly flip through the coming days to get an idea of what’s ahead.


It is developed by three neuroscientist. It contains collection of music that’s been mixed end edited to serve a specific neurological purpose. One can choose from different genres available and customize energy level and you will be able to increase your concentration power and achieve flow.

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So above 11 iPhone apps will help you increase the productivity and you will surely love these apps. Try to use these apps and increase your productivity level.

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