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Best Instagram Story Ideas & Popular Trends

Best Instagram Story Ideas & Trends

Instagram stories are a great way to let your audience remind them of your existence. But seriously it is much more than that. With the launch of the feature, Instagram users have shown a great interest in it. The Instagram story provides you with many ideas to implement. It is a great way to get serious feedback, notify your audience about an event or happening, allow them to react to something that matters, seek a vote on something, share moments of life, and much more.

With the passage of time, Instagram has implemented & included various features in Instagram stories. These new Instagram stories features include the Ask me a question, Count Down Feature, and more. With the use of these features, you can entice your audience.

It's about good timing, content, and value that makes your story workable. If you have a brand page then certainly you need to put some extra effort to bring about the attraction to the stories. Keep reading this post and I will share some Instagram story ideas which when implement can bring about a positive response from day one.

Best Instagram Story Ideas & Trends in 2024

Attractive Background

In order to get a nice visual appeal out of your insta story, you need to make sure that the background image of the story looks attractive. In order to get backgrounds, you can download a few over the Internet in Full HD vertical resolution. Even you can create a few with apps like Pixellab, Canva, or Designer in gradient or minimalist style. You can also download some corporate Instagram story background designs from Freepik in vector format. You can edit these vector files easily in Illustrator or other vector design software.

Use of GIFs

Instagram lets you use GIFs in the stories. GIFs make the story more actionable and interesting. You can find the relevant GIFs for your content by searching it. You can use GIFs for Follow me, DM me, Swipe Up, and more. GIFs in stories have, however, a drawback that the overall story content sometimes & most often indeed becomes a bit blurry and it loses the pixels & quality.

Using Polls

Using the polls feature to draw the user's attention and response is a great Instagram story idea. It enhances the engagements and ensures the taps. As a result, your stories are likely to reach a reasonably good number of followers every time you share a new insta story via your page & profile. Using Polls also provides you a helpful data like your follower's interest, lickings, responses, and a lot more. This is what helps you in modifying and deciding your future photo video content.

Sharing own content

Sharing your own existing or already posted photo or video is a great way to increase its viewability and ensure it gets the response required. Not only this, sharing the posted content on the story helps you get feedback over that when using the poll feature inside of it.

Share the story separately with contacts

When you complete making the story, Instagram allows you to share it with your friends immediately via messages. You can make use of this feature to enhance the engagement for your stories. Story engagements automatically increase content engagements.


Asking questions

Instagram lets you ask questions from the followers viewing your story. You can make use of this feature to get in touch with your viewers. In you have a food page, you can ask about their favorite dishes, if you have a travel page you can ask viewers about their favorite places, and so on. Asking questions randomly and frequently from your viewers builds up a great relationship with your followers which helps you grow in the future.

Sharing Quotes

Everyone likes good quotes. Sharing nice humorous quotes relevant to your niche helps you increase your brand reputation. You can make use of festive seasons, trends, and other factors to share humorous quotes with your viewers and thus fabricate brand value via social media.

Sharing behind the scenes

It is a great story Idea to share the behind the scenes in stories. It is no restriction that you need to be a video content creator to share behind the scenes. Everyone can share it. If you are a designer, you can share a quick video making your designs. Are you a gamer? You can share your setup and so on. People love to see behind the scenes and thus it is a great way to build meaningful relationships with your followers.

Video Ads

Video Ads are great ways to showcase your brand mission and objectives. It can dramatically bring you, new clients. Video ads can let you reach to a newer audience and bring about the results that you need. Video Ads can put a visual perspective on the audience.

Use Emojis

Using Emojis is one of the great Instagram story ideas to bring about an emotional touch to your story. If you use Emojis frequently you let your audience connect with you easily.

Avoid Being Formal

Many big brands mistake being too much formal. They lose the emotional touch. In order to attain user attention, it is necessary to build up an informal touch with your followers and clients. You can use Quotes, Polls, Emojis, and a lot more other things to bring about the informal and friendly touch so that the users may connect with your vision easily.

Providing Value

If you provide value to your audience with the content that you share, then you are in the game my buddy. However, if you are not providing value you can lose loyal followers too. In order to get in touch with more and more followers you must be spreading the value. Additionally, You can share Giveaways, Provide Knowledge & Information, Provide quality, and more.

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Over to You

So, these are some top Instagram Story Ideas to get more engagement and build a successful brand. You can share your ideas with us on social media.

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