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How To Make Money from Instagram 2022 (Latest)

How to make money on Instagram

Want to know how to make Money from Instagram in 2019? Or want to monetize your Instagram page in a better way to fetch money out of it? You are then landed on the right page.

We all love to use Instagram. Instagram is a powerful photo/videos sharing social media platform. Millions of people come and share stuff on Instagram, they use to visiting profiles of celebrities, influencers, brands and etc.

It is neither easy nor that tough to monetize your Instagram page and make money from the Instagram account. However, you need to have a guide as to what are the best practices that you can use for monetizing.

And if you ever wondered how to make money from Instagram then this post of mine will certainly help you out.

In fact, Many people earn from their Instagram page, then, why not YOU?

Keep reading and I will unveil everything for you.

How To Make Money from Instagram 2019 (Latest)

Be Passionate 

Instagram is surely a platform for you to earn huge from it provided you are passionate about it.


If you are diverting your mind in every single thing you see, it is pretty hard to put in the required effort in something. That's why passion is essential.

Be Creative

In order to make money from Instagram, you will need to be creative.

Have you seen viral photos on Instagram? Did you ever try to figure out why they are viral? Well, when you question it yourself and do some research then you will probably find a bunch of ideas and ways to make your post really distinctive.

For photos, Some users use arrows, round shapes or like that actionable graphics to make their posts really unique.


Make money instagram 2019
An Illustration of Viral Image

The search or explore tab on Instagram is always there to help you find some really amazing ideas.

how to make money from instagram 2019

The above image is having a lot of ideas to implement. Videos have an actionable thumbnail that sometimes you say clickbait too.

Well, clickbait is the negative term I feel most often. It, however, becomes necessary to implement at the very same time if you really want to stand out of the crowd and attract the attention of people and of course of the crowd you parted with.

Be The Authority

Now, in order to positively influence the audience that you have in terms of followers, you really need to be the authority. Don't act like a kid.

People have ever judging tendency. They never stop judging you. However, its different from how they reach, but, yeah, they keep judging you.

In order to make money from Instagram, you have to authentic so that people may enjoy, get some inspiration and find everything interesting in you.

Share the Humor

They are judging you. Remember?

Not all, but yeah, most of them will for sure. So, always share humorous content without any foolishness.

Hours of hard work can be spoiled with a single mistake. So better to be humorous and attentive and share what is material and keep a humor in itself.

Find an Audience

Finding the right audience is not easy if you are starting off. But it is not impossible !! You will need to implement right tactics in the right direction and you will see the audience coming in.

To be honest, building an audience base on Instagram is not a herculean task. I have written a separate article on how to increase Instagram followers. You can read this to expand your audience.

Be Authentic

In order to make money from your Instagram Account, you will need to be pretty authentic. You must always check yourself on promoting wrong things or products.

Value Audience

In order to be successful Instagram Marketer and make a long-term relationship with your audience, you need to value them. Know their interest, find what they love, care what they appreciate and this way build a respectable brand of yourself instead.

Become Instagram Influencer

Among the best ways to make money from Instagram being an Influencer is the best. There is, however, the need for a large audience base in a specific niche. Once you have enough of the audience that see, react and follow your content, you can reach the brands for sponsorship.

There are some websites too where you can signup as a content creator or publisher. You can easily find brands there and brands will find you too. This way you earn money as an Instagram influencer for mutual interest.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a wonderful option for you if you have good followers listing on your page. Affiliate Marketing is basically promoting other people goods online via affiliate link for the commission.

You can use the Affiliate link in your bio and post an image or video about the product or service and let the audience know that they can know more about that through the link in bio.

The Instagram story can also help you to promote your affiliate link. Now depending on the size of the audience you have, the conversions will occur resulting in the huge commission for you.

Event Photographer

In order to make money from the Instagram page, your photography skills can come into play. If you are a photographer, share your photos and include your e-mail in the bio will some call to action text as well.

Instagram Food Channel

Foodies? You can share all of your dishes and restaurants and then work with foods brands to build an income directly from your Instagram account.

Personal Stylist

In the fashion niche, you can use Instagram to showcase your style, allure the audience and let potential clients contact you to leverage your service.

Travel Blogger

Do you love traveling? If yes, then, utilize your traveling experience in a meaningful way. You can work with travel brands, hotels by sharing your traveling experience with your audience.

Graphic Designer

If you are a graphic designer then you can use Instagram as a portfolio. Showcase your projects to the audience and let them know of your sweet services.

People will love to get their work done from you, provided you have a good portfolio and you reach the right audience through your page.


If you have good comedy, singing or music talent, you can showcase that to your audience and build a good audience base.

Let them know in the bio that they can order their services too for certain occasions. If not immediately, they will remember that they have an option when they will be planning for occasions in the future.

Public Speaker

If you have public speaking skills, then, Instagram is a great way to share your skills. Also, you can showcase your public talks to the audience through Instagram Live or by posting videos instead.

Hair Stylist

If you are a hair stylist, you can also share your expertise through your Instagram account and let the viewers know that they can also fix an appointment with you.

Product Reviewer

You can select specific niche of your interest and review the products. People will love to follow and also remember you are specifically reviewing certain category of products.

This way brands will easily be shifted towards you for promoting and reviewing their products that is matching your category.

Make money from Instagram 2019 – Conclusion

To be honest, there are endless ways to make money from Instagram.

You can certainly make money from the Instagram page if you are serious about it and you follow the guidelines properly. I know, you are not dumb either and maybe even smart than me. So, what are you waiting for? Just step up and turn your Instagram page into a money making machine right away.

Hopefully, now you know how to make money on Instagram.

If you have any question or query, you can leave a comment below and you will be answered very quickly.

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