Best Kickass Proxy Websites unblocked in 2020

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Looking for Best Kickass Proxy websites unblocked in 2020? Then you are certainly on the right page. Here we have a detailed article for you about Kickass Proxy.


What is Kickass Proxy?

Before coming to best Kickass proxy websites, first of all, we all must know what is a Kickass proxy. Kickass Proxy is a clone of the original website, which provides the same content as the original Kat website does. Proxy sites are also called mirror sites. Any content which is present over the original website can be accessed through a Kickass proxy. These clone websites get the permission to access the page of the Kickass Torrents. It is a local server which accesses the page from the main server so that the user can get original content on the website.

Why people face trouble in accessing Kickass Torrents?

The original Kickass Torrents which became famous with the name of Kat was launched in 2008. The original site provided the user to access of awesome torrent files for free for which they have to provide a certain amount of money on original websites. So, many countries made the website pretty much inaccessible. The creator of the Kickass torrent Artem Vaulin was arrested and with his arrest, the official torrent website was taken down. However, there is no original site exists, but there are other Kickass proxy and mirror sites from which content can be downloaded. But still there are still some reasons due to which one might have trouble:

  1. Many countries have strict rules for copyright and it makes torrent sites inaccessible.
  2. Computer’s firewall settings are the second reason which becomes a hurdle in accessing Kickass Torrents as the sites which are prone to the virus are blocked by computer.
  3. Torrents sites face downtimes and takedowns, sometimes when you try to access it might have been down.

How to Access Kickass Torrents with VPN?

Virtual Private Network gives the user a private network and enables him to securely send and receive data. It is the VPN which protects the network from web traffic, interference, and virus. Kickass Proxy Sites or mirror sites are illegal in many countries, VPN allows them to access those sites. But even though the torrent sites are illegal, people easily get the access to these sites through VPN because Internet service provider keeps an eye on the user. Many VPN services are provided like Speedify, ProtonVPN Free,, SurfEasy, PrivateTunnel, and others. Once the user gets the Virtual Private Network, he is easily accessible to kickass proxy sites.


Are Kickass Torrents sites safe?

Kickass proxy Torrents sites are safe to open and one can get a file whatever he wants to download from the site. Sometimes the user may face a malfunction in the opening of the site due to restrictions of the region by the government due to copyright issues. When a proxy site is illegal to a region, the IP of the people to that sites get blocked, but using VPN allows to make an unreal IP which accesses to the site. One can use a VPN network to safeguard his privacy while accessing on proxy sites.  Today we are going to reveal a couple of Best Kickass Proxy Sites unblocked in 2020.

Best Kickass Proxy Sites unblocked in 2020

Proxy Sites perform the same function which the original sites do. These sites are profitable due to a huge traffic over these sites. On the internet, various sites like these can be found from which desired content can be downloaded. Now we are going to provide you with a list of Kickass proxy sites unblocked in 2020.

Proxy Sites Status Type online Very fast
KickAss Proxy/Mirror Sites List online Very fast online Fast online Very Fast online Normal online Fast online Very Fast
Fast online Very Fast

Apart from this, there are many other sites which are in the working condition, but sometimes those sites face a malware issue and get down. If all the given proxy sites did not open the torrent user should use a VPN network and it will allow them to access of these sites. The user should never use a free VPN network as the free VPN services cannot be trusted regarding privacy.

The conclusion of Best Kickass Proxy


The original torrent site was taken down long ago, but if somebody wants he can access to files using a proxy site. Kickass Proxy sites allow the user to reach the desired destination from where he can download movies, videos, music, and games. I hope our Best Kickass proxy sites unblocked in 2020 will help you.



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