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How To Increase Instagram Followers

Instagram nowadays  is a splendid platform to promote your brand, company or work. You can reach out with hundreds and thousands of other people and exchange ideas. But the trouble is that you did the homework to impress the teacher but the next day you found teacher absent. You will never like to do thing if it is not appreciated and who does not want followers ?? In fact, everyone of us want to increase Instagram followers.


If you are new on Instagram, probability is that you will have very rare followers. To start with, you will need followers to show your work. Don’t worry I have some strategies to share with you with the help of which you can increase your followers without any hassle.

increase instagram followers

#Tips To Increase Instagram Followers

1. Use suitable, popular, trending, catchy, and post related hashtags. They really help for your post to reach more people. There are so many tags used by most of users like – #like4like #amazing #followme #followback #cute #love and more. You can even take recourse to application for finding suitable hashtags for your posts.

Top Tags Ru-Хэштеги Instagram
Top Tags Ru-Хэштеги Instagram


2. Don’t Ignore posts of other people. Like, comment as much as possible which will ensure your presence. Even majority of brands have used this technique. With the high presence you will get more followers.

3. Post Regularly – You need to post regular on your page. This will ensure your activeness and people love to follow those who are active in run.

4. Search and follow more and more people. They will follow you back if they are interested in your page. But make sure you find the right audience to follow so that rate of return may be more.

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5. Promote that one of your post which you find is getting better engagements than from the other posts. It will really you find interested followers for your page.

6. Run Contests on social media and ask for few tasks like to follow on twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Many people have adopted this strategy and are also indulge in adopting it time to time. It will really help to increase Instagram followers in less time.


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Tips continued

7. Ask Questions through your post or captions. Asking for feedback is very helpful.

8. Make people aware about what you are through your bio and posts. People love to know about you. Even you can add a well written about page in your bio link.

9. Use proper call to action in your website blog or YouTube channel about your Instagram profile.

10. Learn from insights. See the analytics time to time which will really help you know the veins of the people following you. It will give an idea about the best time to post, which category of content people are liking most. And off course you can discover more.

11. Set the time and date when to post.

13. You can use Crowdfire to analyse your audience.

Crowdfire: Social Media Manager
Crowdfire: Social Media Manager

14. Post better content and attractive images. Don’t compromise with the image resolution and keep it as high as possible.



These were the simple and most used tips to increase the followers on your Instagram, most of them you might have aware about but you should strategically use these tips to have better output.


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