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Oxylabs Review: Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons

Oxylabs Review

Oxylabs is operating since 2015, it is a tech company that provides resources and tools for web data harvesting. It was designed originally by a team full of talented experts and professionals to boost everything you can think of. It is based on multiple locations as it covers almost the entire world targeting the city, Country, and ASN. If you are looking for a trustworthy and well-grounded proxy provider that will meet all your requirements and needs, this Oxylabs Review article is the right place for you.

It is a premium proxy and web scraping solutions provider whose dashboard offers round-the-clock support, and 24/7 assistance allowing you to connect with them at any hour of need. It also offers a custom-made configuration to cater to the customer’s needs. Oxylabs has advanced solutions like- Nest-Gen Residential Proxies powered by Al & ML, which allows you to gather data with a full success rate regardless of the target's complexity. 

Oxylabs overview

Personally, Oxylabs is the best Proxy provider I found until now not only because of its proxies but also due to its interface and ease of use. In my experience Oxylabs team possesses decades of personal experience in web scraping, they know their job perfectly. In all, it is an excellent proxy provider that helps companies get business intelligence data and offers enterprise-level support and premium proxies.

Since everything cannot be covered in the introduction and there is more to explore, just sit down relaxed with the blue light filter ON, and read this detailed review on Oxylabs.

Oxylabs Overview

Oxylabs overview

Oxylabs see its clients as their partners ensuring both parties get the benefit as much as possible from the relationship and offers the highest quality of proxies that helps customers with ad verification, market research, travel fare aggregation, pricing intelligence, SEO monitoring, and much more.

Oxylabs primarily focus on business clients which is evident from their website's appearance. And guess what? It's the first proxy company that has product insurance.

Oxylabs has been doing great in customer support as the issues are resolved in almost no time and you get a dedicated account manager to support you in need. Although the prices are higher than regular but with these features and personal support the prices are definitely worth it.

Proxies Available on Oxylabs

It offers different types of proxies like Residential Proxies, Static Residential Proxies, Datacentre Proxies, Mobile Proxies, Next-Gen Residential proxies, SOCKS5 Proxies, and Rotating ISP Proxies.


Residential Proxy is a proxy network containing real IP addresses provided by Internet Service Providers (ISPs). And the IP addresses are attached to physical locations across the world at a city or country level. The requests that come from the residential proxies stand out for their legitimacy to allow you to gather public data efficiently.

Datacenter Proxies, which come from remote (cloud) servers. They are one of the fastest types of proxies with low prices and high uptime. It is a highly-affordable and reliable web monitoring solution, that is great for brand protection and market research.

Next-Gen Residential Proxies which is an Al & ML-based advanced API solution that gathers data with a 100% success rate. The auto-retry permits you to collect even more complex data by continuously attempting to acquire the requested information.

Mobile Proxies- the most stable IP pool of mobile proxies. It lets you overcome even the most challenging geo-restrictions with the help of an extensive list of locations, country-level, and ASN targeting.

Rotating ISP Proxies- this type of proxy ensures a long session time, confirming the data gathering with no connection errors. The stable sessions allow you to consistently go through all the needed scraping steps and access various pages using the same IP address. And as a result, the data is obtained without any delay.

SOCKS5 Proxy- A SOCKS5 proxy server is a proxy type operating over the TCP internet protocol. It offers enhanced security and is able to support UDP traffic. Due to its properties, there’s a range of use cases SOCKS5 proxy servers are best suited for, such as video streaming, live calls, and traffic-intensive data gathering.

Static Residential Proxies- It is a counterpart of Residential Proxy. The only difference between Static Residential proxies and Residential proxies is that they cannot be rotated.

Overall, Oxylabs has a pool of over 100 million IP addresses in 195 countries in the world which makes it the right choice for almost everyone.


Oxylabs Features 2024

Multiple Locations

Oxylabs proxies are based on multiple locations. Some of the locations included in the Oxylabs are- South America along with Europe, Asia, the US, and the Pacific. This feature makes Oxylabs globally accessible.

Custom Setup


In Oxylabs the data extraction project is very unique so here it offers a custom-made configuration to meet your requirements and needs.

Full IPV6 Support


IPV6 is very great for Search Engine Data harvesting. Oxylabs has implemented full IPv6 support allowing you to easily benefit from the internet protocols.

In-House Rotation


IP rotation is done by Oxylabs all you need to do here is simply just hit one IP address and that’s all. After this, you will be routed through one of its IPs.

99% Uptime


In Oxylabs all the servers generally run in custom-designed software and are mostly based in some of the reliable data centers all across the world. Other than that, they guarantee a 99.9% up-time.

24/7 Technical Support


Using Oxylabs you will get friendly and experienced technical expertise that is just a call or an email away. The support team of Oxylabs is available 24 hours, 7 days, and 365 days a year.

Session Control

The session control in Oxylabs enables you to minimize any chances of simply getting blocked. It even minimizes the chances of receiving incorrect data.

Lean IP Management Tool

Oxylabs is based on Python and it's snappier and lighter. And it is about 5 times faster than the Squid.

Diverse Resources

The IPv4 data of Oxylabs generally consists of 750,000 IP addresses straight from all the major continents with 50 Mbps as well as 10 Gbps bandwidth.

Built-in Safety Features


The system usually blacklists the IP address that has already been blocked. Other than that, it adds user-string right into your queries reducing the chances of getting blocked.

Advanced Stats

The advanced IP rotator of Oxylabs generally provides detailed insights right about the queries that you make. You can also monitor your costs and usage.

How to use Oxylabs?

Oxylabs getting started

?Register and create a new user by providing your email address and creating a password. Then click “Continue”.

Oxylabs account creatiopn

? Enter your name, surname, company, and phone number. Then click “Continue”. Briefly describe your use case and click “Finish registrations”

?The product overview window will appear. Purchase any proxy you wish to. Here, let us purchase the residential proxies by pressing the” Select plan” under the residential proxies window.

Oxylabs overview page

? Select a residential proxy plan. And click on the fast checkout button then “Agree” to proceed from the terms and conditions window.

Oxylabs proxy plans

? You will get a payment page. Choose the currency you wish to pay with then fill in the payment details and click “Next”. Then click “Buy now”

Oxylabs pricing

? Return to your account dashboard by clicking on Back to Oxylabs.

? Set up your residential proxies. Create a new proxy user and start using Oxylabs residential proxies.

Oxylabs proxy user creation

In the process don't forget to use the coupon to get 30% off right away.

Oxylabs Discount

Oxylabs Alternatives

Bright data

In the premium space, Bright Data is Oxylab's biggest competitor and best alternative. Bright Data offers even more features and more powerful proxy management tools, along with complete pre-scraped data sets. Bright Data is a data collection platform that lets customers collect data sets from lakhs and lakhs of websites through its proprietary technology.


The first place you can go if your budget doesn’t fit Oxylabs is Smartproxy. It offers almost a similar performance to the Oxylabs. Smartproxy has a great user experience and proxy-based tools. However, it has fewer options as compared to Oxylabs.

NetNut Proxy Network

It is one of the fastest residential proxies in the market for businesses. NetNut Proxy Network has over 5M proxies that are growing every week. It offers three types of proxies each of which provides different functions that are designed to meet your needs. NetNut Proxy Network gives scalable and advanced proxy solutions with unlimited domains & connections and 99.9% uptime.


Does Oxylabs provide integration support?

Yes, Oxylabs provide integration support. When you start with Oxylabs you will get a dedicated account manager that'll support you with integration. Moreover, you get 24/7 customer support to help you with integration-related queries.

Is there any setup fee?

No, Oxylabs did not charge any setup fee. However, if you want a custom tailor-made solution, you'll be charged a certain fee.

What kind of customer support does Oxylabs provide?

Oxylabs provide 24/7 customer support. Either you can live chat through Drift or you can contact us through e-mail. Additionally, based on the signed contract you get a dedicated account manager to support you.

Are Oxylabs Residential Proxies Self Rotating?

Oxylabs Residential Proxies are rotating proxies by default. Unlike a static proxy, which assigns one sticky IP, Oxylabs Rotating Residential Proxy provides you access to an entire pool of IP addresses.

Which forms of payment are accepted?

You can pay using various methods, using bank transfers, cards, Paypal, and Alipay.

Which locations are available in Oxylabs Residential Proxies?

Oxylabs residential proxies covers almost every country in the world, along with the world’s largest cities. You can refer to the documentation for more info on this topic.

What is Oxylabs refund policy?

Oxylabs only have a refund policy for self-service products, except for the Pay-as-you-go plan. However, it also offers a free trial for most products to avoid refunds and allow you to try proxies and scraping solutions.

Oxylabs Pricing

The pricing plans for different proxies offered by Oxylabs are different.

The Data Center Proxies starts at $180 per month in its entry plan. Their Advanced plan comes at $800 per month, Pro at $1500 per month, Enterprise at $6000 per month, and Corporate has custom pricing. The Residential Proxies starts with the Basic plan at $300 per month. The Pro plan at $900 per month, Enterprise at $5000 per minute billed monthly, the corporate at custom, and the Entry plan at $300. The Real-Time Crawler starts at $350 per month in the Entry plan, followed by the Advanced, Pro, Enterprise, and Corporate plans. 

Oxylabs pricing is a bit higher than normal but after looking at its service and features, the prices seem to be fairly justified.

What makes Oxylabs stand out?

Oxylabs pros

Oxylabs has been operating since 2015, which makes it stand out in its global coverage. It is spread out in more than 195 countries, thus making it easier for anyone from anywhere to locate a proxy server with absolutely no hassle. When it comes to using Oxylabs there are a lot of benefits. No matter how highly advanced features are there in a product, there is always a need for great customer support. Oxylabs kept this in mind as it provides its users with out-of-the-box customer support letting the users connect with them at any time they are in need.

The team at Oxylabs is very dedicated to their job and happily assists customers at any point in time. They ensure high-end product delivery and stay in touch afterward to give their customers a seamless experience. Oxylabs' round-the-clock support surely makes them stand a class apart from any of its other competitors.

The second most outstanding thing about Oxylabs is their global coverage means it is not confined to any geographical boundaries. You can choose Oxylabs proxy services for your business and work globally by letting your customers use them very easily, irrespective of the location. Oxylabs boosts amazing coverage in approximately 195 countries all across the globe on different continents. All you need to do is choose any city or county of your wish and Oxylabs will be there to serve you.

Oxylabs has an extensive proxy pool which is yet another benefit you get while using it. There is about 100M+ ethically sourced residential proxy pool in it to ease the clients. Mostly when you choose a proxy server for your business its performance is the first thing you think about. And Oxylabs ensures that it provides great performance and scales up its customer's businesses within the minimum possible time.

The proxy provider also helps companies in finding out real-time business intelligence information. Another thing that makes Oxylabs stand out is- it is a highly reliable and trusted option. It just not assures a great performance but also guarantees data safety and integrity. Oxylabs always fetches the information from the rightful sources ensuring its credibility and making sure that their data and information never create any hassle for the business during scraping jobs.

Oxylabs Pros and Cons


  • Global network coverage.
  • Premium customer support.
  • Great and smooth performance.
  • Reliable and stable proxy resources.
  • 24/7 live support and instant help.
  • Auto-retry system.
  • Detailed account manager.
  • High success rates.
  • Country and ASN filtering.
  • 100M+ ethically sourced residential proxy pool.
  • Real-Time crawler and data gathering tool.
  • Best overall performance.


  • A bit pricy. Every product integrated with a myriad of features comes at a high price.
  • More pricing options are needed.
  • High entry threshold.

Over to you

Finally, we have reached the end of this article. So, before we conclude anything, let me first thank you for accompanying me here.

In short, if I summarize the whole matter, then what we get is an understanding of an amazing provider of Proxies, Oxylabs. To unlock the full potential of Oxylabs Proxy Provider, take advantage of its extensive features and benefits by trying one of their proxy services. With unlimited concurrent sessions, single back connects entry, and state, city, and ASN targeting, you have complete control over your proxy usage.

Its extensive and stable Residential Proxy network ensures reliable and high-performing connections for all your needs. Integration is hassle-free, allowing for a smooth start to your proxy journey.

Rest assured that Oxylabs proxies are trustworthy and secure, with top-notch data protection. It offers a range of additional perks such as free proxy management tools, Lloyd's insurance coverage, and dedicated account managers to support you every step of the way.

Don't settle for less when it comes to proxy providers – choose Oxylabs for a superior experience.

The Review


98% Score

Oxylabs is a leading proxy provider company that delivers premium proxies and enterprise-level support to customers. It has millions of premium data centers and residential IPs all across the globe, that allow the customers to maintain a robust data-gathering infrastructure and power the business.


  • Global network coverage
  • Premium customer support
  • Great and smooth performance
  • Reliable and stable proxy resources
  • 24/7 live support and instant help
  • Very extensive proxy pool
  • Detailed account manager
  • High success rates
  • Country and ASN filtering
  • 100M+ ethically sourced residential proxy pool
  • Real-Time crawler and data gathering tool


  • More pricing options are needed
  • High entry threshold

Review Breakdown

  • Easy To Use 0%
  • Features 0%
  • Support 0%
  • Documentation 0%
  • Brand Trust 0%
  • Integrations 0%

Oxylabs DEALS

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