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18 Best Dictionary Apps for Android Users

18 Best Dictionary Apps for Android Users

If you are an Android User and looking for the best dictionary app for your daily or frequent uses, then you have come over to exactly the top page of the web.


We all have been learning about thousands of words since our childhood and we will learn about many of them till we die. Learning is a lifetime process. But we also know that language is hard. When you think that you have got to know everything about a specific language very well, you get to know that there are many other rules regarding the usage of that particular language. One word has several other connotations. So, basically if you are a language enthusiast and want to know about different words and languages, their usages and want to sharpen your vocabulary you should have dictionary with you. So, everyone demands a best dictionary apps for Android users which can be easily used any time.

And, since this is era of technology, everything is available online and in a more elaborated way. There are so many English dictionary app for mobile are available for your help. You can get a lot of information with the help of these dictionary apps. So here is the compilation of 18 best dictionary apps for Android users which will help you out knowing a lot of words and their meanings.

18 best dictionary apps for Android users

WordReference Dictionary

WordReference dictionary app is available free of cost for android users. WordReference has 18 languages and is truly the holy grail of free dictionaries. Not only does it provide translations, the app also offers definitions in the target language and also helps you navigate those tricky conjugations. WordReference boasts several non-English language combinations.

Click here – WordReference Dictionary

BBC Learning English

BBC Learning English is an amazing dictionary app is also available free of cost for android users. BBC Learning contains not only meaning of different English words but also provides you with features of getting news and remain updated with information.

Click here – BBC Learning

Wordweb Dictionary

One of the most popular and free dictionary app. It features around 285000 words and sense definitions and more. There is also a built in thesaurus, pronunciations and more. It also helps you to know the difference between words that sound similar.

Click here – Wordweb Dictionary

Pocket Thesaurus Dictionary

Pocket Thesaurus is an app which gives you a greater understanding of the English language. This dictionary application covers around 90,000 common words. There is also a floating thesaurus mode that lets you see synonyms of words simply by selecting them. The free version has ads while the paid version does not.

Click here – Pocket Thesaurus

Google Search

It’s true that Google’s app isn’t officially  a dictionary app. Google can be used to look up words through voice or text command. You can ask meaning of any word and their usage examples as well. Translations, synonyms, antonyms everything is available for the android users.

Click here – Google Search

English Dictionary

English Dictionary is another amazing app. It boasts a word base of 239000 words. What else you want and along with  that a variety of features. There is a randomiser that lets you look up to random words. Themes can also be changed and some cute animation are also present to give it a look as if you are reading a book. English Dictionary is a free app with no in-app purchases or advertising.

Click here – English Dictionary is yet another popular app containing tons of features including word of day, audio pronunciation, a translator for over 30 languages and even the word origins. So many features at one platform. You can even buy additional dictionaries as in app purchases. The features included in this are slang dictionary, idioms and phrases and even medical dictionary. Amazing app and must try.

Click here –

Kids Picture Dictionary

Kids Picture Dictionary is an amazing dictionary app especially designed for kids. They will learn a lot from it and at their growing age they will have a good command over their vocabulary. Kids Picture Dictionary has many pictures in order to grab kid’s attention. With the help of this dictionary app, the kids can even record their own pronunciation guides which makes it more fun.

Click here – Kids Picture Dictionary

Scrabble Dictionary

Scrabble Dictionary is an amazing app available for free of cost for android users with tons of words along with their meanings and usages and pronunciation. This app will help you in getting all the possible meaning of word you are looking for.

Click here – Scrabble Dictionary


Chinese English Dictionary

Chinese English Dictionary is one of the best English dictionary app for mobile in 2019 which has two languages Chinese and English and can be used to translate sentences and know the meaning of different words in both languages. This application is absolutely free of cost and available for Android users.

Click here – Chinese English Dictionary

Dictionary Linguee

Dictionary Linguee is a highly reliable app when it comes to linguistic and cultural differences. This app has 400 lexicographers and professional speakers on team. The dictionary application interface makes it yet another demanding app. It’s user interface makes it very easier to user.

Click here – Dictionary Linguee

GRE Vocabulary Builder

So all the GRE aspirants must have this app as it fullfills all their requirements. GRE Vocabulary Builder is broken up into sections. This dictionary application will help you learn a lot more words than the general dictionary. Apart from GRE, the app also helps in preparation of SAT and TOEFL.

Click here – GRE Vocabulary Builder

Legal Dictionary

Legal dictionary will help you update your legal jargon. Legal Dictionary is an amazing app to boost your legal knowledge as well. Available free of cost for android users.

Click here – Legal dictionary

Oxford Dictionary

Oxford Dictionary app is excellent for English learners because it has very easy to understand definitions. This is considered one of the best dictionary apps for smartphones given by Moby Systems. Includes more than 350,000 words and 75000 audio pronunciations.

Click here – Oxford Dictionary

Offline Dictionary

Offline Dictionary is not only a dictator but a vocabulary building app as well. Offline Dictionary is an offline Dictionary app for iOS which comes with meaning of over 147,000 words with synonyms, examples of usage and spelling suggestions and many more features.

Click here – Offline Dictionary

English Persian Dictionary

English Persian Dictionary is yet another important app for people who want to know different words from these two languages and it helps in their translation as well. One of the best free dictionary app has a perfect user interface and is also free of cost at Google Pay.

Click here – English Persian Dictionary

Urban dictionary

Urban dictionary is app for the youth as it contains slang words and their usage and meanings which most of the teenage girls and boys wants to know in order to look cool among their circles.

Click here – Urban dictionary


Fluent U is another amazing app which makes it easy to watch and understand native English videos with interactive captions. In this application, you only need to tap or click on any word to see what it means, learn how to use it, hear it pronunciation and a lot more.

Click here – Fluent U


So above is the list of 18 best dictionary apps for Android users. You must have any of them if you love learning new words and their meanings. If you think, you can tell us any other application which is better, you can share it with us which we will update in our list.


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