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WhatsApp Auto Reply Without Root – Turn Busy Hours into Productivity

WhatsApp is now being used as the medium of business. In business world, we have to deal with numerous number of people each day. In Facebook page, we can use chatbots to automate the work. Chat Bots ease the work of entrepreneurs to a great extent. When it comes to WhatsApp there is no function inbuilt in the application as of now. Though, according to the sources, with the release of WhatsApp Business application which is currently in beta test, away messages feature will be added therein. But what if I tell you that there is an application through which you can enable WhatsApp auto reply without root. Let's talk in detail about the application and its functions.

AutoResponder for WhatsApp
AutoResponder for WhatsApp

The application is developed by TK studio which works perfectly well. The user interface of the application is quite very good. But the sad thing is that the application contains ads and is having in app purchases for using extended features of the application. We shall discuss all the features including extended features. You can download the modded version of the application is well. You are well aware of the sources if not let me know in comments.

How To Use WhatsApp Auto Reply without root

First of all you need to precisely install the application allowing all the necessary permissions( it is safe to use.). After you finish installing you will see the below activity.

whatsapp auto reply without root


There is need for your device to be rooted for using this application. Now Enable the button of the top right. After that just click the green floating action button on the bottom right corner. This will redirect you to the below activity.

whatsapp auto reply without root



The above window is the main window to set rules for detecting specific incoming messages. Just above the three options(exact match, pattern matching, expert pattern matching) there is edit text widget to write the actual text to be detected.

In the case of of exact match the app will reply only if the text will exactly match to the rule. Suppose if I write “Hello” in the rule and select exact match. The app will answer only if the received message will be “Hello”. In the case above if someone say “Hello” then my auto reply will be “Hi there”.

What if in case, the person says “Hello bro” and you want the same reply to be sent. Now you can go for pattern matching and write “Hello*” in the text. Now any message received starting with “hello” word will be answered as “hi there”(as per the screenshot, you can customize it).

whatsapp auto reply without root

Will I have to make separate rules for separate text detection?

If you want the same answer to be given in different situations, then you can do it in pattern matching by adding the alternate text with “//”.


If you want to reply “welcome” to anyone who says “thanks”, “ok thanks”, “thank you”, “ty”, “tysm”, “thank you so much”.

Selecting the pattern matching option your text would be : thanks//ok thanks//thank you//ty//tysm//thank you

Now in your reply message you can write “Welcome”. One more interesting thing is that you can address automatically the person by clicking the tag like button adjacent to the device location button. Where you will find different properties like name, first name, last name, day, time etc. to make your auto reply more authentic. The name will be detected by which name you have saved the contact. There is availability of more basic options like specific contacts, ignored contacts and delay in seconds as is shown below. This way you can automate whatsapp auto reply without root access in your device and turn your busy hours into productivity.

whatsapp auto reply no root


There is lot of more interesting things to explore in the application which you will find in “Expert Pattern Matching”. Clicking the exclamation icon right in front of the option you will find the tutorials link for the same where there are discussed endless possibilities.

We have also discussed in our previous articles about how to send scheduled messages on whatsapp and how to change whatsapp theme for android, please take a look on them as well.

I hope you enjoyed reading whatsapp auto reply without root, Please get in touch with us on our YouTube Channel and be our bro on facebook. Till then bye bye, share this article with your friends and take care.


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