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Unleash Your Creativity with WhatsApp

Unleash creativity with whatsapp

WhatsApp is a very popular and ever growing social messenger application. It is clean, simple and easy to use messenger application. It allows you to keep in touch with your friends, family, colleagues, clients and many other people. Well, I know why you here. Maybe you want to know some creative ideas with WhatsApp or you already know many and want to know if I have listed them. Whatever the reason may be, I welcome you and I will share some interesting things that you can do with WhatsApp.

Unleash Your Creativity With WhatsApp

Unlock more features with WhatsApp Plus

Have you ever used WhatsApp Plus or GBWhatsApp? If you are curious about technology and always after the creativity, I suppose you might have. Even, if you have not used it, sit back and I will tell you as to what new you can find in WhatsApp Plus. With WhatsApp plus you can change theme, schedule messages, hide seen for chats and groups, change fonts and unlock more exciting features like that.

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Contact anyone without having to save the no.

If you are not aware of the possibilities, you follow the traditional procedure to send the message to a new person where you first add the number to your contact list. Then you quickly jump to the contact tab on WhatsApp, refresh the list, find the saved number and text him/her. Huh, is not it time taking? Maybe, not for you. Just kidding. Anyways, suppose you want to add the number on a condition that it is available on WhatsApp. Then it would be ticklish to first add the number, check availability, then decide whether to let it saved or deleted.

For example, while walking on the road, you find an exciting offer on a board and a number is inscribed thereon. Now you want to quickly WhatsApp on that no. , you can do the following :

Without Application

You can do it simply do it by using the following link in the address bar of your browser.

For adding some text as well

The above is preferable for websites, where you have set up a bot which is to initiate with selected text for say “Get started” and you can link the complete URL to a button on your website.

[toggle title=”Note”]

You might be wondering what is “urlencodedtext”. Let me tell you that you just need to replace it with desired text which should be in URL encoded text format. For complete reference just search for ref urlencode and head over to the W3schools website.

Also, in “phonenumber” you will need to replace it with the desired number with country code.[/toggle]

To use “Get started” you link would be as below:

With Application

If it seems exhausting to you, which I don't think actually is, you can use the third party application as below.

Whats Direct for WhatsApp
Whats Direct for WhatsApp
Developer: JrdMobApps
Price: Free

The application is simple and easy to use.

WhatsApp broadcast and Groups

WhatsApp broadcast allows you to manage your contacts in a sophisticated way. Suppose, you found something crazy be it text, photo or video but you can't share it with your family members and some selected persons in your contacts. Now, you may feel it tiring to select the desired people, maybe you are lucky enough that you have not tons of contacts added to your list. But what if the same situation arises frequently.

Now, the best practice to avoid these situations is making broadcast on WhatsApp where you can manage your contact accordingly. You can name it as Family, Friends, Teachers, Clients and what not. Now you don't need to sort out the contacts everytime you need to share something.

You can share anything with a few selections and all your broadcast users can view it. Now the beneficial thing is that they will receive it as a personal message. They don't know that they are added to a broadcast by you. Additionally, you can also check as to who has seen the message sent.

I don't think if you are not aware of the groups. But are you kind of a person who does not want to be involved in any random gossip then you might know about the mute feature. Do you know that you can be in the group, read the messages without giving a hint to other members of your presence? If not, then you can do it simply by hiding seen from the group. To do that you can use WhatsApp Plus.


WhatsATool for business

Now you can be more connected with your clients and have more sales than ever before using WhatsATool. WhatsTool can provide a jetpack for your business. You can be more attentive, have feedbacks, overcome difficulties, connect with clients and thus create a healthy business environment. You can scale up your business with WhatsATool powerful business software. Though WhatsATool is not a free service.

[toggle title=”Note”] You can learn more about WhatsATool on the official website of ATMS.  [/toggle]

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Auto Response For WhatsApp

The entire world is driving towards automation. In this fast and speedy world who does not want to automate the tasks. If you are a person who receives numerous message every day, you may find it difficult to answer all or most of them. At the same time, unwillingly and unintentionally you may break the heart of others who are looking for your response. I feel that this situation arises with most of us these days.

To tackle this and such other situation like this you use Auto Responder for WhatsApp.

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AutoResponder for WhatsApp
AutoResponder for WhatsApp

Schedule WhatsApp Messages

In this busy life, we find lots of creative ideas but we all are forgetful at the same time. We all forget many things in our day to day life. As such, we also forget to ask, inform, inquire many things in life. To avoid this we can schedule the messages we want to convey at any given time in future. We can either use WhatsApp Plus or GBWhatsApp to accomplish it or we can take recourse to other third party scheduler applications which can ease our daily life.

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Wrapping Up

These were some things that you can perform to unleash your creativity with WhatsApp. If you found this article helpful anyhow, please share this with your best friends and let them be more attentive as yours in this rapid fast world.

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