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Most Iconic iPhone Apps of the Decade (2010-2019)

Best and Most Iconic iPhone Apps of the Decade

There are no two ways that the 2010s was the most innovative decade for mobile technologies. Both, Android and iOS have grown up to a huge extent and are seriously competing with each other. Don’t believe it? The Smartphone’s processor has been upgraded from a single-core to eight cores; the normal 1GB of RAM has upgraded to the 12GB of RAM, and 4GB or less storage in the Smartphones has upgraded up to 1TB. This proves that software has evolved over the decade and has given us a lot of opportunities.

Mobile phones are running in the race of upgrading the design, they are now able to handle more workload, and people are also shifting to phones from computers. Although there are so many android phones in the market, the iPhones are still able to maintain its irreplaceable place. 

Their software and hardware has upgraded to a huge extent till 2019. This gives freedom to the users to install any type of app in it. Still, if you want to know about the best and most iconic iPhone Apps of the decade, we have some for you. Check them out!

Best iPhone Apps of the Decade (2010-2019)


Instagram was exclusively debuted for iOS in 2010, but within two years, it was able to acquire its place in the Apple devices. It is counted as a top platform to share videos and photos with friends and families, and almost every 13 to 40 years old person use this app. It is a simple app and this is the reason why people are loving using it. That’s how Instagram has got to the 1 billion registered users list by the end of 2019. 

This app is also very famous among celebrities and even marketers use this app to run ads. You can also find many Instagram influencers to grow audiences on this app, for whom, speaking about the issues or promoting products is the way to earn money. In 2015, Facebook acquired this app by paying $1 billion and stocks, which can be another reason for its success.


Snapchat was launched in September 2011, and within a short period of time, it has become one of the famous Image sharing apps. In its first year, the app was processing up to 25 images each second. And when it launched its video-sharing feature, Snapchat has grown to a huge extent as it was getting more than 10 billion videos bides per day.

The Story feature on Snapchat was another feature that pushed it towards success. The stories were only lasting for 24 hours, which was helping the people to trust this platform. Since then, you can see tremendous growth in its user’s size. 

Candy Crush Saga

In terms of play mechanics, Candy crush is no longer have to offer a lot to their users, rather, they are simply offering some amazing easy matching games. All the candy crush games are almost the same, but they have some minor differences in them. The first candy crush game debuted in 2012, and despite being free, it has become one of the most-earning and downloaded apps of the 2010s era. 


Candy Crush has been downloaded by 2.7 billion times, and in 2018, the gamers have spent almost $4.2 million every day. Money aside, the game has also given some area to small videos and ads to play on the app.

Apple Pay

Years ago, some brilliant people have planned to design an app to pay bills using phones, so that people no longer have to carry cash, coins, and cards. And that day became a reality in 2014 when Apple Pay was launched. It is a digital wallet that allows user to carry their wallet on their phone themselves.

Apple Pay is authenticated via facial recognition, thumbprint, or password, which means it is absolutely safe. People found it very useful and that’s why it has become one of the best and iconic apps of the 2010s decade.


Earlier, the iPhone used to type on their mobile phones to get anything done. But since the Siri was launched, i.e. in October 2011, it became easier for users to ask their phones to do something for them. Siri is a digital assistant that works as the user’s friend and do the various work for them like ordering food, scheduling meeting, calling someone, reading messages, and searching something on the internet.

Just say ‘Hey Siri’ and she will do work for you. Apple users are very lucky in this case. Although Google, Samsung, and other platforms offer the digital assistant, Siri is dominating the whole Mobile market. 


Another Apple app that has become very famous in the 2010s is Face Time. It allows iPhone users to do group facetime calls on iPhone and iPad. This app was debuted in mid-2010 and gained a lot of popularity. Earlier there were some drawbacks with the app, but with time, the company has made its app simpler and perfect for every user. 

Facetime has made the video chatting so famous that everyone across the world was following this trend. Even the other apps have also added video chat options to attract users. But there are no two ways that they all owe their success to Facetime app.

Apps come and go, but some are able to acquire their irreplaceable place in the Mobile industry. And the above-given iPhone apps are some of them. They have ruled the 2010s. Some other apps who are no less than these apps are able iconic in their ways are:

  • Vine
  • Pokemon Go
  • Tinder
  • Facebook
  • Uber
  • TikTok
  • WhatsApp

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