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Android Oreo Best Features: See, What’s New?

With every new Android version comes new features to the phones which receive those update. The latest Android version, Android Oreo, brings really amazing features including the security patches. Many phones like Pixel, Pixel 2, Oneplus 3/3T, Mi A1 have received these Android Oreo updates, based on using those few phones today I’m gonna be explaining the features of Android Oreo. So let's get started.

Android Oreo Best Features


Android Oreo Best Features
Picture In Picture Mode

The New Picture in picture feature in Android Oreo is similar to using chrome in the background while watching video also in a computer but it is in mobile. With the announcement of android O at google I/O they said all the google apps would support picture in picture mode but youtube still lacks picture in picture mode , but chrome has support for pic-in-pic mode (if you want to enjoy youtube in picture-in-picture mode you have to open it in google chrome)


Android Oreo Best Features
New Emojis

With introduction of new version of android, Android Oreo, Google tries to bring new emoji to the plate but with this update google has raised their game and made their emojis look more like cartoonish side .



Android Oreo Best Features
Display Size and Font Size

Apps and fonts might not have been too good for everyone so now they bought options to change the display size and font size also with android oreo.

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Android Oreo Best Features
Notification Dots

Dots are now not just native to iOS and some custom launchers but even to stock launcher also, you can change the size of dots also in Android oreo which really helps when you forget about certain notification.


Android Oreo Best Features
App Shortcuts

Though app shortcuts have been common for many devices since android nougat it wasn’t available for all the apps but now it has been more refined in many ways and has become availability for more apps which really helps.


Android Oreo Best Features
New Settings Menu

With android 7 settings menu was redesigned for a option to slide out for easy access but with android 8 that slide out feature has been removed and settings menu has been redesigned to it’s old side, which is well and good but I still miss that slide out feature though because it was really helpful when I need to jump from mobile networks to display settings but now we have to go back and go to settings menu.


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Android Oreo Best Features
Background Activities getting restricted

With a power hungry phone comes a quicker battery drain so to help phones maintain a long lasting battery google will prioritize apps which are running in front first and keeps activity of background apps to bare minimum, this in-turn also helps to speed up the phone too. It is a doze function but improved version of it.

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Android Oreo Best Features
Auto fill forms

Having to remember also those passwords of all those pages is a hassle , but if you are thinking to use a password manager to remember those passwords then google’s new auto fill will help you to fill forms, it is more simpler and easier to use those pages.


Android Oreo Best Features
Better Bluetooth Connections

With removal of headphone jack wireless connections are getting more and more common so with the help of SONY , google has made those Bluetooth connections very good , they made high resolution Bluetooth music with codec called LDAC to provide greater quality music.


Android Oreo Best Features
Package Installer

This has received a new and fresh look in oreo too. This shows the actual progress of the installation of the apps and you can cancel the installation anytime while it is installing.

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For more features of Android Oreo, we will keep digging the features as the updates become more and more available to others also.

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