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How To Get Verification Badge for Instagram – 100% working

If you want to know how to get verification badge for the Instagram account you are undoubtedly landed on the right page. Believe me, You are not alone, there are many others who want to get their Instagram account verified. This curiosity of getting blue Instagram badge turns out to be stuck in wrong hands and facing frauds.

What is a verification badge?

Verification badge is basically a badge provided to your ID that helps discriminate it from other similar accounts and shows what truly is authentic.

It helps the users to find the real account of celebrities, politicians, artists or brands that they want to follow.

Getting Verified On Instagram

There is no clear way to get verified on the Instagram as of now. You may face mixed opinions on different informative websites. Even, some claim that it is not possible whereas it is actually possible to get verified on Instagram.

Assumptions About Getting Verified On Instagram

There are some assumptions about getting verification badge on the Instagram. These assumptions are:

Huge Followers are required to get verified

no verified badge for high followers


Among these assumptions, the one is that in order to get verification badge you must have huge followers on your Instagram account. This assumption is totally wrong because followers count is no bar to verification badge.

Verification badge will let you increase your followers

The assumption that verification badge will let you increase your followers manifold is totally beside the mark. You will need to post good content to get followers or you should be a celebrity, politician or artist whom the large audience is currently searching on the digital surfaces.

Instagram Help Page shows that applying for verification badge is no longer available

Instagram support/page says that now you can't apply for the verification badge, which is having some exceptions. To be precise, its right for the main website, however, it is done under the hood.

What to avoid to get Instagram verification badge?

There are simply two things that you need to avoid to get the verification badge for your Instagram account.

  1. Some websites will tell you the ways to increase your reach, audience and followers instead of showing exactly how to get the verify icon next to your Instagram account.
  2. There are many fraud accounts running on the Instagram which content to provide you verify badge. Interestingly, they don't own verify badge for their own account but will manipulate the users by providing fake screenshots and what not. (Those who don't know that making screenshot is easy, get stuck in their embezzlement. Sometimes they remove the badge for verified accounts via editing and contend that they got them verified. Interestingly, you can't get a quick reply from those verified accounts as they are very particular about digital life and don't give any shit to the messages they receive. Thus, it is a complete game of fraud on Instagram. They comment, follow and like your posts using bot so never excited when you get any reaction from such accounts. The best thing to do is reporting them instantly.

What exactly you need to do to get the verification badge for Instagram?

Just because verification badge is there because some else may not impersonate you, make a fake profile like yours or your account may look genuine on the very first glimpse, you need to make sure if you really need this. Once you are sure that you need to do the following.

Hire a renown digital agency who claims that they can get you verified. There are many digital agencies running who are claiming to get you verified, so, you need to see the credibility, trust score, finished projects, and all that things before you deliver the order.

Request Instagram verification badge – New Update

With the new Instagram 2018 update, now users can request for the verification badge within the application easily. Steps to the request for the verification are as follows:

  • Tap on the top right navigation icon
  • go to settings window clicking the button beneath
  • Now find the option “Request Verification” and click it

Now here you will be asked to provide your name, what it is known for and category for your profile or page(news or media, entertainment, brand, organization etc. ).

Apart from it, you will be asked for the government ID that shows your name, date of birth etc. It may be a driving license, passport or national identification card. For brands or organization, you can attach the tax filing, article of incorporation or such documents that may stand as proof to your account.

request instagram verification badge

Sending a successful verification request is no declaration of approval. They will first check your account and see if it is really needed then it will be provided to you.

However, if the request results in no badge then you can resend the verification after 30 days.

Hope you found this article helpful. Still, if there is anything you need to discover or ask, you can freely join the comment section and I will reply shortly. Also, you can join our community and raise questions by following this URL – (

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