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4 Best iPhone launchers for Android to turn Android into iOS

Apple iOS iPhone launchers for Android : The next thing after having a smartphone like Apple iPhone you need to have the iOS launcher. It looks like you are using an Apple device. You can make fool of your friends. You can entertain living a premium + professional life. And can make yourself feel like you are using an Apple device which costs around  57k by using some free iOS launchers for android.

Usually launchers give your smartphone's home screen a new look a new feel and a new appearance. And these iPhone launchers for android are available for free on Google Play Store as well.  All you need is to download  these iOS launchers. Some people say that Android launchers can slow down and affect the performance of the device which is actually a myth. I disagree with them and prefer using them wisely instead using them wildly.

However, my list of best Android launchers does not include any of the below launcher listed here. And I have review for only one launcher that it does not affect the performance of your device. Don't fake off wandering for a good launcher app for your smartphone and download any of the below recommended iphone launchers.

Top 4 Apple iPhone launchers for Appledroid Lovers

One Launcher

One Launcher Pro
One Launcher Pro
Developer: one launcher pro
Price: 2,06 €

one launcher iPhone Launchers for Android

one launcher pro

The name resembles the android One launcher but it is Apple iPhone iOS 8 launcher inside. Interesting right. A 5.5 mb app that does not seems to be heavy for a smartphone having usual configuration.

One launcher has over 5 lakh downloads on Google Play Store and the APK file is available on APKmirror.  if I have to describe the app in a single word, I would say – “perfect”. The colorful homescreen designs and in-folder appearance is fantastic.

I can bet my boots that you won't regret using the best iPhone launcher for Android. the launcher is none other than One launcher.


I availed the One launcher Pro to avoid advertisements and everything worked like hell awesome.

OS9 Launcher HD-smart,simple

OS10 Launcher for Phone 7
OS10 Launcher for Phone 7
Developer: Tap Phone
Price: Free+

OS9 Launcher HD-smart,simple

Yet another mobile app which is used to get an appearance similar to iPhone iOS.

Lighter than One Launcher, OS9 Launcher HD-smart takes only 4.2mb of your internet data. This is the official iPhone OS launcher for android which is made with love for apple lovers.

OS 9 launcher has 4.1 star reviews on Google Play Store. It is the only reliable Android Launcher app to turn your smartphone into an Apple device. You can personalize quick-touch menu, icons, wallpaper, themes and sliding screen effect. It is almost amazing if advertisement doesn't annoy you anymore.

Likely other Android launcher apps you can keep privacy by hiding private apps and speed up the performance by using OS booster. Isn't it awesome now?

I think it is.

iLauncher – OS9

iLauncher - OS
iLauncher - OS
Developer: Mate Software
Price: Free

iLauncher - OS9

So far we are talking about Android apps that can make your smart phone look like Apple iPhone, how we can forget I Launcher app? This is the app everyone is using in his Android phone and the best thing about the launcher is that you can have it for free.

Just kidding because all of the launches in this list doesn't include any money. I have used this Launcher application and at some points I say you won't like it if you hate advertisements.

launcher iOS on Phone

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

The launcher has no big presentation for users to help them know more about the mobile app. Yet, the app has 100k installs with only a single preview image on the Google Play store page.

Frankly speaking, this would have been at the first place in the list of the best iPhone launchers for android if it did not contain ads. The advertisements on the left slide recent apps panel irritate me very well and that's why I won't recommend it.

Launcher apps are simply homescreen modifying module that doesn't effect the UI of other apps which means other mobile applications would be working as usual they were working before.

You should use iOS launcher not because it is premium it is used by Apple users but because it has an impressive graphical user interface and the freedom of customisation and appearance settings. Google Play Store is the home to all  iOS launchers For Android. You can download them easily by typing Iphone launcher on the search bar.

Wrapping up and the myth about Android Launchers

Honestly, I keep so many launchers on my android smartphone which has only 2GB of RAM and I love changing the theme very frequently. iOS Launchers are also named as Apple Launcher Android and I have one of these iOS launcher in my phone which I use heavily.

I tried to make fool of my friends by using iOS launcher on Yu Yunicorn and Iphone cloned Lava mobile and it worked.

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