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Adplexity Review: #1 Ad Spy and Intelligence Tool 2023?

Adplexity Ad Intelligence tool review

AdPlexity is one of the best affiliate promotion spy tools existing in today’s competitive world, in simple terms. It has an immense attribute set, but they all work on delivering useful information from marketing campaigns all around the world.

AdPlexity gives you access to a numerous of information about lots of advertisements from hundreds of countries. Directly from the website, you can look up and download marketing materials. And it applies to both banner ads and entire landing pages.

The best part might be the fact that AdPlexity is suitable for web, desktop, native, drive, and other popular campaign forms.

Let's take a look at the concept of AdPlexity before we go any further.

• AdPlexity is one of the output marketing spy tool.
• So, how does it vary from other methods such as What Runs Where?
• It all comes down to ease of use; AdPlexity is simply easier to use for a relative novice.
• Its strength comes from the fact that you can pick and choose which types of ads you want to evaluate, from Smartphone to desktop to drive.

The main disadvantage is that you must pay for each subscription individually, but you can save money if you buy several tools.

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AdPlexity Ad Spy Tool Review

AdPlexity is the leading ad spy app, with a slew of great features and filters that let you dig into the finer points of profitable ad campaigns all over the world.

You can easily track and download promotional materials such as banners and landing pages from most of the common ad networks as well as ad exchanges from over 70 countries by simply logging into the portal.
AdPlexity is the best ad spy platform for smart phone, online, native, and push ads on the market.
You can now easily make better decisions simply by studying what advertisements have already proven to be popular in the market.

Profitable campaigns that essentially turn on desktop and mobile popup source traffic are quickly discovered. With a single click, you can scrape ads offering affiliate deals from 100+ affiliate networks.

You can also use their user interface to download each landing page's page dependencies (images, CSS, JavaScript, and more) and save them as file.

You can quickly search for keywords, marketers, publishers, and affiliate networks using this method.
Benefits of Using AdPlexity.

AdPlexity is a trustworthy Ads Spy tool that can assist you in spying on your rivals in a variety of ways.
It has a lot of amazing and advanced features that you won't find in other Ads Spy Tools.

Hence as a result, we've compiled a list of features:

The product makes it simple and fast to find popular campaigns by filtering by keyword, advertiser, publisher, and affiliate network.

The following are some methods for conducting ad research:

Filter by keyword: On the landing page, you can check for advertisements using the desired keyword.

Filter by advertiser: You can find advertisements advertising specific deals by filtering by advertiser.

By publisher: You can view all of the advertisements that are currently running on a specific website/publisher.

You can see all campaigns that promote offers from your affiliate network if you filter by affiliate network.
Affiliate program and monitoring software: This function is only applicable to a single landing page.
Outgoing URLs and Find All Campaigns: This feature allows you to see which deal is currently being promoted.

Every landing page should be downloaded: The tool has a user-friendly gui, and each landing page can be downloaded as a zip file.

Starting with AdPlexity is simple once you choose your mode of attack, which can be any of the AdPlexity products such as Mobile, Desktop, Native, eCommerce, Push, or others.

For the time being, I'm going to use AdPlexity Desktop to show you how to quickly find lucrative ad campaigns on Desktop Traffic Sources.

It allows you to quickly identify the most profitable ad campaigns that have already proven to be successful. You'll also get detailed information on successful promotions.

First and foremost, enter a keyword; for now, I'll use the term “internet hosting.”

You can basically use whatever keywords you like, and the process will be the same each time. Now that we've entered our keyword, you'll notice that there are a number of filters available to help you narrow down the results — days running, computer type, ad type, country goal, language, traffic sources, affiliate networks, and tracking tools, to name a few.

You can keep track of your competitor's most lucrative and promising marketing campaigns for traffic coming from mobile sources using AdPlexity for Mobile.

By actually learning which advertisements are doing well, you will make better marketing decisions. You'll get detailed information on a slew of profitable mobile campaigns if you use it.

Ads Trends: Analyze Every Piece of Ad Campaigns it will show you how long the campaign has been active and which days of the week it has performed best. You can also figure out what day of the week its success is at its best.

Devices and Browsers Targeted: You can now quickly determine which computer or browser a campaign is running on. You can easily determine whether the campaign is better suited for Windows or Mac. You can also see which browsers they are primarily targeting, such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox.
Publishers: You can quickly see which placement is bringing the most traffic to your campaign.

AdPlexity Mobile's Advantages:

View All Affiliate And Tracking Networks: You can easily see all the partner networks and monitoring tools with this awesome advertising spy app.

Outgoing URL: You can find out which offers are being advertised on which landing pages by looking at the Outgoing URLs.

Find All Promotions: You can now see all of the campaigns that are run by affiliates and advertisers.
Download All Landing Pages: The best thing is that you can now download all of the landing pages in photos, CSS, JavaScript, and zip formats, eliminating the need for tearing.

Uncover Hidden Campaigns: With 120+ carriers funded, uncover all of the hidden campaigns that are essentially running solely in mobile traffic.

Mobile Popup: You can now quickly identify lucrative campaigns that rely on mobile popup traffic.

The Review


100% Score

Adplexity is one of the best ad intelligence tool to compete with the competitors by unveiling their ad strategies. The tool has many great that lets you actually have an edge over your competitors.


  • Uncover Hidden Campaigns
  • Data Filtering for More Flexibility
  • In-depth Campaign Analysis
  • Reliable Data Trusted by Many
  • See campaigns running in over 75 countries


  • No Trials Available

Review Breakdown

  • Features 0%
  • Impressive Support 0%
  • Flexibility 0%
  • Reliable Data 0%
  • Data Sorting 0%

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