Top 10 Blogging Mistakes that almost every blogger does

Top 10 Mistakes that almost every blogger does

There may be various mistakes that a blogger does and it all results in a bad output from the blog. Generally, we see that a blogger who takes control of all and everything about the blog has to confront with plenty of setbacks. Sometimes, he makes the mistakes and those ommissions lead to poor yield from the blog.

Today, we will discuss as to what these mistakes can be and if you are aware of them, you will take care of it the next time.

Top 10 Blogging Mistakes that almost every blogger does

Putting user experience aside in sake of SEO

Some bloggers ignore the sea where the whale can swim around and always busy finding the river like social media for them. Especially it is the case with the beginners. If you are doing this, then, you must avoid this immediately.

Not understanding and defining the Audience

If you try to write for all at this stage of time you may end up writing for none. You will have to decide the audience base. If you better decide your audience by demography, interest, sex, age then there are more chances that you will reach them.

Spying the Competitors

To spy the competitors of relevant niche is a very deliberate process. You have a very limited time. Is not it? In that limited time, you have to devote some time to spy the competitors because this helps you in many away. However, you may need to check yourself if you are spending too much time in just spying your competitors. There are many SEO tools to spy the competitors better way and creatively get ideas and leads.


People appreciate creativity. If you are doing nothing new or creative with your content then you are surely on a wrong path and adding nothing of value to the users. Always be creative and put things innovatively on the table.

Not being Organised

In order to expect something coming out of your blog, you will need to respect your blog by providing it the time and efforts required. To make this possible you will need to be organized. If you are not organized, check yourself and set a plan, and then work on to it.

Being organized when you are performing digitally may be tough. So make sure you don’t sit alone and work, avoid unnecessary tasks and plenty of other things that restrict you being organized. You can take recourse to the best productivity applications and tools so that you may make most of your time and effort.

Not writing articles passionately

Most bloggers don’t take an interest while writing the article and want to finish it as soon as possible. Their concentration is just that it should be long enough and must be optimized for the keywords. And this slightly becomes habitual. You must understand that your blog can’t grow until the reader takes from or gives something of value to your blog.

For example, you can analyze that the bloggers who provide ebooks or some kind of digital stuff to their visitors are likely to have more email list when compared to the other who never tried to implement that.

When you write with the heart, each word becomes pretty powerful and the viewer connects with the story easily. So, if YOU don’t take interest in what you do, then, how will you be able to convince others to take interest in that.

Not putting the things into action

It might be also the case that you are thinking of too many things and not trying to put even one thing into action. Organizing things can help you put things into action.

Not concerned about one thing at a time

Bloggers are always distracted by so many things that they can’t concentrate on one thing at a time which sometimes results in the dramatically overwhelming output.


For bloggers to get success with their blog they need to be consistent. Even Neil Patel says when he left his work for a month he had to wait for 3 more months to recover. And it happens to almost many bloggers. If you are not consistent you may face many difficulties to get the results from your blog.

Depending on Social media for Pageviews and Ignoring the power of search engines

This can be a very big blunder for new bloggers who think that they can bring sustainable traffic from social media. This can be done in peak but not always. Until you make the search engines happy with your website value and content, you can not grow as a blogger. However, it is equally important that you should consider social media but not at that big phenomenon.

Depressed with the stats

Unfavorable stats make you depressed about your work and it becomes hard to get out of those stats if you don’t ignore stats and measure your work based on performance.

Not implementing Subscribers List

Many bloggers are not serious about email list building. To be explicit, list building is very necessary especially when you care about the selected audience. You need them to come back to your website timely. To do this you must be implementing email list building strategies. These strategies should be effective so that your viewers may become your customers.

Over To You

So, these were some of the blogging mistakes which when done can result in unexpectedly bad output. If you have something to share with us, then, a comment section is waving at you just respect its presence and share something with us too.


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