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Your Facebook account can be Hacked if you do these silly mistakes !!

Facebook is used my millions of people everyday. In your Facebook account, there may be conversations, chats or anything that when leaked can result in big troubles for you. There are number of vulnerabilities due to which your Facebook account can be hacked. If you don't use Facebook wisely then your Facebook account can be hacked by someone. It is better to take safety precautions before it is too late because prevention is always better than cure. In this article I would also suggest you some tips through which you can avoid your Facebook account to be hacked.  So let's get started.

Why Your Facebook Account can be hacked ?

If you don't give security the priority, you invite the trouble in your way. Your Facebook account can be hacked by someone if you don't know well about the safety precautions. You must follow the safety measures in order to make safe your Facebook Id from any unwanted situation. Your Facebook account may be compensated if you don't set strong password, enable two factor authentication, follow security measures. With you Facebook account you might have to compromise with your Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups and anything made with that account or of which you were admin.


How To Keep Your Facebook Account Secure

  • Don't leave your account logged in while surfing from any local web cafe or from any Un-trusted device.

Your Facebook Account can be hacked

  • Don't allow the save password dialog to save your password for further use which comes while inputting and logging to your account.

Your Facebook Account can be hacked


  • Use Strong Password that no one can guess

Your Facebook Account can be hacked

you can check your password strength from the online software : Also make sure you change your password every 1 or 2 months.

  • Set your number as private

Always keep your mobile number as private to avoid any undesirable circumstances.


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  • Never Use The Same Password for different Accounts

Don't set the same or similar passwords for your different social media accounts or any other account. If someone hacks any of your account, he/she can access all those accounts having identical or similar passwords.

Your Facebook Account can be hacked


  • Don't Click Untrusted links

Think twice and thrice before you click any untrusted link. Some can trick you to gain access to your facebook account or any other account. If the page when clicked asks for any information specially any password then check the URL of the page. Which can give you plenty of information about the trustworthiness of the page. The better is to keep safe from those page. If the URL does not consists of “https://” you need to better keep away from that page. Those pages may contend to change Facebook color, something new in Facebook or what not.

Your Facebook Account can be hacked


  • Never allow third party app to gain access to your personal information

You need not to allow third party apps to gain access to your personal information especially when the app is not trustworthy.

  • Setting Up Extra security

In order to keep your Facebook account more safe, you can enable “Get alerts about unrecognized logins”, “two factor notifications” and setup trusted friends from your contact list. You can never ignore these extra security measures. They can help keeping your Facebook id safe.

Wrapping Up

These are safety measure very crucial to implement in order to keep the Facebook account safe from vulnerabilities. If you like this post, please share with your friends so that they may also stay safe in this digital world.

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