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WhatsApp to bring WhatsApp Restricted Group feature

Hello and welcome to Droidcrunch. According to the reliable sources, it is being confirmed that WhatsApp can bring WhatsApp restricted group feature very soon. In the today’s article, we shall discuss what this feature will consist.


WhatsApp Restricted group feature

WhatsApp Restricted Group Feature

With the WhatsApp restricted group feature, the change will be there in respect of WhatsApp groups. Where the WhatsApp group admin will have some additional rights or controls. These additional rights may consist:

Silence the members of the group

This right provided to the group admins will entitle them to silence the group members for some span of time not exceeding 72 hours. This will ensure compliance with the group policies. It can help the owners on few occasions.

Review Posts

Now the group admin will be able to review the posts before they are sent to other members of the group. When this feature will be applied, the members will have an option to send the message directly to the admin. Now admin will have all rights to approve the message or not.

Review Modifications

WhatsApp group admin will have control if members can modify group details like Group icon, name or anything.

Wrapping up

WhatsApp restricted group feature may lead to contention between group members and group admin. This feature seems to be an initiation to empower the hands of admin. This feature is already available in Facebook groups where the admins can restrict the members to post anything directly to the group. It will be public only when approved. Everything has some pros and cons. Surely this may lead to discrimination which is not as of now. However, the feature is brought up considering some facts and stories so let’s appreciate the initiation.

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