WhatsApp is introducing group voice and video call feature very soon

WhatsaApp Group Voice and Video Call Feature : WhatsApp is going to introduce group voice and video call feature for android very soon. According to the sources it is expecting that WhatsApp Inc. can very soon bring the feature of group calls through its upcoming update(s). The feature of group voice call will let the users to add multiple people to a single VOIP phone call.


whatsapp group voice and video call feature

WhatsApp said this through its twitter handle WABetaInfo,

The 2.17.70 iOS update has very hidden references to group calls!
Before it was an internal news, now it’s all confirmed 😇😇🎉
For example, WhatsApp 2.17.70 sends a request to the server to ask if the user you are calling is in another group call!

With this step, WhatsApp is surely going to bring something interesting on the table as with the last year it did by bringing up the feature to call through WhatsApp using VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol).

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What More WIth WhatsApp group voice and video call feature

With this new feature WhatsApp has turned possibility into really after very hard work. This features will surely be a very great hit. There were rumors back in some time ago about it but this time it is quite confirmed. Let’s see how users react to this feature. As with the every new update in features and interface there may be positive and negative impact. When WhatsApp had introduced whatsapp stories features with its update many users got irritated with it and reviewed WhatsApp negatively. But now everyone who uses whatsapp is satisfied with its features.

Well, WhatsApp group voice and video call features is certainly a different and awaited features. So there is no such possibility that users will react negatively whatsoever.

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