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What Makes 2019 A Special Year For Mac Computers

What Makes 2019 A Special Year For Mac Computers

The year 2019 promises to be exclusive for the Mac line, which will have to undergo a significant and long-awaited upgrade. Next year, we will see a presentation of several Apple computer models at once, many of which have not received updates for several years, gradually losing their relevance and attracting an ever-smaller number of users. However, in Cupertino, they could not allow us to be bored at the end and therefore prepared many exciting things for us.

What Makes 2019 A Special Year For Mac Computers


It was in 2019 if you believe the promises of Phil Schiller, will be a presentation of Mac Pro new generation. According to the top manager, the workstation will receive a modular design, thanks to which users will be able to independently upgrade the hardware and be completely different from the cylindrical model of the current generation. As for the price, then, most likely, it will fluctuate in the range of 3000-5000 dollars.

MacBook Pro

Even though Apple did not even think of forgetting about the MacBook Pro, there is every reason to believe that next year we will see an updated laptop for professionals in the new design. No matter how elegant the current generation of the MacBook Pro is, its appearance has not changed for more than three years and has had time to be a lot of fun for many users. Perhaps it is time to make some changes to the design of laptops.


This year, Apple deliberately missed standard iMac models, refusing to upgrade all-in-one PCs, as it was keen on promoting iMac Pro. Nevertheless, in 2019, it seems, in Cupertino, they will not be able to ignore consumer expectations and will still present an updated generation of branded desktops. Superfast flash drives, high-quality matrixes and, perhaps, support for the Face ID interface – these are three reasons for which you should wait for the update.

MacBook on ARM

It is on record that Apple is doing a long-standing job of transferring branded computers to ARM processors, which in their current state have reached an incredible level of performance. It is most logical to assume that the transition will begin with a 12-inch MacBook. Therefore, the company will be able to test the new hardware and avoid the incompatibility of software that is crucial for professional users.

Application integration

Last summer, Apple confirmed that it was working on the unification of software for Mac and iOS, to simplify the lives of developers who are forced to create separate versions of software for desktops and mobile devices. In 2019, I would like to believe, that there will be more tangible results in Cupertino in this field, and nevertheless, the software for the two seemingly incompatible platforms will be merged.

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