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Totallee’s Branding free, thinnest covers for Pixel 2XL Review

totallee pixel 2XL covers review

Undoubtedly, Covers add beauty and grace to the devices. You will admit that while in covers smartphones look more decent and usable. They attract you to use them. But it happens when your cover has impressive grip and decent material.

We are introducing you with Totallee's wonderful covers for Pixel 2XL that will bring your device to a really next level.

Totallee is one of the best covers manufacturing brands. Currently, they have a variety of covers for Pixel 2XL which include Matte – Frosted Clear, Matte Solid Black, Matte – Grey, Matte – Really Blue and Glossy – Clear (Soft). 

We got the opportunity to review Glossy Clear soft and Matte Really Blue. We used them both for a week and want to share our personal views with you.


To me, the really blue cover looks decent when you see it and the clear soft when you use it. The covers are branding free, pretty thin and very light weighted. 

For the really blue Pixel 2XL cover I am totally delighted with its softness and weight. This cover is sure the one which does not add any weight to the smartphone. And, frankly speaking, sometimes, smartphone looks lighter than before when using it. It's all because of the soft and quality material that is used therein.

Pixle 2 XL really blue cover totallee


This case is dust resistant but to some extent, however, it is no hard to get it free from annoying dust. For the scratches, it's like a boon for your smartphone. It not only saves your smartphone from scratches but also remains distracted itself from the scratches to some extent.

I have no words to explain the gracefulness of the glossy clear soft cover. It seriously left me flummoxed by its amazing material and grip.

pixel 2XL soft cover totallee

Using it for a week or more I didn't feel anytime if I am bored with it. It shockingly adds so much of beauty to the device. I have seen most often that such kind of cases annoy us by changing its shapes. Sometimes they change their color too with dull yellow. It probably happens due to mobile heat or something but for me, it did not happen whereas my smartphone heats a lot. And they look of the same size and color as before. I highly recommend this case if you are looking to buy one for your beautiful Pixel 2XL.

Any of these cases will cost you 25$ which may be bit costly, however, it would always be better for the unwanted opportunity cost. Also, it would be worth every single penny spent considering the features they have. The company provides 2 years warranty too.

You can book the covers from You can also check out the review of Totalle's cases for Samsung Galaxy S9.

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