TikTok banned in India : Downloads to be stopped via Playstore & Appstore

TikTok banned in India Downloads to be stopped via Playstore & Appstore

Tiktok is very popular user generated video content sharing app. With the immense popularity the app again has under the legal issues. The claimed filed by the claimant states that the application instigate the users to upload content that is violative & obscene. As such, the case was filed in Madras High Court.

Today, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has ordered Google and Apple both to remove Tiktok application from their stores. It is worth noticing that Tiktok app has millions of users in India & billions worldwide.

The application contains content that is prohibitive for the children and there are no such regulations. Numerous videos are deleted or removed by Tiktok violative policy & terms of service. Instead, there are unstoppable content being shared on the app. The application is made such a way that people are instigated psychologically to upload porn-like content to have more views, engagements, likes & shares.

It is not the first time Tiktok is facing these irregularities and issues, but Tiktok, previously Musically, have already gone in trouble earlier where they had to pay millions of dollars as penalty or fine.

Apart from that, the Court has also ordered the Media broadcasters to refrain from the content shared on Tiktok to display.

Tiktok has also submitted the bunch of information & facts. Welcoming the decision they are looking for relief and reasonable decision by the Indian Judicial System. Let’s see if tiktok is banned after this or what comes out to be the final outcome.

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Written by Lokesh Kapoor

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