TikTok Application gets removed from the playstore

TikTok Application gets removed from the playstore

Tiktok app that is popular among the youth allowing users to create short videos became the sensation in recent years. The application was previously was merged with Musically. Changing name gave it a huge boost. With the recent arguments with respect to alleged app Tiktok being threatening to children has got derailed and thus removed from the Google Play Store. So, new user looking to download the app will be prohibited to download tiktok from Google Play Store.

However, the retained users or users having the application already installed on their smartphone will be able to use it. Although, it’s unknown as to how long they can experience the app. Even the apk of Tiktok can be downloaded from third party websites. If there is any question on Musically servers to block then the existing users too will not be able to use Tiktok.

However, the order to ban tiktok in India was passed ex-parte. Meaning thereby that the party in question was not heard. As a result, ByteDance challenged this order in the Supreme Court of India saying that it is the violation of Fundamental right to freedom of speech. They added that Tiktok is just like any other Social media platform where users can share their dubbing, singing and creative videos with the audience.

As the order passed was sub-judice or say still to be decided upon, the Supreme Court of India has not taken any action and is waiting for the Madras High Court’s decision.

It is to be noted that there is not complete ban on the tiktok app for now. The order has been adjourned to the next date 24 April. Till then the app will be keep removed from Google Playstore. The Tiktok application is having a great user base in India of around 500 Millions users and this temporary ban will greatly influence its engagements and popularity among the users. Though the app can be downloaded from third party but it can be compromised with Malware and Viruses. So, it is never advisable to download the Tiktok Application from any non trusted sources.

What do you feel about the decision of Madras High Court. Let us know in comments. Also share your experience with Tiktok till now, how much followers you gained and how will rate the application out of 10?


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