totallee pixel 3 and pixel 3XL review

Totallee Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL Cases and Covers Review

Totallee is a prominent brand for thin, premium and branding free cases and covers. Totallee’s Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL covers are very astonishing. If you have any planning for buying premium, soft, thin and branding free covers for your Pixel 3 or Pixel 3XL then don’t forget to take totallee’s Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL covers under the consideration. Let’s see how these Pixel Cases are way ahead of other cases.

Totallee Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL Cases Review

Totallee Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL cases have all the key points that a person seldom finds in other premium cases. Coming from a trustworthy brand, Totallee, these Pixel covers have the following features to ask you for the attention.

Branding Free

Totallee’s Pixel cases are branding free whereby you don’t get any watermark or something on the back of the cover. Branding free attribute of the covers gives it a premium feel.


These Pixel 3X and Pixel 3XL cases are very thin which don’t add any extra layer to your device and strive to keep the thickness of your smartphone to its best. The approximate thickness of the cases is around 0.02″.


The cases are soft but to average range which help them being grippy.

Light Weighted

These cases are very light weighted. The weight of these pixel cases is around 0.1 oz light which comes to around 2.83495 grams only.


Don’t conclude it being delicate when we say it is Thin. Yeah, being light weighted and thin, these case are made of fine material that keep them very strong.

Scratch Resistant and Dust resistant?

Yeah, these cases try to protect your smartphone from the scratches and dust. But when it comes to the resistant of the cases itself, they can disappoint you but not much. As you can get it back to its original attraction by few efforts.


When it comes to gripping you have no words to blame Totallee for this as these Pixel 3 covers have a very comfortable grip.


These Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL cases give extra layer protection to your expensive smartphones. They save your smartphone from dust and annoying scratches.


The Price of these Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL cases are $29 (separately). The pricing of the Pixel covers look pretty high but when it comes to value for money and usability it is worth every penny of it.


Orders over $35 are shippable for free worldwide

United States

  • – Standard: $4.99 (2-4 business days)
  • – Expedited: $8.99 (1-3 business days)


  • – Standard: $12.99 (7-21 business days)


There is 2-year guarantee with this product. Totallee gives you 30 days money back guarantee and if anything occurs to your product then they will send you a free replacement.

Over To You

Not only Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, but you can also find many covers like Samsung Galaxy S9 , Pixel 2XL and for many other smartphones on the totallee website which you can buy from any part of the world for immersive and a premium experience.

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totallee pixel 2XL covers review

Totallee’s Branding free, thinnest covers for Pixel 2XL Review

Undoubtedly, Covers add beauty and grace to the devices. You will admit that while in covers smartphones look more decent and usable. They attract you to use them. But it happens when your cover has impressive grip and decent material.

We are introducing you with Totallee’s wonderful covers for Pixel 2XL that will bring your device to a really next level.

Totallee is one of the best covers manufacturing brands. Currently, they have a variety of covers for Pixel 2XL which include Matte – Frosted Clear, Matte Solid Black, Matte – Grey, Matte – Really Blue and Glossy – Clear (Soft). 

We got the opportunity to review Glossy Clear soft and Matte Really Blue. We used them both for a week and want to share our personal views with you.


To me, the really blue cover looks decent when you see it and the clear soft when you use it. The covers are branding free, pretty thin and very light weighted. 

For the really blue Pixel 2XL cover I am totally delighted with its softness and weight. This cover is sure the one which does not add any weight to the smartphone. And, frankly speaking, sometimes, smartphone looks lighter than before when using it. It’s all because of the soft and quality material that is used therein.

Pixle 2 XL really blue cover totallee

This case is dust resistant but to some extent, however, it is no hard to get it free from annoying dust. For the scratches, it’s like a boon for your smartphone. It not only saves your smartphone from scratches but also remains distracted itself from the scratches to some extent.

I have no words to explain the gracefulness of the glossy clear soft cover. It seriously left me flummoxed by its amazing material and grip.

pixel 2XL soft cover totallee

Using it for a week or more I didn’t feel anytime if I am bored with it. It shockingly adds so much of beauty to the device. I have seen most often that such kind of cases annoy us by changing its shapes. Sometimes they change their color too with dull yellow. It probably happens due to mobile heat or something but for me, it did not happen whereas my smartphone heats a lot. And they look of the same size and color as before. I highly recommend this case if you are looking to buy one for your beautiful Pixel 2XL.

Any of these cases will cost you 25$ which may be bit costly, however, it would always be better for the unwanted opportunity cost. Also, it would be worth every single penny spent considering the features they have. The company provides 2 years warranty too.

You can book the covers from You can also check out the review of Totalle’s cases for Samsung Galaxy S9.

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totalle Samsung galaxy S9 cases

Totallee’s Thinnest and branding free Samsung Galaxy S9 cases Review

Are you looking for cases for your Samsung Galaxy S9? If yes then focus your eyeballs on the Totallee’s Samsung Galaxy S9 cases which are ready to divert the focus of others towards your smartphone. These thinnest and lightest cases are capable to add beauty to your device.

Totallee’s Samsung Galaxy S9 cases are available in three different matte variants as of now viz. matte frosted clear, matte solid black and matte grey. Also, they are available in glossy variants of glossy jet white and glossy jet black. 

These cases are not only light and thin but also branding free and super grippy. These cases are scratch resistant as well, meaning thereby that you would not need to worry about scratches anymore.

These cases are 0.02″ thin thus add not much thickness to the Samsung Galaxy S9. Also, they become no hinder in wireless charging.

Main Features

  • Premium Design And Feel
  • Extra Thin and Light
  • Scratch Free
  • Branding Free
  • 2 years warranty

These cases have been made with the decent material. Totallee’s S9 cases have a minimalistic design which provides a premium feel. They don’t add extra weight to your smartphone because of its lightness. Branding free attribute gives an extra amount of charm to the cases as they provide classic and splendid appearance.

The best part about these cases according to my personal use was its material and impressive grip.

These cases are available for 25$ on where 2 years warranty is assured.

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