T-series Becomes the No 1 Channel On YouTube Defeating Pewdiepie

T-series Becomes the No 1 Channel On YouTube Defeating Pewdiepie

The fight between the two and top YouTube players viz. T-series & Pewdiepie is no more a hidden topic. The whole world knows about it. Pewdiepie is a top channel by Felix from a number of years. There has been very short different between their subscribers count. The race has been in the air right since 70Million subscribers count. In other words, when they had around 70Million subscribers the race is continuous. As of now, they have crossed 90 Million subscribers. There are like the huge number of videos titled Pewdiepie Vs T-series where most of them are the rant videos.

YouTube vlogger and prominent Swedish gamer Felix Kjeilberg is known for his channel Pewdiepie, his wit, comedy, sarcastic comments, gaming videos, and entertainment content. Felix has been very continuous for years. He is having like thousands of videos on his channel that he started around April 2010. He makes videos individually and claims to edit and publish the videos by himself. His Meme review and gameplay videos are hot topics nowadays. Many new vloggers look up to him for his consistency and wit.

On the other hand, T-series is an Indian Music Brand owned by Bhushan Kumar. The channel was started in 2006. After the entrance of 4G in India, the Indian channels have received a great response. The reason behind such great subscribers is the number of videos uploaded on T-series channel daily or weekly. Some of the videos get promotion juice too and they cross 100Million views also on YouTube.

T-series vs Pewdiepie droidcrunch race is on

Felix has been seen asking his subscribers to support him to keep making him the top YouTube star. He has got support from a huge audience. He made a diss track song “Bitch Lasagna” which has got around 163Million views up to now.

Seeing Felix insisting from his subscribers, Indian are not silent. The commentators are on fire where they comment on Pewdiepie channel the bad words and the vice versa. Recently T-series took a stand on Twitter and requested their Partners and Fans to support them to become the top YouTube Channel. As a result, many Bollywood stars came in front and showed their love & retweets. By the result, T-series got an opportunity to become the top YouTube channel. Where the T-series gave competition to Pewdiepie channel with around more than lacs of subscribers count.

Unfortunately, however, the happiness of being on top remained for only a few hours and Pewdiepie managed to recoup the difference. The race is one let’s see who hits the 100Million mark first. If you are Pewdiepie supporter subscribe him and adversely if you are T-series supporter then don’t let your beloving channel down on the list.

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