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Samsung Galaxy X : Foldable smartphone confirmed to launch

samsung galaxy x

Samsung had already showcased the idea of bendable smartphone way back in 2011. Even from then many promises and events were held but with no effective outcome. Samsung has already amazed the world with its wonderful curved design phones. Where the other companies are appearing to imitate Samsung. Now Samsung wants to hold the title of making first bendable smartphone with the release of Samsung Galaxy X.

Now If you think that Samsung is imitating Apple iPhone X then it's surely not true. Because Samsung Galaxy X was in news even when iPhone X was referred to as iPhone 8.

Future smartphones will be very smart and impressive. The concept of bendable smartphone is not new though, we have seen Samsung working on the concept for a very long time. There came many setbacks way back in 2012 which were gradually worked upon.

Samsung Galaxy X Concept

samsung galaxy x bendable

According the the sources, Samsung Galaxy X is quite ready for the release. The sources indicate that it would have impressive 4k display, so that the resolution may be quite high even when the device is folded. Samsung Galaxy X will be no less than a tech revolution. 

Highlights of the device :

  1. Anticipation of Foldable Screen
  2. 4k display
  3. Limited Output
  4. South korea only release

Samsung Galaxy X Design

Back in July, 2016 several sets of images illustrating Samsung’s foldable phone and tablet concepts were revealed or say released by Patently Mobile. In the meantime they have restricted the tech websites to use more than one image. You can check other images on their main website.


There are number of difficulties attached altogether while testing. The one being the foremost is avoiding any damage to the internals and screen itself while folding or stretching back the device to its normal width.

However, Behind the scenes promising work has been done to resolve the issues. A major work has been done to make a super AMOLED screen while can be folded thousands of time effortless without damaging the internal components.


Well, Samsung is not the only company working on bendable screens and mobiles. Apple, Lenovo and LG are also the part of the race.

Samsung Galaxy X release date

There are many controversies about the release date of revolutionary Samsung Galaxy X. There have so many rumors stating that the device will launch in 2017. But nothing has been reported so far. Some experts are of the opinion that Galaxy X will arrive in mid 2018. Where some reports suggest us that the device can be the part of the masses in near 2019 because the first launch is expected to benefit the few masses with limited regions. We will keep you updated with the news. You can subscribe to our news feeds by hitting the bell icon on bottom left of the screen.

Samsung Galaxy X price

The device will be valued around 45000/- as per the sources. Which has yet not confirmed by the officials. So keep connected with us to be updated with recent news about the same.

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Wrapping Up

In so far as we have heard and discussed, Samsung Galaxy X can be the first bendable smartphone. Samsung has filed a trademark for the Galaxy X brand with South Korea's Intellectual Property Rights Information Service(KIPRIS). South Korea is off course the home of Samsung.

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