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NextBit Robin gets Red.. Ember Red

Nextbit robin is the next superfone? Yes.


Wait! But how?

Maybe No

Whatever. I fell for its design and features at first digital sight. If you loved a no curve smartphone which is flat from all the dimensions, it could be nothing else other than the NextBit Robin. Its dual speakers, no round corners and everything that they have evolved in their fascinating device looks pretty amazing.

Ember Red Nextbit Robin

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You can see a non rounded corner rectangle from any side in 2d. Nextbit cooked it up very nicely.

nextbit robin


Buy NextBit Robin Ember Red Now -Coming soon on Flipkart

And the new launch by Nextbit is its NextBit Robin in ember red. You need not be too excited. Hurry up and order now or it will be out of stock.

nextbit robin red

On official website, the sale for the phone in ember red has been started costing only $299. On Flipkart, the ember red version will soon be available to buy.

nextbit robin ember red


Source : NextBit Store

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