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MicroSD cards! The Downfall due to High-end Smartphones

memory card

Nowadays , smartphones having better internal memory have ended the use of memory cards to some extent. These days smartphones ranging upto 20000INR provide better storage for storing various big and small files and as a result extinguish the use of memory cards to some extent.

Do you remember those days when memory cards play very crucial role in our day to day life just like pen drives and other storage media? I used to find a 32GB memory card a big amount of storage space which is only a usual amount of storage nowadays.

memory card

But now a days the scenario is completely change.

Still, there are various reasons why you should use them.

Advantages Of Memory Cards

There are many advantages of using memory cards as a backup media. Take a glimpse of few of them.

Memory cards have non-volatile memory, which keeps data stable on the card. Data on them are not threatened by loss of power source, and need not to be periodically refreshed.

  • The new generation memory cards are smaller, lighter and compact with higher storage capacity.
  • They are solid state media as a result free from mechanical difficulties or damages.
  • They need less amount of power.
  • They are highly portable thus can be easily used in number of small, lightweight and low-power devices.
  • They do not produce any noise while on work.
  • Memory cards do not need organization.
  • They provide more immediate access.
  • They come in all sorts of sizes. The 64GB SD cards are most common one.
  • They have relatively large storage space when compared to old backup devices.
  • They can easily fit in memory card slot in different devices and are easily removable.
  • They can be used in different devices such as cameras, computers or mobile phones.
  • They are easy to keep track of.
  • One can use larger card for cost effectiveness.

These days we saw the disaster happened in the digital world where wanna cry ransomeware attacked many systems and locked their essential files. If in such a situation you have backup of your files you can save your time and effort. Thus for backup options you can not ignore the contribution of memory cards.


Over to you

With some advantages there are disadvantages associated too as they can be easily misplaced due to being very small if not cared well. Even they can be smashed and there may be loss of data.

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