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Little BIG City 2 Gameloft Game Play and Download Apk

Little Big City 2 is the next BIG [little in size] game by Gameloft and I am on the review of this awesome mind developing game. If you ever found some problems while managing a factory or having a good co operation in your supply and production units, the Little BIG city 2 has something that would improve your efficiency of managing something.

Especially for kids who often dream of having a city of their own. And they are the mayor there who manages all the control affairs. This game is like a boon for them.

How to Play Little Big City 2 Game?


I also had no idea before I downloaded the game. And once I started following the instructions, my lion of interest towards gaming started breaking his deep sleeps. After a few minutes, I was the born player of this game.

Little Big City 2
Little Big City 2
Developer: Gameloft SE
Price: Free

What Actually I had to do?

I could do everything that was in the favor of the society. And the game has a great sense of development.

  • Construct Homes, Infrastructure and decorations
  • Provide services area and supply products
  • Satisfy the home needs like food and material
  • Acquire new properties and develop technology
  • Complete goals and attract advertisers/investors
  • Increase the population and earn revenue





You can build a dream land – Build As much as you can

But the reality is that (it takes time and money both at the same time). Your son/daughter will learn the fact that he/she has to earn hell lot of money to build something. And patience is the BIG thing.



  • Family House
  • Cozy Condo
  • Villa
  • Eco Dwelling
  • Villa Complex
  • Green Skyscraper
  • Apartment



  • Cafe
  • Software Lab
  • Restaurant
  • and much more



  • Road
  • Fire Dept
  • Police Station
  • Hospital etc



  • Small Park
  • Little Lake park
  • Picnic Park
  • Tennis Court

Production is the economy 😛

supply shop little big city 2

telling what are the area of production and what does it take to produce a specific goods. I have some factories where I can produce a specific kind of goods.

For example

Food, Grains, Iron, Metal, Idea are produced and supplied from supply shop. In addition, Drink, Cake and Catered Meal is being cooked in my catering company. My electronic center has the load to produce micro chips, computers and software.


This teaches that production of computer depends on the availability of metal and iron whereas the production of cake requires fruits and wheat. All this seems to be crazy but has the intention to teach me something valuable.

Technical Specification of Little Big City 2

specs little big city 2 game

The 26mb seems to be a small tiny game offered by Gameloft while the unlimited fun is inside the 26mb game. I need not wait for an hour to first download the raw files so that I can play the game.

I was playing little big city 2 in a smartphone which has only 1 GB of ram and 16 GB of storage. Having problem playing Little Big City 2 or just wanna show me your highest score? Use the comment section below.

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