Instagram is an image sharing social media application which is used by more than millions of people everyday. Application is best choice of celebrities where they can interact and keep connected with their fans. Not only for celebrities but also for all the people, Instagram has impressive features. Instagram always brings some new features time to time. According to the sources, Instagram will let its users to follow hashtags with its new Instagram follow hashtags feature. This update will feed the user with the content based on the users hashtag followings.

Instagram follow hashtags

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This feature is very unique and will surely be appreciable update. With this update one can reach the people who have similar or identical interests. Suppose if you follow the hashtags #gaming or #sunrise then your feed will be filled with the images having these tags.

When Instagram Follow Hashtags Feature Can be live

Now this way, this feature is surely helpful in many ways. Additionally, this news of Instagram follow hashtag feature was shared on twitter where the user added that the feature is still under testing. The company has not confirmed this feature yet.

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Wrapping Up

This would really be a very interesting feature as and when it comes in Instagram. Following related hashtags will not bother you to find the related content every time. As a result you will be able to follow Accounts based on your interests.

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